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Ty Verry much Ocissordei we would have never done it without you. All credit goes to You

By Ocissordei.

Version 1.0-All "standard quests" done.

Navigating the guide:
There are two easy ways to navigate this guide. The first is looking at the
table of contents, finding what number section you want to go to and then
typing "# the section you want to go to" into the find tool of your browser. If
I wanted to go to the morrowind main quest section, I would type "#IX". If you
want quests from a certain person, just type their name into the find tool and
you should get there eventually if I typed their name right.

Table of Contents:
I. Intro
II. Frequently Asked Questions
III. Creating a character
IV. Races
V. Birth Signs
VI. Skills
VII. General info on houses and guilds.
VIII. Miscellaneous morrowind tips.
IX. Morrowind Main Quest
X. Bloodmoon (solstheim) expansion Main Quest/Werewolf quests
XI. Tribunal (mournhold) expansion Main Quest
XII. Tribunal Temple Quests
XIII. Mages Guild Quests
XIV. Imperial Legion Quests
XV. Thieves Guild Quests
XVI. Fighters Guild Quests
XVII. Imperial Cult quests
XVIII. Morag Tong (assassin’s guild) quests
XIX. Great House Redoran Quests
XX. Great House Telvanni Quests
XXI. Great House Hlaalu Quests.
XXII. Legal/Contact/Thanks

#I Intro
Hi and welcome to a humongous FAQ/Walkthrough on morrowind. Here you will
find, no charts or data tables, but walkthroughs for almost every "standard"
(given by a major guild or house) quest and detailed tips about creating
characters, dealing with birth signs, leveling up and maintaining a successful
character in the game. This includes all of the guilds, houses, and how to get
strongholds for all guilds. This FAQ is pretty long, especially considering
that it is pretty much entirely writing and doesn't contain any filler. It is
extremely difficult to write a FAQ on such a huge and open ended game such as
morrowind. This is partly because for every paragraph written on a quest it
could take 20 minutes to play in game because traveling in this game takes so
long, and is also because you can do things in so many different ways. It also
takes an extremely long time because this game is extremely buggy and multiple
times in the writing of this FAQ I was forced to redo hours of game play
because of freezing and infrequency with saving. Despite the setbacks, and
ignoring the three guilds that I did a few years ago, this FAQ only took a
couple weeks of summer to complete, and would have been done significantly
faster if not for education/going away on vacation. If you have any comments,
suggestions, or additions, see the contact info at the very bottom.

#II F.A.Q.
Q. My morrowind game keeps on freezing or giving me a dirty disc error, is
there something wrong with my game/computer/xbox?
A. Morrowind is extremely buggy, it freezes very often, and the best way to
avoid this is by saving often and dealing with the freezes.

Q. I killed <insert some random character's name here>, and now I can’t finish
this quest, can I get him/her back?
A. On the Xbox, no, but on the PC there is a command for spawning NPC's

Q. I have a nice PC and an XBOX, what version of this game is better?
A. I play this game on Xbox, because at the time I got it I had a terrible pc
and macs at home. The PC version is better because of patches and the ability
to make and use mods.

Q. How do I become a vampire?
A. To become a vampire you must be hit by a WEAPON or FIST of a vampire and
contract the disease and then sleep. You'll have a dream and then be a vampire.

Q. How do I become a werewolf?
A. You can become a werewolf in the bloodmoon expansion. When you contract the
werewolf disease, don't cure it and you'll eventually become a werewolf. You
can also complete that expansion and you'll receive a ring that will let you
turn into a werewolf at will.

Q. I was looking at your table of contents and you say nothing about the
vampires and the vampire clans, why?
A. I despise not having control of my character in any game, especially
morrowind. Vampirism and being a werewolf fall into this category. If there
is much demand for the vampire clan quests I will do them. There are just such
bad downsides of becoming a vampire or a werewolf. If you are a vampire
everyone hates you, and you can't use any methods of travel except for walking
by foot or teleporting (almsivi and divine). If you are a werewolf, you need
to kill someone every night and if someone catches you transforming everyone
knows about it.

Q. Your style of writing drastically changes in some of your quest
walkthroughs, why?
A. The house hlaalu, Morag tong, and imperial cult guilds quest walkthrough
were all done years ago, I just recently came back to morrowind when GOTYE was
released last year, and decided to do a comprehensive FAQ on morrowind, after
receiving a slew of emails asking about my old faqs.

Q. What is the best house?

A. Items wise, telvanni. The enchanted items and spells you get there are much
more useful than pretty much all of the redoran items, and the hlaalu ones for
that matter. You really can’t go wrong with any house, but if your character is
even remotely a mage-like character or has some personality its probably the
best way to go.

Q. What is the best race/class?
A. The beauty of morrowind is that any race can be the best; it’s basically
just how much effort you put into getting money, and putting points into your
character. Some classes are better initially for certain classes, (woodelves
make the best marksmen initially etc.), but over time you can get rid of this
advantage by just putting skill points into the right attributes.


#III Creating a character:
Morrowind is all about customization, pretty much no two characters you create
in this game will ever be the same, as there is always something different to
do. The entire game and your success in it is based off of your characters
skill points. Things like how often you hit to do damage, how much damage you
do, how much you influence another person's disposition towards you are all
affected by these skill points. When creating a character you basically will
be picking the starting points of these numbers. These numbers are affected by
your race, class, your chosen major and minor skills, your birth sign and
you're area of expertise.

#IV Races:
Argonians-These are the lizard people you see with funny names with dashes in
the middle of their names such as Only-He-Stands-Here (thieves’ guild,
balmora). Although somewhat cool looking, they aren't that great of a race.
Their skill bonuses come in bad places (spears? come on!), and like Khajits
they cannot wear helms, making them that much weaker on the armor front. Their
specials aren't that great either. Resist disease is good if you're paranoid
about getting diseases from random fights with animals in the wilderness, and
water breathing is not a constant effect, and is merely a spell you can cast at
the beginning of the game. Yet again, you can buy cure disease potions/spells
from temples, or water breathing potions/spells from mages guilds and totally
negate these specials for just a few gold. Immunity to poison actually is a
good special, but definitely not worth picking an argonian for.
Skill bonuses: Alchemy+5, Athletics +15, Illusion+5, Medium Armor +5, Mysticism
+5, Spar+5, Uarmored+5
Specials: Resist disease, immune to poison, Water breathing for 120 seconds on

Bretons- In my opinion this is the best race, mostly because of the resistance
to magicka. You can pop on the boots of blinding speed and see fine. If you
want to make a mage character, you are probably debating between High Elf and
Breton. Breton’s are better unless you are going to be spending most of your
time "nuking" with destruction type spells. Both of them have fortified
maximum magicka, but the Bretons get much better stat bonuses for everything
but destruction and don't have the downside of being weak to magicka. The only
downside to Bretons is that they receive no weapon statistic bonuses.
Skill Bonuses: Conjuration+10, Mysticism+10, Resotration+10, Alchemy +5,
Alteration +5, Illusion +5
Specials: fortified maximum magicka, Dragon skin: Shield 50 points for 60
seconds on self, Resist magicka.

Dark Elf (dunmer): This is the most common race you will see in Morrowind, as
it is the homeland of the Dunmer. Dunmer are great battlemages, and their stat
bonuses make them ideal for mage/assassin mixes. Their skills with both sword
types make them great for fighting in an assassin style or a traditional
warrior style, and ancestor guardian is a decent enough power
Skill Bonuses: Long blade+5, Destruction=10, Light amor+5, Athletics+5,
Mysticism +5, Marsman+5, Shortblade+10.
Specials: Ancestor Guardian: Sanctuary 50 points for 60 seconds on self,
Resistance to fire

High Elves (altmer)
High Elves are essentially pure mages. With stat bonuses in pretty much every
magic category, they are the class to be if you don't want to use much weaponry
in this game and would rather use spells. I think the High Elves are pretty
difficult to play because of their lack of skill in weaponry, but are very
rewarding if you train hard in damage dealing magic and enchantments.
Skill Bonuses: Destruction+10, Enchant+10, ALchemy+10, Alteration +5,
Conjuration +5, Illusion +5.
Specials: Fortified Maximum Magicka, Weakness to magicka (fire, frost, shock),
Resistant to disease

Nothing really special here. Not the best really at anything or anything that
matters or can't be overridden by some well placed
Skill Bonuses: SPeechcraft+10, Mercantile +10, Long blade+10, blunt weapon+5.
Light armor +5, hand to hand +5
Specials: Star of the west: absorb fatigue 200 points on target, Voice of the
Emperor: Charm 25 to 50 points for 15 secs on target.

Useless unless you have some sort of crazy cat fetish. Their night eye ability
is a joke compared to most other races' innate abilities. Definitely
constructed for a stealthy thief character, which wouldn't be bad, except for
the fact that like argonian they can't equip certain helms and armor that would
have made them semi-decent. You may ask, Ocissordei, I just looked at the
stat bonuses, and this race looks pretty decent. I would aptly respond,
acrobatics+15 is the most wasteful 15 points you could put into anything. 15
acrobatic points can be gained easily by just jumping wherever you go, which
you probably should be doing anyway, as it will usually get you to the place
you want to go faster.
Skill bonuses: Acrobatic+15, Athletics+5, Hand to hand+5. Light armor +5,
Specials: Eye of fear: Demoralize Humanoid 100 points for 30 seconds on
target. Eye of night: Night Eye 50 pts for 30 seconds on self

One of the better races, especially if you're goal in this game is to explore
Solstheim. The immunity to frost magic and their resistance to shock is good
enough in itself, then factor all of the big weapon stat bonuses and you have
yourself a powerful warrior character that is going to be pretty darn good at
fighting mages and any spell using character. Definitely constructed to be
an all out ass kicking character that uses heavy weapons like axes and hammers.
Although this may sound good, they do not make very good mages, although it can
be done if you have enough gold to spend.
Skill Bonuses: Axes+10, Blunt Weapon +10, Medium Armor+10, Long blade+5, Spear
+5 Heavy armor +5
Specials: Thunder fist: Frost damage 25 points on touch Woad: Shield 30 points
for 60 seconds on self, Immune to frost

I don't know why, but I like this race. Their stat bonuses don't really
promise anything but their berserk ability is great. Definitely a "tanking"
race (taking damage), not to mention that they are resistant to magicka which
makes them even better at tanking.
Skill bonuses: Armorer+10, Axe+5, heavy armor +10, medium armor+1, block+10
Specials: Berserk: Fortify health 20 points for 60 seconds on self, Fortify
fatigue 200 points for 60 seconds on self, Fortify attack 100 points for 60
seconds on self, Drain agility 100 pts for 60 seconds on self, Resistant to

My personal favorite race, they have great stat bonuses, great endurance, and a
great special ability for fighting. Their personality isn't that great, so if
you are for some reason banking on your ability to be a merchant, you will have
a more difficult time doing it with a redguard. However, they're fighting
ability and endurance lets them kick ass, take names, and then loot the hell
out of everything in one fell swoop.
Skill bonuses: Long Blade+15, Short blade+5, Heavy armor +5, Axe +5, Blunt
weapon +5, Medium armor +5 Athletics +5
Specials: Adrenaline rush: Fortify agility 50 points for 60 seconds on self,
Fortify Strength 50 points for 60 seconds on self, Fortify speed 50 points for
60 seconds on self, Fortify endurance 50 points for 60 seconds on self, Fortify
health 25 points for 60 seconds on self, Resist poison, Resist Disease

Wood Elves:
Last but not least, are the bosmer. This is a fairly respectable race,
designed for thievery, and long range combat. If you are looking for a thief
like character and want to get far in this game, the wood elf is probably the
way to go, especially if you would rather pick off an enemy from far away, even
before he gets a chance to lay a finger on you. However I will admit that
beast tongue is kind of stupid and useless.
Skill bonuses: Marskman +15, Sneak+10, Light Armor +10, Alchemy +5, Acrobatics+5
Specials: Beast Tongue: Command Creature 5 levels for 600 seconds on target

Detect creature: 50 to 150 feet on self for 5 seconds, resist disease

#V. Birth Signs: (*=malevolent)
The apprentice:
Elf Born
Fortifies Maximum Magicka 1.5x Int
*Weakness to MAgcika 50%

The atronach:
Spell absorption 50 pts
Fortified Maximum magcika 2.0x Int.
*Stunted Magicka

The Lady:
The lady's Favor
Fortify personality 25 pts
The lady's Grace
Fortify Endurance 25 pts

The Lord
*Weakness to fire 100%
Blood of the north
Restore health 2 pts for 30 seconds on self

The Lover:
Fortify agility 25 pts

Lover's Kiss:

Paralyze for 60 seconds on target
*Damage fatigue 200 pts on self.

The maker:
Fortify maximum magicka .5x int

The ritual
Blessed word:
Turn undead 100 pts for 30 seconds on target
Blesed touch:
Turn undead 100 pts for 30 seconds on touch
Mara's gift
Restore health 100 points on self

The serpent:
Posion 3 pts for 3 sconds on touch
*Damage health 1 pt for 30 seconds on self.

The shadow:
Invisiblity for 60 seconds on self

The steed:
Fortify speed 25 pts

The thief:
Akairi Danger-Sense
Sanctuary 10 points

The tower:
Beggar's Nose:
Detect animal 200 feet for 60 seconds on self
Detect enchantment 200 feet for 60 seocnds on self
Detecy key 200 feet for 60 seconds on self.

Tower Key
Open 50 pts on touch

The warrior:
Fortify attack 10 points.

#VI Skills:
Throughout the duration of the game , you will work towards building up your
skills, whether you do it yourself or pay someone to train you. Each skill is
based off of some governing attribute this section is split up into two
sections, one which has them separated the way they are in the instruction
manual and with a short description by yours truly, and the other section will
have them sorted by Governing attribute so that you can better pick your skills
if you decide to make a custom character and what points to put points in when
ATTRIBUTE (i.e. if your agility is at 50, your block skill will not be able to
pass 50 until you put more points into your agility at the level up screen.

Section 1:
Combat Arts

Block: Self explanatory. The better you are/the more points you invest in
blocking, the moiré you will block melee attacks (using a shield etc.), This
does not work versus spells. (agility)

Armorer: Kind of self explanatory. It should be named "repairer" or something
like that, as it determines your skill at repairing your weapons with certain
items. This will save you money in the long run, especially if you are planning
on using expensive weapons and such. However, you will waste valuable inventory
space with your tools, so I don't really suggest making this a big time
investment unless you really want to be a self-sustaining hermit that can't go
into town and just pay for his items to be repaired. (strength)

Medium armor: this skill determines how well you move around and how much
damage that you take while wearing medium armor. (endurance)

Heavy armor: this skill determines how well you move around and how much damage
that you take while wearing heavy armor. (yep, I did just copy and paste, and
then replace medium with heavy (endurance)

Blunt Weapon: This skill determines how well (how often you hit etc.) you use
maces, staffs etc. Probably good to put points in if you are a mage character
that likes to use staffs or a warrior character that likes maces/hammers etc.

Long Blade: This skill determines your effectiveness at using long bladed
weapons like sabers, longswrods, claymores, katanas(dai), etc.

Axe: The amout of points put in this skill determines how good you are at
making contact and doing damage with axes.

Spear: skill points in this combat art will make spear and halberd use more

Athletics: Why this is a combat art I'm not sure. This skill allows you to
move faster whether it be on foot, swimming etc. (speed)

Magic Arts:
Destruction: the so called "nuking" skill. Points in this skill will increase
the effectiveness of spells that do direct damage and damage over time. This
skill includes all of the fireball/lightningbolt-esque spells that do big
damage. (willpower)

Alteration: I think this skill is underated. Allows you to open locks,
levitate, and create shields. Definitely useful, and definitely necessary.

Illusion: The so called "status effect" skills. Allolws you to paralyze, bind,
silence, calm command, and make yourself invisible. Not really damaging, but
useful nonetheless (Personality)

Conjuration: The summoning skill. This skill effects how often your summosn
will be successful. A high conjuration will allow you to summon powerful
weapons and creatures at will. (intelligence)

Mysticism: This skill lets you teleport, use telekinesis and reflect/absorb
other magic. Pretty essential for a mage character. ( willpower)

Resoration: the skill for the philnathrophist and warrior alike. Restoration
is always necessary no matter what you are, you will need to heal or cure
diseases etc. (wllpower)

Enchant: Undoubtedly the biggest money saver in the game. If you can get a
high enchant skill you can just fill a big soul gem with a big creature's soul
and then use it with whatever you want. Because enchanted items are so
powerful and expensive this is definitely a skill you will want to put points
in if you want to enchant your own items and recharge your empty items

Alchemy: the potion making skill. High skill with this will let you make
potions at will, however, there are two problems with this. First of all you
have to find out the recipes for the potions, and secondly you have to find
where to buy/obtain these items. Not really worth it, unless you are really
dedicated to exploring and finding new recipes and such. (intelligence)

Unarmored: Why a Magic Art? I am not sure, maybe because most mages do not wear
much armor. Robes count as being unarmored, so mages usually where those and
enchant them so that they reflect magic or absorb damage and such. Good if you
don't want to wear armor, bad if you are a warrior type chracter (speed)

Stealth Arts;
Security: This skill determines the level of locks you can pick, and what items
you see when you are trying to pick-pocket someone. (intelligence)

Sneak: This skill determines how good you are at moving in a stealthy fashion
so that you can go somewhere unnoticed. A high sneak skill is necessary to bea
good pickpocket (agility)

Acrobatics: Not very useful, unless you want to power level for some reason by
jumping everywhere or are just a goof that um...has the tendency to fall from
the top of buildings/montains (strength)

Light Armor: This skill determines how good you are at using light armor (how
well you move and how much damamge you take while wearing it). Good for
thieves that are wearing a bit of armor. (agility)

Short Blade: This skil determines your effectiveness at using weapons like
tantons and wakizashis (how often you hit/damage done) (speed)

Marksman: This skill determines your effectives at using bows and other ranged
weapons. (agility)

Mercantile: Why this is a stealth art I am note sure. However, having a high
mercantile skill will let you make cheap money by just buying stuff cheaply and
then reselling at higher prices. Time consuming, but effective (it's probably
better to just spend that time at getting something really expensive and then
selling that. (personality)

Speechcraft: determines how welll you are at persuasion, and intimidating
people in order to get their disposition higher or lower. (personality)

Hand to Hand: determines how well you fight without a weapon. However, hand to
hand fighting only damages fatigue, until the person is knocked out. Good if
you never want to do any hardcore fighting, but you will eventually need a
weapon unless you are spending the entire game just stealing from random people
you see and then beating them up with your fists. (Speed)

Section 2:
Light Armor



Blunt Weapon
Long Blade

Short blade
Hand to Hand

Medium Armor
Heavy Armor

Speech Craft


Other Points:
When creating a charcter you receive 5 major and minor skills that are easier
to level up and a+10 bonus to 2 governing attributes. Every major skill starts
off at 30 before factoring in stat bonuses from other choices you've made.
Every minor skill starts at 15. You will also get to choose a specialization
(combat, magic, stealth) and you receive +5 to every skill that is placed in
that bracket of the art. Every other skill starts off at 5 before stat bonuses.

With that your character is completed and you are ready to start your adventure
in the world of morrowind.

#VII General Info
In the world of morrowind there are three houses of which you can only join one
(you can join another one if you get kicked out of a house). These three houses
consist of:

Redoran-There isn't much to this house. I guess it more resembles the
fighter's guild than any other guikd, athough there really isn't all that much
fighting and is more exploration based. This house contains a lot of quests
that are based around finding random places in the middle of nowhere based on
pretty shoddy directions. You also don't get that great of items aside from the
ebony armor at the very end of the quests.

Hlaalu-More of the "thieves guild/morag tong" of those houses. This house
contains a lot of stealing and carryign out pretty sketchy operations.Example:
In order to get support from a high ranking Hlaalu councilor, he demands that
you take off all of your clothing and then talk to him again when you are in
the buff.

Telvanni-Undoubtedly a mage based guild. You don't necessarily have to be a
mage in order to be a telvanni, but basically every telvanni i've ever seen is
some kind magic based class. From this house you'll receive a ton of very nice
enchanted items, including a couple pieces of daedric armor that have constant
effect feather on them which make it seem like you are wearing a light set of
armor while getting extremely useful armor. All of the quests are pretty much
in the same area of the map, which is nice as you can get about 5 quests done
in the time it would take you to do 1 or 2 redoran quests.

Thieves guild-Pretty self explanatory, a guild for those who's expertise is in
theft. If you're sneak and security skills are high than this is undoubtedly
the guild for you. However, an enchanted item with unlock level 100 will make
any class a master thief, and in pretty much any mission where you need to
steal a specific item off of a person directly, there are other ways of getting
it (i.e. killing the person).
Favored Attributes:

Fighters Guild-This guild actually goes hand and hand with the thieves guild
believe it or not, as in the end you both are fighting against the Commona
Tong. The guild is indeed, for fighters, as there isn't much lock picking or
anything else involved. However, anyone in this game can be a fighter,
whether mage or thief or any kind of mix, so this guild is pretty much open to
Favored Attributes:

Mages Guild- A guild for mages in the fact that you are doing quests for mages,
but you don't really have to be one in order to be sucessful in this guild
Favored Attributes:

Morag Tong (assassin guild)-An assassin by definition in this game is a stealth
class that uses short blades or ranged weapons in order to kill. Morag Tong
missions are basically hit and runs that undoubtedly have some of the best
benefits in the game. One of the hardest if not the hardest guild in the game,
as you must alwyas fight and there is no other way around fighting in this
Favored Attributes:

Imperial Cult-My favorite guild undoubtedly. Why? because i am an item whoring
jerk. This guild is pretty much open to anyone and the enchanted items you get
during these missions are some of the best non-homemade items in the game.

Imperial Legion-A mix of the fighter's guild and morag tong. THe first mission
itself has you going into the council club and killing everyone there. Its a
pretty difficul set of quests, but definitely fun and somewhat rewarding.

Temple-Long, not very entertaining, and not many good rewards. There really
isn't anything in this guild that is really worth joining it for. It takes to
you to soem of the places the morag tong does, but most of this guild is just
walking around and finding places.

Blades (automatically joined): Not realy a guild per se, as there really is no
headquarters in morrowind, but it will take you through the main storyline part
of the game. It does give you some nice enchanted items at the end, and you
will probably want to do it eventually just to get the full effect of the story
on the game.

Other things to do in the game:
Free Lance Dungeon Raiding-There are dungeons EVERYWHERE in morrowind. If you
look around you will find entrances to caves and ruins everywhere. Fighting
through these is some what difficult in the early stages of the game, but there
are nice items in the harder ruins and caves. The downside to this is that
without any goal or anything there really is no target place to go, and you end
up getting nothing done in the end. Also, if you happen to go into certain
ruins it will be bad for you if you want to go do guild missions later, as you
will have already raided certain ruins that were part of missions.

Freeing slaves- Pretty self explanatory. Find keys in dungeons, free slaves.

Vampirism- see the frequently asked question section for my thoughts on


#VIII Miscallaneous Morrowind Tips:

Sucess in morrowind is completely derivated from one aspect of the game and I
cannot say this enough: MONEY. Money is what you need in this game. With money
you can do anything you want. The entire reason why morrowind is difficult for
some people is that they dont have enough money to do anything. This game is
all about stealing and scheming your way up to the the hundreds and thousnads
of gold and then paying your way to greatness.

Gaining Money in morrowind is simple, from the very beginning of the game there
are hundreds of shops open for you to sell and buy things. At the beginning of
the game, you have no money to throw around in merchants face in order for them
to like you more and in the end give you more money for the things you are
selling. The first thing you should do in your quest to maintain a strong
financial base is create a good relationship with a vendor. If you don't feel
like doing ths you can always go to the creeper in Caldera or the mudcrab
vendor and not have to worry about getting bad prices.

Why exactly is money so important?
Well, money can be used a bunch of important things
1. Bribery
2. Magic
3. Buying Weapons/Armor and other supplies
4. Travel
5. Training

Money in bribery is important so that you can get people to tell you important

Money in magic is extremely important for, enchanting items, learning magic,
and buying/customizing your own powerful magic skills.

Of course, money is important in the beginning of the game where you have
cruddy weapons and the weapons you are picking up arent all that great. Later
on the armor and such that you pick up will be much better than anything you
can buy, but you will need money to enchant it to make it even better.

Traveling does not cost that much money, only 10-50 gil usually. But that can
cost a lot over time, especially if you are like me and cannot stand walking
around in the wilderness because of the snail's pace that this game moves at if
you were to do that. Money allows you to get to far away places a lot faster,
and with a lot less frustration.

Finally, money is used to train skills. With money you can permanently train
your skills significantly faster than you would have with any other method.
Bribing a trainer so the cost is less, and then paying them to train you level
after level will bring any skill that you want or need to any level that your
attribute levels will bring you too. The only bad part about this is that if
you decide to go and train 15 levels of one thing you will gain a bunch of
levels and not get the important stat multipliers wehenever you level up. So
training a few levels at a time is the best strategy, unless you dont care
about the multipliers which is not a good idea as your character will be
strong, but not as strong as other characters of the same level.

Important things to do as you progress through the early parts of the game:

As stated before, starting off in morrowind is easily the hardest part of the
game. Mostly because you dont have that much money. Any guild or house you
join will undoutbedly need some skills that may seem basic but in the end can
be subsituted by using your money in the right way. Doing this will allow you
to take basically any character in any class to do just about anything they
want. Although that might sound confusing, I will give you an example. I have
gone through the thieves guild missions multiple times without having my
security go past it's default level. How? With enchantments. If this game is
broken in anyway it is in the enchantments. WIth a large amount of money you
cna basically make whatever you want as long as you have a big soul gem with a
big soul in it and have bought the spell beforehand. In this scenario i used
an extravagant ruby amulet with a soul gem large enough to handle a 100 unlock
on target spell. Sure i could only use it once every 12 hours or so, but
whenever i needed to use it in sucession i would just sleep or wait the 12 in
game hours and repeat until i had unlocked everything i needed to. Here's a
list of the enchantments i EXTREMELY suggest you get on an amulet or ring or
even pants ^_^.

-unlock 100 on target
-levitate (even 1 point for a short amount of time will cut down the time of
travel to certain places by a significant margin as you can walk over mountains
and travel in a straight line)
-summons (if you have a summon golden saint spell this is extremely effective
especially if you are powerful enought o kill your own summons and then click
their corpses as they are dying and retrieve their extremely valuable weapons)
-Almsivi or divine intervention (extremely useful for getting out of sticky
situations, and will pay for itself over time because you should ALWAYS have
one of these on you just in case)
-any other spell you cast a lot and you get frustrated from because you never
have enough mana to cast it.

I know what you are saying "but u can get most of these items from people in
the game anyway, so you don't need to enchant them!" this is true, but at the
beginning of the game when an unarmored shop keeper can beat the crap out of
you its hard to fend for yourself especially if you're not a thief with a high
sneak skill.

Good ways to get money:
Killing Guards/ordinators and selling their armor (finda place where you can
hit them and they cant hit you for a lot of quick cash, then go to the thieves
guild to get your name cleared)
Killing golden saints/dremoras and selling their weapons
Doing quests (meh)
Raiding houses and selling the stuff you found inside (somewhat dangerous as
you might steal something or kill someone indirectly that may be important to a
guild you might want to join later or to the main quest)

Arguably the most useful combination of armor and equipment in this game is the
cuirass of the saviours hide and the boots of blinding speed. The boots of
blinding speed increase your speed by 200 as a constant effect, but in turn
blind you. Unelss you have some sort of magicka resistance you have to use
your minimap to move around, unless you cast absorb magic for a certain
prercentae right before you equip the boots. Which is where the cuirass of the
saviours hide comes into play.

Boots of Blinding speed:
From Caldera head north (it's more northwest), and when the road splits take
the right path and then when it splits again take the left road. Along this
road you should see a woman with glowing shoes from pretty far away (they are
freakin bright). She offers you to "make a deal". This deal consists of
escoritng her from her current location to Gnaar Mok, which is basically dead
west of where you are. You can either be nice and escort her to get the boots,
or you can kill her and take everything on her. She has a steel viperaxe and a
little gold, and killing her is not at all difficult, so do whatever yoou
want. The boots she gives you fortify speed 200 poiints while blinding 100%.
These boots are great if you hate the chore of walking around and are even
better if you can resist magika. ( see below) You can also just use your
minimap to get around even if you are blinded.

Cuiras of the saviours hide:
In tel fyr, southwest of sadrith mora, head into the onyx hall and then into
the hall of divayth. Levitateup and you shoulds e a 100 lcok closet, open it
and inside of it you will find the cuirass of the saviours hdie which gives 60%
magicka resistance as a constant effect. This is extremely useful for using
the boots of blinding speed, and for fighting mages.

IX. The "Main quest" Blades:
The Blades is the "main" quest of this game. After this, everyone will treat
you a little differently, and have newfound respect for your character. You
get a couple nice items, but it's long and kind of boring, and requires a
decent amount of travel. I am pretty sure i would not suggest doing it first as
opposed to just straight up exploring and joining guilds and doing their
missions, but i think its worth it in the end as you get a little story to go
along with the game.

Caius Cosades's missions:
The very first thing you're told to do in morrowind is to bring a document to
Caius Cosades. Go to him and give him the ledger. He'll talk to you about a
lot of stuff. He'll give you some gold and tell you to check out some guilds
and eventually give you orders.

Hashphat antabolis:
Do what caius tells you and go talk to Hasphat Antabolis at the balmora
fighters guild He's in the very bottom in some sort of training room. He'll
tell you that you need to do a favor for him. He'll tell yo to go to Arkngthand
a Dwemer ruin, to find a puzzle box. Head south out of town and across the
bridges. When the road splits take the left route towards caldera. When it
splits again take a right behind moonmoth legion fort. Cross the brige and
after a little fighting hit the dwarven clank to move the rock from the door
protecting the dwemer ruin. Once inside the hall of centrifuge head down the
rocks. You can go inside and try to make ytour way to the Cells of Hollow hand
by going into the weepingbell hall and then down a long hallway that leads to
the other side of the hall of centrifuge and then into the cells, or you can
just jump up the curvey rock that obviously leads to the higher tier of the
dwemer stronghold before you enter the weeping bell hall. Take that door to
the left and the dwemer puzzle box is on the bottom shelf on the north east
side of the room. THen head back to the fighters guild and down the stairs to
back to Hasphat. Talk to him about the puzzle box, the nervarine, and the sixth
house, and then the sixth house references. Then head back to caius and talk
to him about orders.

Sharn gra-Muzgob:
Head over to the mages guild on the west side of town next to the fighter's
guild. Talk to Sharn gra-muzgob, the orc in the bottom of the building.
She'll tell you that you need to run an errand for her. She'll tell you to get
her the skull of llevule andrano in the andrano ancestral tomb. It's easiest
to get there from pelagiad, so get there if possible. You can also get there
from seyda neen, and the directions are actually pretty good, just check your
journal if you get lost. Once inside the tomb walk down the stairs and
continue your way around the tomb while killing bonewalkers and skeletons and
just keep going down stairs. On the second flight of stairs open the wooden
door and you should figh a bonewalker and see a pit of dirt with a skull and a
dagger of judgement. Pick up the skull and anything else you find interesting
and head back to Sharn. Talk to her about errands and she'll answer your
quests about the nervarine cult and give you some notes about it. Go back to
Caius and he'll update your journal, and a promotion woth a scroll of almsivi
and a scroll of divine intervention.

The next time you rest you'll have a disturbing dream.

Interviews in vivec:
Caius wants you to talk to three important people in vivec about the nervarine
and sixth house. So go to vivec (silt strider or whatever) and find these

Addhirannir (a khajiit from the thieves guild): Addhirannir is located in the
St Olm's canton. Head there (just north of the temple canton), and into the
canal works (from the waistworks). Once inside of the canalworks on the east
side of the canton and look on the ground for a trap door to the underworks.
Head down inside of there and you should find the female khajiit. She'll tell
you about a census and ecise agent on her back. Head back up into the
waistworks and talk to Dvuianius Platorius about Addhiranirr. Lie to him and
tell him that she went on a gondola to the mainland and he'll leave you alone.
You can then head back to the khajitt woman and ask her about the nervarine and
sixth house cults.

Huleeya (an argonian in the morag tong): He is located in the black shalk
cornerclub in the east side of the foreign quarter lower waistworks. If you
talk to him he will tell you that he needs to be escorted to Jobasha's rare
book store across the waistworks, but he wants you to do him another favor to
stop the racism against free argonians from the people in the cornerclub.
Talk to the other three dunmer in the club about filthy lizard and if your
disposition with them is high enough they will change their minds about
argonians (at least temporarily). After that you can travel with Huleeya
across the waistworks into Jobasha's bookstore. Your journal will upate and
you can talk to him about the nervarine cult and he'll give you some notes.

Mehra Milo (a dunmer priest at the temple): She is located in the Library of
Vivec in the Hall of Wisdom in the temple canton in the south part of vivec.
When you talk to her she'll tell you to meet her in the back of the library so
it can be secretive. Talk to her and she'll tell you about the Nervarine cult.
Your entire screen should be inundated by blue topics so talk to her about
everything that comes up. She'll tell you to pick up the copy of the progress
of truth for caiius cosades. You'll also learn that she might have to go into
hiding and to tell caius cosades about "amaya". However, the more important
issue is finding a copy of the book the progress of truth. You can find a copy
in the southwest corner of on the top of a book shelf (an ordinator is usually
near it, so only take it if you have a good sneak skill, or can get out quickly
and take the price off your head), or you can buy a copy in the west side of
the vivec foreign quarter lower waistworks at jobasha's rare books and he sells
it for 150 gold.

Once you've talked to all three of these people about the cults and do their
respective odd job (find a book, escort to bookstore, work out things with the
census agent), and have notes you can go back to caius cosades and he'll give
you 200 gold.

Giving Gifts for information:
Caius cosades wants you to give Hassour Zainsubani in ald'ruhn a gift so he'll
tell you info about the nervarine cult. Head to ald'ruhn (you can silt strider
there from balmora) and if you ask around you'll see that Hassour likes to read
books. So go to the bookstore and buy him a cheap book (there is one just
northeast of the Ald Skar inn, there is a book called ashlander hymns that he
might like). Then head down the stairs next to the bar in the ald skar inn.
You should fin him there. Ask him about the ahshlander sand their gift giving
customs. Then talk to him about courtesy and a thoughtful gift (note, if you
have a high enough disposition with him, no gift is necessary). Talk to him
about ashlanders, and the nervarine prophecies and you should get his notes.
Head back to caius cosades once you have the ntoes and are done talking to

Urshilaku camp:
Your quest to become the nervarine starts to unfold here. Caius cosades sends
you to go to the urshilaku camp but first to see Somutis Vunnis (behind a
wooden door near crulius) and Crulius Pontanian who can be found in the
interior of the moonmoth legion fort. Somutius vunnis will give you a bnunch
of potions,a nd crulius will give you a bunch of scrolls...When you are read
head to Maar Gan or khuul. to start your journey to the urshilaku camp. Its
definitely closer from Khuul even though they tell you to start at Maar Gan.
Either head north from Maar Gan and then a little west once you hit the coast,
or head northeast along the coast from Khuul and you should reach it eventually
(it lines up with the tip of that long island in sheogorad closest to the main

Once inside of the camp find Nibani maesa (she's located inside of the wise
woman's yurt) and talk to her about the nervarine prophecies (you will probably
have to bribe her or find another way to raise her disposition towards you).
She'll tell you to speak with zabamand in his yurt and he'll give you
permission to enter the ashkan's yurt in order to speak with sul-matuul. His
yurt is one of the yurts under the big tarp in the camp. Talk to him about the
nervarine prophecies and then pick one of the options he gives you. The
easiest is just telling him everything you know about the sixth house and such
as you don't have to fight or give any money. He'll let you speak with
Sul-Matuul, in the next hut over.

Talk to Sul-Matuul about the nervarine prophecies and he'll let you join if you
agree to do an initiation rite to see if you are truly the nervarine. He'll
tell you that you need to fetch a bow in the urshilaku burial caverns.
Basically head south/southeast right out of the camp. There really aren't any
land marks but it is about half way between maar gan and the camp on the world
map (a little bit more towards Urshilaku). You should stumble upon a door
around there called Urshilaku, Astrial Burial. Head inside and you should find
a bunch of mummys, fight your way down into the karma burial section. Inside
of here you can either go north or south, north leads you to some mummys and
corpses with decent items, south leads you to the next section of the tomb, the
laterus burial. Inside of here jump onto the rock and make your way all the
way up the spire to the juno burial ground. Do note that if you want some nice
items (not GREAT but nice), there are some in the other burial grounds you can
enter from the laterus burial. Some of these even include an ebony helm. Once
inside of the juno burial ground go east and then south and then south east
into the part with the wraith of sul-senipul (it looks like a normal ancestor
ghost except its more powerful, can damage your attributes and can resist magic
more). Kill it and then take the bonebiter bow off of the corpse and head back
to Sul-Matuul in the urshilaku camp. You can then meet with nibani maesa in the
wise woman's yurt. Talk to her about ALL of those topics and then head back to

Dagoth Gares at the Sixth House base:
Head to buckmoth and to Resa Pullia who says she's found a sixth house base.
Buckmoth is located right next to ald'ruhn, so you should probably take a silt
strider there first. Talk to Raesa Pullia inside of the interior of the
buckmoth forth and she;llt ell you to go to the sixth house base near gnaar mok
called ilunibi. The exact location of the base can be found by asking the
locals of Gnaar mok, so head there from buckmoth, its pretty much due southwest
all the way on the coast. You can also get there by boat from Khuul if you are
like me and despise traveling by foot. If you ask around you should figure out
that Ilunibi is on Khartag point, on the northern part of the island. It's
really easy to find, just head north, across some wooden stick bridges and you
should find ilunibi, carcass of the saint, next to some big rocks. Once inside
fight your way to the southwest into marowaks spine. Fight all the way
through here to the south and then at the very bottom take the path north into
the blackened heart section. Yet again, fight your way south into soul's
rattle. Once in here head into the north east of this section and you'll be
approached by dagoth gares. Pick from the options to take to him and then
you'll fight him. Once's head dead you can go back to caius and you'll realize
that you've contracted corpus.

Dealing with the Corprus Disease:

Caius will tell you that you have a case of corpus, the practically fatal
disease that causes people to go into exile. The only way you can get cured is
to go to the corpusarium in Tel Fyr. Tel fyr is located on the east side of
the map, and is a telvanni tower controlled by Divath Fyr. The tower is
located southwest of sadrith mora and you can get there by boat from t Sadrith
mora as well. Once you get there head into the onyx hall and then into the
hall of fyr. Inside of here levitate up (if you look up you should see a
circular hole in the ceiling), and tlak to divath fyr. Give him the dwemer
artifact and then talk to him about the divine disease. Talk to him about
corpus disease and he'll tell you he'll give you a potion that either kills you
or cures you, but first you have to go into the corpusarium and get some boots
for him from Yagrum Bogorn. Head into the corpusarium, open up the old gate
and then head into the corupsarium bowel section. From here head into the
northwest section (more in the middle tha north) to find yagrum (he's the
little fat guy with mechanical legs). Talk to him about the dwemer boots and
then head back to dviath fyr in his hall. Talk to him about the potion and give
him the boots. Get cured and he'll cure you of your symptoms. Now you can head
back to caius.

Caius' Departure:
Caius is going back to the city so he'll promote you to operative and give you
750 gold, and his black pants (chameleon 20% cast when used), shirt (fortify
sneak 20 cast on used) and ring (fortify security and luck 20). Although he's
leaving he'll give you your final order to find the lost prophecies from Mehra
Milo in the temple. If you head to the library you'll find that shes not there
but they mention about her office across the hall from the canon offices.
Break into her office in the hall of wisdom and then read the note on top of
one of the tables. She'll tell you to meet her in the ministry of truth, the
floating prison above the temple on the west side., but you'll need to bring
her two scrolls of divine intervention which can be bought in the mages guild
in the foreign quarter from Janand Maulinie (the first one you see when walking
in from the foreign quarter plaza. You have to levitate to get up to it, so
use her potions of levitate or a spell to get up there. Then head around to
where the guard Alvela Saram. Tell her you're visiting someone and she'll
give you the key. Open up the door to the hall of processing and head into the
wooden door that has the grand inquisitor in it. In his desk there is another
key, that will let you open the 10 lock door, although you can open it with a
probe or spell without having to put yourself in danger. That key will let you
open all the doors all the way to the prison keep which is located around the
north side of this area facing north. Inside of here open up the guards desk
and take the cell key. Head into the cell furthest to the right (west in this
instance), and talk to Mehra. She'll tell you to meet her at Holamayan so you
can get the lost prophecies.

Divine intervention out and you'll be in ebonheart. Head to the docks at the
other end of the town and talk to Blatta Hateria about knowing you and then
going fishing. You'll travel to holamayan. From the boat head up the rocks
and at dawn and dusk Holamayan will open up for you to enter. Once inside the
monastery head right to find mehra. Then talk to Gilvsa Barelo about the lot
prophecies. Then talk about the sven curses. At this point you can head all
the way back to the Urshilaku camp in the northwestern part of the island to
talk to Nibani.

The third trial:
Once inside of the wise woman's yurt talk to Nibani Maesa about the lost
prophecy. Then come back to her and talk to her about her judgement as to
whether you are or are not the nervarine. She'll talk to you about the second
trial and corprus disease, and tehnt ell you to talk to Sul matull about the
third. Head to the ashkan's yurt and he'll tell you that you need to go to
Kogoruhn and get him a cup, corpus weepings, and the shadow shield.

Kogoruhn is located to the southeast of the camp about two-thirds of the way
between maar gan in a latitude sense. Once at kogoruhn head into the dome of
pollocks eve or the other dome and kill the dagoth. Then look on a table for a
house dagoth cup, as it should be next to a bowl. Don't worry about the corpus
weepings really, because on your way to the tomb of Dagoth marin you will
definitely fight a corprus. Just kill it and take a corprus weeping off of it.
Head into the hall of phisto, then fight your way to the hall of maki and then
into the nabith waterway. In here head south to charma's breath. There are
definitely some lame corprus or corprus stalkers in the waterway s so you can
get your weepings here. Then, head into charma's breath and then the bleeding
heart. The shadow shield is in here laying on top of a rock next to an orc
warhammer. It's enchanted so ts glow and is pretty easy to find. Just look for
the creepy sixth house urns and such. Once you have all three items head back
to Sul-Matuul in the urshilaku camp (you can exit out of the south charma's
breath if that is closer than the other exits.) Talk to him about the third
trial and he'll point you to the cavern of the incarnate for the trial of

The cavern of the incarnate is actually pretty difficult to find but not if you
know where to look. If you have the map that comes with the game look towards
rotheran and then south/southeast into the Ashland. You should see a path that
goes down the mountain range and then curves back up again at the end. This is
the cave of the incarnate. So head due east out of the camp and then due east
for a very long time. The cavern of the incarnate is down the path on the
other side of the mountains from the Nchuleft Ruin and the zainab camp if
you've been there before. The door to the cavern itself is due west of the
nchuleft ruins.Once you are there wait or rest till six am or pm. Enter the
door and Azura will talk and you can enter the cavern of the incarnate.

Inside you will see a big statue of azura. Inside of her hands is a ring
called the moon and star. Take it and there will be a little cinematic will
play. Azura will speak to you and lay out your next two trials. You must be
named nervarine by the four tribes, and hortator of the three houses.

Fourth Trial: Hortator of the 3 houses.
In order to complete the fourth trial you must be named the hortatory of all
three houses.


In the Ald'Ruhn manor district go into the main redoran council center and talk
to neminda to get a book of all of the locations of the Redoran councilors.
Luckily for you, all of the Redoran councilors are located in the manor

Start off with athyn sarethi and he'll tell you he'll choose you as hortatory
if you save his son., (taken from later on in the walkthrough) Athyn tells you
that his son ahs been taken hostage by Bolvyn Venim (the archmaster) for a
crime that he didnt commit. You have to save his son Varvur Sarethi from his
imprisonment in Venim manor. Head out of the council and into Venim Manor, the
first one on your right when you enter the district. If you walk around and
ask for Varvur you'll notice everyone will stop talking to you and not tell
where he is. Even bribing Bolvyn Venim to 100/100 dispostion will still not
get you an answer. Find your way into the right wing of the manor and in
the north werstern part of that there is a cloth hanging over a wall, behind it
there is a door with a 50 lock. Unlock it and you will find Varvur Sarethi,
Travel together with him out of the room. THe guards will try to kill you so
run as fast a syou can without losing Varvur. Head up the stairs in the right
wing to get to the entrance directly. Then head out the way you entered the
building in the first place. From there head back to Sarethi manor on the
other side of the manor district. He'll then agree to name you hortator. If
you've already done this quest for the redoran house, you're already a step
ahead of the game.

Miner arobar: In his manor in the northeast section of the manor district. Head
into the guard quarters and into the private quarter, and finally into his
bedroom. He is located behind the wooden doorway on the left. He'll vote for
you if you've already done the athyn sarethi quest.

Hlaren Romaron: also in his manor in the southwest section of the manor
district. Just head in and goa ll the way down the stairs through the door and
he'll be right ther wearing bonemould armor. He'll also vote for you if you've
done the athyn sarethi quest.

Garisa Llethri: in the private quarters of his manor in the northwest part of
the manor district. Head straight into the bedrooms then take a right into the
private quarters and you should find him. He'll also vote for you if you've
done the athyn sarethi quest.

Brara Moravyn: She is located in the Redoran Council hall, head northwest from
the entrance through a door then drop down and head to the northwest even more
to find her quarters

They'll tell you that you need to duel Bolyvn Venim because he won't let an
outlander be a hortator. Venim is located in the private quarters of his manor
in the private quarters of his manor in the southeast corner of the manor
district. Talk to him about redoran hortator after you have gotten support
from all of the other councilors. He will challenge you to a duel in the vivec
arena. SO head to vivec and into the arena pit. Fight him (he might be a
little hard depending on how good your character is at fighting, but he
shouldn't be that hard if you've gotten this far), and make sure to loot his
body of the daedric dai-katana and the almost complete set of ebony armor.

Speak with athyn sarethi again to be named hortator.

Head to balmora and talk to nileno doravyn in order to get the hlaalu yellow
book of councilors.

Crassius Curio: Crassius curio is kind of perverted, but nonetheless head to
him first. He is located in Curio manor in the hlaalu plaza on top of the
canton. He'll ask you for a kiss and then give you some advice. He'll tell
you that dram bero can be persuaded, dren has control over nevena ules and
velanda omani, and that yingling half troll is kind of just out there.

Dram Bero:
If you ask around you'll be told that he is in the st olms canton, so head over
there and into the plaza on top of the canton. Head into the haunted manor and
down the stiars. Open up the 50 lock door and then through the wooden door in
the next area to find dram bero. Ask him about hlaalu hortator and he'll give
you his vote soley because you were resourceful enough to find out where he was.

Yngling half-troll:
In the st olm's canton plaza go into yngling manor. Open up the wooden door on
the left to talk to Yngling. iF you ask him about the hlaalu hortatory he says
he'll vote for 2000 gold. You can give him this gold for his vote or just
straight out kill him, no one cares about him anyway.
Orvas Dren:
Orvas Dren is located on his plantation, way north/northwest of vivec, to the
east of pelagiad. It's not very difficult to find. Once you are there head
into Dren's villa. You should find him in here. However, be sure to tell him
to save morrowind from dagoth ur and the empire not anything else because he
will want to fight you. It's also a good idea to bribe him beforehand just in
case. When he agrees to make you hortatory he'll use his influence with nevana
ules and velanda omani to get there votes.

Nevana Ules:
Nevana ules is inside of her manor in the west of suran (its just across a
little lake). Her manor is a little house on an island, and once inside just
head all the way up and if you've talked with Orvas dren, talk to her about the
hlaalu hortator and she'll gladly vote for you as hortator

Velanda Omani:
Velanda is in her manor on an island east of vivec. Head to the telvanni
compound and then to the east off the brige to an island, then head south
across another bridge to another islandm, and follow the path there to the
Omani manor. Inside of here talk to velanda and she'll agree to vote for you
if you've already gotten orvas dren.

Once you've gotten all of these people then you can just go back to Curio in
his manor and he'll give you the belt of the hortatory

Telvanni Hortator:
Pretty simple, just involves a lot of traveling, but no weird quests. Head to
sadrith mora and then way north on that and into the telvanni council hall.
Head through the door into the room with all of the mouths. Talk to them to
find the locations of all of the councilors.

Master Aryon:
He is in Tel Vos, the humongous telvanni outpost just west of Vos. You can get
to vos by boat from Tel mora and the other telvanni towns close to the sea.
You have to fly up the center spire to get to his chambers, and the entrance is
facing the south, so levitate your way to the south side of the spire and you
should see a little platform above you. His chambers are behind the door, and
once inside head up the stairs and through the little tunnel to find aryon.
Ask him about telvanni hortatory and he'll give you his vote and also tell you
how to deal with Archmagister Gothren, and some tricks with all of the other
councilors. He'll also give you the brown book of councilors if you talk to
him about telvanni councilors.

He is Tel Naga, in the middle of sadrith mora. You can find him in the upper
tower, and you will need to levitate all the way up to find him standing there
in a flashy yellow robe. Raise his disposition high (you might need to go all
the way depending on your personality), and talk to him about telvanni
hortator. He'll give you his vote out of apathy.

Mistress Therana:
She is in her chambers in the upper tower of Tel Branora, which you can get to
by boat from Sadrith Mora. The tower is just to the east of the docks.
Levitate up and find her, and talk to her about Telvanni Hortator. Get right
to the point and she'll give you her vote (don't sit around listening)

Mistress Dratha:
She is located in the upper part of her tower, Tel Mora. You can get there by
boat from Sadrith Mora. Head all the way up to the upper tower, and then once
inside head all the way up and you should find her wearing a blue robe in a
room. She does not like men, so you will have to get her disposition up if you
are a male. If not you should be fine just asking for hortator. If you are a
man, talk to her about Telvanni hortatory after her disposition is high, and
hurl yourselft at her feet and plead for a hearing. She'll give you her vote
and her scroll of summon golden saint.


He is located in the upper part of his tower, Tel Aruhn, just northwest of
sadrith mora. Once inside head up the stairs and down the hallway to find him.
Talk to him about hortator, and he will just delay. You can attack him and it
wont be a crime, so kill him and the dremora that are guarding him and you will
be done with him. Make sure you loot his body of the daedric dagger for some
nice cash though.

Once you have gotten all of these votes, and killed gothren you can head back
to Aryon for the robe of the hortator.

Fifth Trial" Be named Nerevarine:
Head to each of the four camps and talk to the ashkan

Zainab camp:
Near the cave of the incarnate, close the nchuleft ruins. Head there and talk
to Askan Kaushad in the ashkan yurt. Talk to him about the nervarine and about
setting you to a task. He'll tell you that you have to slay the vampire
Calvario in the nerano ancestral tomb. To get to the tomb head northwest to
nchuleft and then once you are there head northeast and you should find a path
that has the nerano ancestral tomb on the right side of it (its marked off byt
some rocks and is surrounded by two trees). Once inside just head down the
stairs and kill the bonewalkers and skeletons behind the wooden doors, and then
opened the trapped one to fight calvario. He should die pretty quickly. Once
he's dead head back to Kaushad.

He'll then ask you to get him a telvanni wife. Head to the wise woman's yurt
she'll tell you to go to the festival slave market in tel aruhn and talk to
Savile Imayn and escort her to the zainab camp. Tel aruhn is located southeast
of the zaiab camp right next to sadrith mora. You'll need some telvanni bug
musk, an exquisite shirt, a pair of exquisite shoes, and an exquisite skirt,
Savile imayn will telll you to go to Elegnan the clothier in tel mora and
Bildren Areleth the apothecary in tel aruhn or Jolda the apotehcy in tel mora.
(you can take a ship there from tel aruhn, and the clothier is on an island to
the south in a mushroom tower.Once in tel aruhn outisde near the underground
part to find Savile Imayn and some slaves. If you have the clothing you can buy
the slave. You can then buy the slave and give her the presents, tell her to
travel with you all the way back to the zainab camp and into the ashkan hut.
You can travel with her by boat to vos and get back on the mainland and then go
southwest from there if you don't want to have to walk through water, and it
only costs 17 gold. Once you have delivered the slave to Kaushad talk to him
about his telvanni bride and he'll update your journal and give you the Thong
of Zainab.

Ahenmusa camp:
Ahenmusa camp on the northeastern part of the main island, near the coast.
Once you get there talk to one of the "gulakhans" in the yurts near the ashkan
about nerevarine. Then head into the wise woman's yurt and talk to Sinammu
Mirpal about nerevarine. She'll agree to name you nerevarine but first you need
to provide them a "safe place".

Head to ald daedroth due north from the camp on the large circular island, and
you can bring her with you if you are confident enough to be able to fight off
anything without her perishing. Head into the outer shrine and then the inner
shrine and when you get to the statue she will name you nervarine and give you
the madstone of ahemusa.

Erabenimsun camp:
In here you will notice that no one really wants anything to do with you so
just head straight to the wise woman's yurt and talk to Manirai. She'll tell
you that you'll never get named nerevarine unless you kill Ulath-Pal and he
gulakhans Ahaz, ranabi, and ashu-anhe, and bring Han-ammu to power as ashkan.
Basically, just head into the ashkan's yurt and alk to ulath Pal about ther
nerevarine prophecies. He will attack you and ahaz will join in. Then head into
Ranabi's and ashu-anhe's respective yurts and kill them both (they'll attack
you after you talk to them). Then go back to Manirai and talk to her about the
nerevarine prophecies and she'll tell you to go to Han-Ammu, and that he needs
some sort of tokens of strength, willpower, and intelligence. Well if you
haven't already, go back and loot the people that you killed, make sure you
take ranabi's robe erur-dan the wise, ahaz's saint’s heart of fire amulet, and
Ulath's war axe of Airan Ammu. Once you have these items, go to Han-Ammu's
hut and talk to him about wanting to be ashkan. Do this for those three items
and he'll name you nerevarine. You can then go back to Manirai for to receive
the seizing of the erabenimsun.

Urshilaku Camp:
You definitely know where this is. Just go and talk to Sul Matuul about need
and duty and then about the urshilaku nervarine and he'll name you the
urshilaku Nerevarine and give you the teeth of urshilaku.

Sixth Trial and Seventh trials (the end, basically):
Meeting with thayler saryoni (the archcanon of the temple):
Nibani will wonder why you have yet to complete the prophecy and will send you
to thalyer saryoni. Talk to him about the temples doctrine and he will ask you
to meet with Vivec himself. He'll give you a key that will let you into vivec's
palace. Talk to him about all of that stuff in blue and he will give you the
wraithguard a gauntlet that lets you yield keeining and sunder. He'll also give
you a detailed plan about how to kill Dagoth Ur.

You'll receive a bunch of documents, including Kagrenacs tools and the plan to
defeat dagoth ur. Head to Ghostgate, and the towers of dusk and dawn in the
middle of vvardenfell. Talk to people inside of there about the inside of
ghostfence and ythey'll give you a map. It's easiest to get there from

The Seven Vampires, Keening, and Sunder:
You only need to kill two vampires in order to complete the main quest, as they
protect Keening and Sunder. However there are five other ones that are
completely optional..

Dagoth Uthol: He's in charma's breath in the bottom of Kogoruhn near the exit
to the red mountain region.
Dagoth Endus: He's in endusal, north/northwest of ghostgate
Dagoth Tureynul: He's in Tureynulal in the northeastern section of ghostgate

Dagoth Araynys: He's in mamea, south/southeast of gnisis, near Berandas.
Dagoth Gilvoth: He's on your way to Dagoth Ur (I'll talk about him later)

Head to Odrosal (the dwemer training academy just) southeast of dagoth ur. It
looks just like a normal dwemer ruin so it should be easy to find.
Once inside head through the steel and iron doors to the north to fight dagoth
odros. Take his key and the amulet and head east, down the stairs and unlock
the door. Inside of here find the ladder to the tower. Here you will find
keening blade down in the middle of the pit. Take it and then head back out
into red mountain.

Head northwest from Odrosal, and northwest of dagoth ur towards Maar Gan. You
should stumpe upon Vemynal. Enter the outer fortress, head southeast in here,
fighting the bonewalker and ash slave into the hall of torque. Inside of here
drop down and fight Dagoth Vemyn. Kill him and loot his body of the sunder.

Head back out into the red mountain region and then to the southeast towards
dagoth ur. When you get there look around for a dwarven crank south of the
entrance to the outer facility. It will open the rock that is covering the
door, and you can enter in. Once inside dagoth ur will start babbling to you
and you can head west fighting his minions as he speaks. Drop down and go into
the inner facility and Dagoth ur will keep talking to you. Then head through a
bunch of metal and iron doors to the west and down the stairs into the lower
facility. Head south though here and you'll fight Dagoth Gilvoth (the last of
those seven vampires). Take his blood ring if you want and thencontinue going
south into the facility cavern. Here you will find dagoth ur. Talk to him
about parting words and then final questions. You can then attack him, kill
him and he'll disappear then head into Akulakhan's chamber.

Once in here head down the ramp and then across the bridge to the heart. Smack
it with sunder and then keening repeatedly, and then run back across the bridge
and it will explode. You can then escape back up through the facility (after
pulling a dwemer crank near the door) and Azura will meet you and give you a
Head to Khuul (silt strider from Ald'Ruhn is an easy way to get there) and to
the docks to talk to S'virr. He'll travel you to Solstheim and fort Frostmoth
and into carius' quartes in the general quarters.
Main quest:
Investigate the low morale:
Carius will ask you to investigate the low morale of the soldiers at the fort
frostmoth. Head out of his chambers and down into the upper quarters and
you'll find out that none of them will talk to you unless you have some sujamma
or something to drink like brandy. Give a soldier something to drink and then
they'll answer your questions. They'll tell you that this is a dry fort and
that there uis no booze to go ariun. Talk to carius about morale being low and
he'll lead you to about the priest antonius nuncius. Talk to a guard about him
and he'll tell you he also keeps an office above the armory. Head into the
armory and up the stairs and behind a wooden door to find antonius nuncius' 50
lock desk. Unlock it to find a whole bunch of booze. Go talk to nuncios about
it in the shrine and you'll have the option of keeping it a secret or having
to report it to carius. You can now go back to Carius. If you report nunicus
you'll get 3 potions of curee common disease and a silver sparkblade.

Weapon Smuggling ring:
Carius will let you chose between Seanus Lusius (general quartes) and Gaea
Aertoria (upper level of the general quarters). Pick one, find them and ask
them to assist you. Head to the armory and to Zeno Faustus;. He'll tell you
to look in the Gandrung caverns northeast of the fort. The entrance to the
caverns themselves is led up to by water east of the fort. All of the people in
this cave have paralyzing weapons, so make sure you either paralyze them first
or have some potions on you. Head through here killing all of the smugglers. I
would save often because the paralyzing weapons can mean certain death very
quickly. Once they are all dead your journal will update and you can head back
to town. Once you come back you'll see that they town has been attacked. Go
find the other soldier that you did not choose and talk to them. She'll ask you
to find the question and will send you to the nord village to investigate the
dissapearnace of the captain. Head to the northeastern part of Solstheim to
find Skaal Village. Once you get here no one will talk to you except for the
leader Tharsten Heart-fang. Then talk to the shaman when instructed.

Ritual of the gifts:
Karst Wind-eye will set you on a quest to do the ritual of the gifts and will
give you a map that outlines all of the places that you must visit and all of
the big black obelisks that you must "talk to". It is A LOT easier to find
these stones from the air, as the stones are actually very tall pillars that
stick up pretty high in the air. Nonetheless, they are atll pretty hard to find.

Wind Stone: The stone is located southwest of the village. You can find it
northwest of Graring's house, just across the river. Talk to the writing on
the bottom of it, it'll tell you travel south and east to Glenschul's tomb.
Basically head due southeast across until you reach thirsk and then just go a
little southeast from there and you should hit the tomb dead on. The entrance
is on the side of a little mountain facing east). Inside you should find
yourself inundated by Draugrs and bonewolves, neither of which do a lot of
damage (but there are a lot of them so try not to get swarmed). Fight your way
through to the east and you should see a big bag. Open it and then head back
to the wind stone and talk to it again to complete the ritual of winds.

Beast Stone: Head southeast from the windstone and to the east of lake fjalding
near thirsk. You should find the beast stone just a little off the river
heading southeast. It is not on the river like the wind stone but you can see
it if you stray to the east a little bit off of the river. Talk to the pillar
and then head due south for a bit. You should find a polar bear fighting off
some Riekling, kill them and then talk to the bear. Take the chitin arrow from
him and your journal will update

Sun Stone: It's located in the southeastern part of the island. It's really
easy to find because its on top of a big hill away from all of the trees so it
sticks out. Talk to it. It will tell you to head west to the halls of
penumbra to free the sun. Head do west between big rocks and you will
literally end up right at the entrance to the halls. It is dark in here so use
a light spell or whip out the Trueflame if you have it. Yet again you'll fight
a ton of Draugrs Try to head to the northern section of this and you'll fight
lightkeeper grahl.Kill him and then take his item and use it to break the ice
wall. The cavern will light up and you can head back to the sun stone due east.

Tree stone: it's located right smack in the middle of the island. You can find
it due north from fort frostmoth right in the middle. It's surrounded by trees
but still relatively easy to find. Once you talk to it, head east and you
should find a riekling surrounded by a bunch of spriggans. Kill him and take
the seeds. Then head back to the treestone and go northwest towards some rocks
and a menu should pop up asking you if you want to grow the seeds in fertile
soil. Say yes and head back to the tree stone.

Earth stone:
Not very difficult to find, as you can just head north from, the little
peninsula in the southwestern corner of the island and go straight up and
you'll see it in clear view. Once you talk to it head northeast to the Cave of
Hidden music. Once inside make you're way around to the southwest and fight
draugrs until you reah the chamber of song. Head all the way up the rock
stairs and you'll find a bunch of hollow stalagmites. The song is a particular
order of smoke that the hollow stalagmites make. The order is,
center-right-left-right (its not how the smoke comes down, its how it sounds).
The order will change and this time it will be left-right-center-left. Your
journal will update and you can head back to the earth stone. Talk to it
again and your journal will update

Water Stone:
The water stone is located southwest of Hvitkald peak on the west side of the
island, and is facing the ocean. Once you talk to it, head due west off the
coast from the water ston, its not that far off the coast so don't go wandeirn
off into the wilderness. Oon the island you should see a seal named the
swimmer. Follow it underwater (he will always stop if you get too far behind
so you can't really lose him if you go up to take a breath). He'll all of a
sudden stop. Take a breath and then dive down into Stalman's gorge. Swim all
the way north and then out, kill the skeleton and then take the waters of life
from on top of the ice. Then head back to the water stone and your journal
will update.

Once you have activated all six stones, you can had back to Heart-Fang in the
great hall of the Skaal village. Talk to him about restoring the power of the
skaal and he'll give you the mace of aevar Stone-singer.

Proving your wisdom:
Heart-Fang asks you to investigate a skaal crime. If you ask around you'll
learn that Ice-Mane's wife Risi has been spending a lot of time with Half Hand
while her husband, the accused, is off hunting. Go talk with risi herself, and
then look under a pillow in on a bed in her house to find a letter from rigmor
to risi. She'll say that they had an affair and that it has stopped. Go talk
to rigmor in his hut about investigating the crime. He will give in and follow
you back to Heart-Fang in the great hall. You can now choose the verdict,
either sacrifice to the wolves or exile. Choose exile and he will leave, or
you can feed him to the wolves and Heart-Fang will give you the helm of wolf's
heart. Then If you chose to feed him to the wolves, go outside and towards the
pen and Halfhand will get slaughtered.

Proving your Strength:
Heart-Fang will tell you that wind-eye will meet you on Lake Fjalding for a
test of strength. Go to the northeastern corner of the lake to find the shaman,
and then talk to him about the disturbance on the lake and how to prove your
strength. He'll tell you to go down into the Fjalding caves and kill Aeslip,
the draugr. He'll also tell you how he's worried about the bloodmoon prophecies.

Head into the middle of the lake where the fire is coming out of the water.
Jump into it and dive down into the caves of fjalding. You'll be greeted by a
bonewolf and a draugr, so get used to this because there are a ton of these
groups in this cavern. This is a pretty complex set of caverns but you want to
head as far south as you can and then slip to the right to find the very
discrete entrance to aeslip's lair.

Talk to him about all of the blue things that come up and either fight him or
fight the ice daedra with him. If you chose the latter he'll open upt he
barrier and let you into the caverns. Go with him throughout the cavern and
search it high and low for all of the dire frost atronachs. They are a little
more powerful than normal ones, bt still pretty easy to kill. One you kill all
of them your journal will update, and Aeslip will die and give you his ring,
one of the few nice items in bloodmoon. Then head all the way abck out and
talk to Wind-Eye on the northwest part of the lake and talk to him about
Aeslip. You will be now kind of like "one of the skaal"

Werewolf attack:
Head back to the skaal village and talk to Heart Fang. He'll say goodbye and
you should hear some wolves barking. Head outside and fight off some
werewolves, then head back into the great hall to find even more werewolves.
Kill them and go back outside and talk to Korst Wind-eye. He'll thank you for
protecting the people and then tell you you are infected. It is at this time
where the bloodmoon expansion splits into human missions and werewolf missions.
If you cure common disease you will cure your disease as a werewolf, if not you
will eventually become one.

Human quests:
If you cured your disease you can go talk to wind-eye and he'll give you rigmor
half hand's hut, and set you on your first missions:

The totem of claw and fang:

Wind-eye wants you to get the totem of claw and fang from the tomb of skaalara
for the Skaal celebration. Head to the tombs which are due southeast of the
bottom square of skaal on the world map. The tomb is located near the coast
but is not really that far away. Oncee inside you want to make your way all
the way south into a little room. This place is INFESTED with werewolves, but
they are pretty easy to kill. In the last little section you'll find a 30 lock
chest. Unlock it to find the totem.

Performing the Ristaag:
Head to Lake Fjalding and to the west side of the lake. Sleep/wait until
nightfall and then head off to the west a bit and you should find Rolf-Long
tooth and a bunch of other skaal's. Talk to him about the ristaag and then
help them ensure their success at fighting the summoned bear. Walk along with
Long-tooth and then he'lll tell you to investigate the sound near Sattir the
Bald, who is just south of long tooth. When you find the dead body head back to
Long-tooth. Walk around with him some more and then go find axe-wife's dead
body, and go abck to long tooth. You and long-tooth will now continue along
alone. You'll be attacked by some werewolves, kill them and then lead the
expedition forward. You'll be attacked by the spirit bear, which looks just
like any normal snow bear. Kill it and take the heart, and your journal should
update. Head back to Wind-eye. If you finish Ristaag in time you'll learn the
call bear spell.

Ominous signs and the journey to the castle Karstaag:
when you return to wind-eye he'll tell you about ominous signs and he'll ask
you to head to the castle karstaag and slay the frost giant. From the village
of skaal head due west and you should see the castle (it's like a big spikey
rock and ice building coming right out of the ground). Head due north of the
castle into the water and you should find the castle karstaag caverns entrance
(it's under water near the coast. Once inside head right in to get out of the
water. You'll meet up with krish, a riekling who wants you to help him kill
some grahl to get into the castle. Head through this cavern killing the
deadly grahl. You have to kill all of them before you can etner the banquet
hall so focus on that first. Then head to the banquet hall with Krish and
fight off all the riekling (don't kill Krish though, he does look exactly the
same as them unfortunately.). Then had south into the throne room. Talk with
dulk, and he'll tell you that he knows nothing about the dead horkers and that
Karstaag left awhile ago. Eventful... Head back to Wind-eye and he'll give
you the stalhrim longsword of flame. He will then talk to you about the
bloodmoon prophecy and the three signs, the hunter's game, and the hunter's
plan. Head into your house ( the bloodskaal's), and slepe for a bit (before
you do, you may want to stack up on potions). You'll be awakwened by a werewolf
and brought in front of a strange character, the emon hircine.. You can now
begin the hunter's game.

Hunter's game:
Head inside of the outer ring, and you'll meet up with captain carius, and
he'll explain how he, heart-fang, and Karstaag were brought into the maze.
Travel together with him (he might die along the way), and then make your way
through the outer maze. There are tons of werewolves here, but don't try to go
through it too fast because you will get swarmed and unless you're character is
amazing you will die fairly quickly. In between the wals at the beginning of
where you start and through a path you will find a chest with a glowing key.
Head around in here and you'll find a barrier door that will let you enter the
inner ring. Here you will meet up with Heart-Fang. Fight your way through
with him until you reach a chest. Look at it and tharsten will turn into a
werewolf. Kill him to receive hircines ring and loot his body of the key. Then
head all the way around into the huntsman's hall. In here you wll find
karstaag. He isn'/t very hard to kill, he just ahs a ton of health and can hit
you for a lot of damage. However, he is slow and knock him down for a ton of
free hits. Head forward to fight hircine, but first he'll give you a choice,
and he'll transform into something that when you kill him gives you a certain
item when you loot his body.

Strength: Transforms into a weird bear with the hircine antler helmet on.
Yields the hunter's amulet of strength which forties srength and attack as a
constant effect.

Speed: Transfroms into a weird wolf with the hircine antler helmet on. Yields
the hunter's amulet of speed that fortifies speed, athletics, and acrobatics

Guile: Yields an enchanted spear that he uses that you can loot of of him after
he's dead.

Once you have your item head out through the mystical ate and then watch the
little cinematic of the glacier crumbling. Thus ends the human part of the
bloodmoon expansion..

Werewolf Quests:
If you don't decide to cure your common disease after the werewolves attack you
can become a werewolf yourself after you sleep for a few days. You will have a
werewolf dream. Kill someone that first night and then wait again. Hircine
will talk to you in your sleep and put you on your first quest.

The totem of claw and fang (werewolf):
Head to the tombs which are due southeast of the bottom square of skaal on the
world map. The tomb is located near the coast but is not really that far away
from the village itself, and due east of sjobal. You can heal by waiting and
turning back into a human, and it is significantly easier to walk around here
in sneak mode and sneak up on the skaals and kill them in one hit because you
will do critical damage. Once inside kill all of the Npc's which are little red
circles. Three more will spawn, and one of them will pick up the totem. Kill
them, and any other skaal in the cavern and you will complete the quest.

Wait until the next time you turn into a werewolf and hircine will give you
sharper claws. Kill another npc and then wait until you turn into a werewolf
again for your next quest.

Prevent the Ristaag:
Hircine will talk to you in your sleep and tell you that the totem has been
stolen and that you must kill the hunters and the spirit bear that they summon.
Head to lake Fjalding and a little to the west of the western shores. Here
kill the skaal trackers one by one (stealth kills are easiest) and eventually
your journal will update. Then head south and you should find the spirit bear.
Kill it and your journal will update again and you've completed the quest.

The next time you become a werewolf, Hircine will give you a summon bonewolf
spell that you can use during the day.

Castle Karstaag:
The next time you become a werewolf hircine will give you a quest to go to the
castle karstaag on the northwest corner of the map. Kill an NPC and then head
there (there are no humanoids in the castle). Just head due west of the village
to the northwestern corner of the map and you should see the ginormous castle.
You can enter right through the front door (unlike if you are human). Head into
the banquet hall, and then kill all of the riekling here. Then head down the
ramp to the east and into the caverns. Inside here are tons of deadly grahl.
Kill them all and the riekling kirsh and your journal should update signifying
that you've completed the quest.

Head back outside and wait until you turn into a werewolf again to receive the
hunters wind, an ability that will let you restore your health to full once a
day. Become a werewolf again and you will be transported to the hunters game.

Hunter's Game (werewolf):

Inside of the outer ring kill carius. Then just avoid all of the other
werewolves and get inside of the barrier and enter the inner ring. Just jump
over all of the other werewolves. Once inside of the inner ring kill heart-fang
(who turns into a werewolf himself). Then head all the way around the inner
ring and then into the barrier. Inside kill karstaag (he shouldn't be that
hard) and approach hircine near the other barrier. He will give you a speech
about the hunt and give you a choice as to what aspect of the hunt is the most

Strength: Transforms into a weird bear with the hircine antler helmet on.
Yields the hunter's amulet of strength which forties srength and attack as a
constant effect.

Speed: Transfroms into a weird wolf with the hircine antler helmet on. Yields
the hunter's amulet of speed that fortifies speed, athletics, and acrobatics

Guile: Yields an enchanted spear that he uses that you can loot of of him after
he's dead.

I personally think strength is the best way to go.

Note: you can kind of cheat in here, after you kill karstaag you can wait and
switch back into human mode to fight hircine (and therefore use potions,
spells, etc.)

Mournhold is a gigantic city basically split into five main sections. Godsrach,
the palace courtyard, the temple courtyard, the plaza Brindisi Dorom, and the
Great Bazar. Tribunal is definitely geared towards higher level characters who
have spent a lot of time getting nice gear and weapons. You can still get
around with a lower level character it will just be significantly harder and
less fun. You will also not be able to do some things like kill Gaenor unless
you abuse bad pathing.

Tribunal's quest system is kind of unorganized as there is a main quest, that
kind of has another main quest attatched to it that is sort of intertwined all
together into one big mmess.. They are really supposed to be done
simultaneously or something of the sort.. Right afer you kill the the dark
brotherhood you can do a quest for the king. After that you should start doing
Fedris Hler's until the attack on mournhold, then delitians, and then back to
Fedris and almalexia until you need to fight korrod (you need to do that to get
his piece of nervarar's blade), which has no pre-requisite to it (you can just
go talk to helseth about his plans for you, and then fight his champion). This
is kind of confusing and unnecessary because it will all make sense once you
understand who's giving quest in the game. Just don't forget to do delitians
quests because you can skip right over them if you aren't careful.

Also, you should note that I've split them up into three sections, the
Almalexia's temple quests include the quests she, fedris hler, and Gavas Drin
give you. Then there are Delitian's quests, and then finally Helseth's quests
( he only gives you two, but they really don't fit anywhere else)

Main Quest of Tribunal:
As soon as you install the tribunal expansion and sleep you should be attacked
by assasins in your sleep. Talk to any guard about them and the dark
brotherhood and you should be point ed to a man named Apelles Matius. He is
located in ebonheart near Grand Council chambers and the legion garrison area.
Talk to him about dark brotherhood, and he'll explaint o you that the dark
brotherhood has a large contingency on the mainland. Then talk to him about
getting back to the mainland. He'll tell you about ASciene Rane who can
transport you to MOurnhold and is located in the grand council chambers (she
should be there ina r ed robe right when you walk in). You'll learn that you
can't get to mournhold by boat because of the blight there, but if you talk to
ascien rane about transport to mournhold she'll let you go via teleportation.
She'll transport you to the Royal Palace. If you ever want to get back you can
just talk to the Argonian Effe-TEi.

Once in mournhold you'll notice that absolute gargantuaness of the city.
Although it is big its still pretty easy to navigate and there are lots of fun
things to do (the great bazaar even has a play you can act in!)ask around about
the dark brotherhood and you should get pointed towards the sewers below the
Great Bazaar. Head out into the courtyar and then take the southern entrance
into the Plaza Brindisi Dorom. Head to the east and you should find the
entrance to the great bazaar. There is a lot of fun stuff to do and shops in
the great bazaar but your first order of business should be to investigate the
dark brotherhood. Take a right as soon as you enter the great bazaar (if youa
re coming from the Plaza Brindisi) and stay on the upper tier. You should find
the entrance to the bazaar sewers. Head up the ramp and then to the right (the
left leads you to the palace sewers), to fight off a skeletal champion and a
lich. Head under the little arch doorway and into a little cavern area.
Continue on through the cavern (when it forks to the left you can learn about
the black dart gang) and you'll fight another skeletal champion and a bonelord,
and reach a worn cavern door to the old manor district. This is the dark
brotherhod's secret hideout (your journal will update as soon as you enter.

Head out of the water and you'll be "greeted" by a dark brotherhood operator.
Head forward and up a wooden ladder and you'll fight four more dark brotherhood
members, and go forward a little more to get ambushed by two more (you'll see a
trend of getting swarmed by dark brotherhood members). Then head up the rock
paths (up vertically south direction wise) and you'll fight a couple dark
brotherhood punishers. Then had into the Moril Manor. BE careful as it is
deeply infested with Dark Brotherhood Members. Here you should find an old
metal door in the northwest corner. Kill the guy inside here (he's pretty
powerful as he's the "leader" of the Dark Brotherhood) and loot his body (make
sure you take the contract). If you read it you will see that someone had a
contract out on YOUR CHARACTER.

Go back into town and talk to any guard about the dark brotherhood and they'll
tell you to go to talk to Fedris Hler. He's inside the temple reception area
wearing a brown robe on the northern side of town (almsivi intervention will
get you outside of here)

Almalexia's Temple quests:
Goblin army:
Fedris Hler wants you to figure out information about the goblins that King
Helseth is recruiting. Ask around town about goblins and they'll tell you that
they heard stories about weird monsters in the sewers near godsreach. Yet
again the sewers are located down on the right as soon as you walk in. Head
down and around a corner of rock and you will get inundated by attacks from a
bunch of goblins. Then head south from them and look up to get tot eh entrance
of the wesern sewers. Head around the corner and up the ramp into a larger
part of the sewer. You'll have to fight off some powerful goblins and then
head south into the "battlefield" part of the sewers. Head down tinto the
cavern while fighting off goblins. Then head south into the old city gate.
Continue down into the caverns fighting off the goblin foot soldiers. You'll
reach a 100 lock door into the residential ruins. Once inside the residential
ruins head down ithriouhg the caverns fighting off even more goblins and then
head into the Tern hall. Make your way south west and eventually you'll fight
those two altmer trainers that Fedris was talking about. Kill them and then
back back to Fredris for your reward of 10,000 gold. He'll then tell you go
talk to Gavas Drin

Shrine of the dead:
Gavas Dren wants you to travel with Urvel Dulni to the shrine of the dead in
the sewers under the temple. (note it may be a good idea to clear out the area
before you head there with urvel because his fragility mixed with the power of
the creatures in the sewers does not yield an equation for success). Definitely
bring potions of restore strength and other attributes. Head into the halls of
ministry and then down the hallway and down some stairs into the mournhold
temple basement. The entrance to the sewers throught eh basement is in a trap
door on the ground right in the open. Then head northwest fighting rats,
ancestor ghosts and bonelords until you reach the temple sewers east (you can
either go north, east, or west at one cross section in the sewers, north takes
you to the west section, due west takes you to an abandoned crypt and variners
ghost, and east takes you to the eastern sewers).

Once inside the eastern sewers head around the corenr and fight ablack dart
member. Head down through the sewer and you'll fight a ton of skeletal
champions ana a couple bonelords. You'lkl reacha cavern like area and then
see the door to the temple gardens. Head in there and you'll see that it is
more of a cave then a garden. Head south while fighting off an onslaught of
skeletons and eventuall you should reach the entrance to the temple shrine.
You'll fight a profane acolyte, which really isn't that difficult of a battle,
just focus on it and not its summons. Open the metal door on the far side of
the room and wait for the profane acolytes to come to you. The hardest part of
the entire fight is the drain strength that they and their summons can cast on
to you. Being over encumbered means no movement so they can just pick you off
with their spells and unless you have arrows or stars you are dead (MAKE sure
to bring restore attribute potions!). There are four profane acolytes here,
none of them are difficult to kill, but all can do a significant amount of
damage. Once you've killed all four your journal will update and you can bring
Urvel with you there. Once he's there he'll cast a speel and your journal will
update and you can head back to Gavas Drin for your reward of a blessed spear.
He'll then send oyu back to Fedris Hler

Barilzar's Mazed Band:
Amalexia wants you to look for Barilzar's Mazed Band in the abandoned crypt.
This is located in the temple sewers that you were just in, just go west
instead of east when you get to the section where you can either go north,
west, or east. Before you go you should talk to Gavas about the band, and then
head back into the hall ministry, the basement and then into the sewers. Head
into the abandoned crypt and fight a ton of liches. Then head forward through
the caverns, you will fight Barilzar who will talk to you and then blind you,
fight it and you will lose your blindness. Kill him and then kill the lich
behind it and take the ring and the daedric claymore if you want it. Head bak
toi Fedris who will tell you to take it to Gavas Drin, who will tell you tot
ake it to Almalexia directly. Give her the ring (you'll learna powerful
ability called amalexia's light which will basically negate your need for
restore attribute potions...forever) and then rest for a bit (about a day or
so) or walk aroundtown for awhile.

Attack of the machines:
Talk to just about anyone and theu'll tell you that enchanted machines have
bursted into Plaza Bridnisi Doorm and are killing people and that you have to
go save them. So head back into the palace courtyard and then into the plaza
brindisi. You'll see a ton of guards fighting "fabricants". You can help them
or just chill out. They do drop some weird stat boosting (temporary) elixirs.
Talk to an ordinator and they will ask you to talk to Fedris (you can also talk
to Delitian about this, and start doing quests for him, it makes no difference
in the end though except you don't get some extra rewards if you don't do
delitians quests).

Investigate the disturbance:
Fedris will ask you to investigate the disturbance by going to the dwemer ruins
in the memorial statue. Head back to the plaza and then into the middle of the
plaza. You should see a ladder coming out of the hole in between the two parts
of the statue. Go down that into Hearthfire Hall of Bamz-Asmchend. Head
forward in this little Cavern and observe dwemer robotic things fighting those
things you just fought and your journal will update. Head back to Fedris in
the High Chapel and you can then report to almalexia directly.

The end of times:
Head towards the Great Bazaar and find Meralyn Othan in the far east part of
the area on top of the stairs. She'll tell you that the End of times are kind
of sketchy and that you can find them outside of the winged guard in godsreach
usually. Head there and you should find Eno Romari right outside of it in the
northeastern section of town. Talk to him about the end of times and the
cleansing. Then head back to Almalexia.

A lesson in power:
Almalexia wants ash storms in mournhold, so head to Bamz-Asmchend (the place
where you saw the dwemer fighting those other robotic things)in order to
restart the Karstangz-Bcharn. Make your way down to where the advanced dwemer
robots are.
Take them out (they are DAMN powerful, if possible try to lure them out one by
one or use summons to tank for you. If you have lightning shield now would be
an IDEAL time to use it. You could also just make a mad dash towards the door
to the left, so get there any way you can and then head through there fighting
the dwemer centurions and archers into Radac's forge. Head through here until
you find a 100 lock trapped door. Open it and head inside. Inside the chest
closest to the door on the right are two dwemer satchel packs. Take them and
continue north along the highway and take a left. Kill the centurion and talk
to the collapsed rocks. Place the satchel and then run back quickly because in
5 seconds it will explode. Crawl through the hole it creates and then kill the
centurions here. You should see another bunch of collapsed rock here, explode
that but don't go in (it's for a later on quest, you'll thank me then).
Continue through here and to the south and head into the King's Crawl. Kill
the centurions here and enter the heavy dwemer door to fight another advanced
one. Head down here and into the Skwyway Gallery. There is one dwemer
centurion on each side, kill them and head into the middle with the large
contraption. Look around it and you should find a place to put the Dwemer
Coherer. Turn around and head forward a bit to see three levers. Fiddle with
them until your journal updates (I hit the left one twice, and the right one
once). When you head back into the city it will have ashstorms.

The missing hand Salas Valor:
Apparently Salas Valor thinks he's cool enough to stand up to a god. Head to
godsreach and look around in the northeastern corner of the map for a man
wearing a high ordinator's suit. He is damn powerful and has a great deal of a
chance to reflect a spell back at you, so using spells or enchanted items may
not be the best idea against him. AS soon as you talk to him he'll attack you
so it might be a good idea to summon things before you talk to him. He was a
very difficult fight for me, but if you stock up on health potions restore
strength potions and such he shouldn't be that bad. He does have some insane
armor tho. Head back to Almalexia and she'll give you an option of three

Reclaim your station as the nervarine (reforging the trueflame):
This is a cool quest to get a great sword, the Trueflame. Almalexia wants
you to search out two more pieces of the ancient blade and forge it anew. Ask
around and just about everyone will tell you to go to in craft in the
craftsmen's hall on the east side, but first you must find the two other pieces
of the blade.

Head to the museum of artifacts in the southeast corner of godsreach and talk
to Torasa Aram. She'll say she has a dwemer piece that might be part of the
sword. She'll tell you that you have to give compensation to the cause.
You'll have to fork over 3 items to the cause in order to get this specific
piece. After you've done this talk to her about compensation again and she'll
give you the dwemer shield

You have to get the other piece (an odd dwemer shield) from karrod, the
redguard that protects the king. He won't acknowledge you until you've fought
him in one of the king's quests for you. You must defeat him in a battle
before he'll fork it over, so see Helseth's section of the tribunal walkthrough
for that.

Once you have those two pieces and the piece that Almalexia gave you, head into
the craftsmen's hall in godsreach. At the end of that first room you'll find
the orc that the people in townw ere talking about, Yagak gro-Gluk who will
forge the blade for you. Talk to him about the dwemer shield and he'll break
off a piece of the old sword and then talk to him about forging the blade and
he'll take the odd wemer weapon and two of the dwemeer blade pieces out of your
inventory in order to forge the sword. Come back in two days and it will be

Once you receive the blade you'll realize that it is not enchanted like
Almalexia said it would be. Unfortunately this means that you have to go back
into that dwemer ruins in the memorial statue. So head back into the plaza
brindisi dorom and down the ladder into Bamz-Amschend. Drop down and head left
into the passage of whispers. Make your way to Radad's Forge like you did the
last time you were down here. Head down through this area and kill the dwemer
centurion and then head through a dwemer door to find Radac Stungthumz. Talk
to him about talking to a dwemer and about adding fire. Then he'll talk about
Myn Dhrur and Pyroil tar. Then head through the passage of the walker (the
hole that you blew the last time you were down here). Then head down the ramp
and into the secondd hole that you hopefully blew the first time you were here
(if you didn't, you'd better hope that you still have the satchel.

Crawl through the space and you'll enter Norenen Dur. Inside of here you'll
have a couple fights with dremora and atronachs, and you can go one of three
directions. Forward will lead you nowhere, with just a little figh tiwht two
dremoa and an ogrim titan. Left leads to "the great stairway" which has nothing
but a few skeletons and a staircase. However, right leads you to a very well
named "the teeth that gnash" section of Norenen Dur. Inside of here are a
couple atronachs and dremora, but to the north is the entrance to the citadel
that you seek to enter. Inside of here you'll have a big fight with a bunch of
dremora, hunger, winged twilight, and golden saints. Pretty good creatures to
soul trap if you have gems on you and like to enchant things. The Pyroil Tar
that you came here looking for can be found on the body of Khash-Ti Drhur the
dremora that comes from the "throne" section at the north of the room. Once
you have the tar head back to the passage of the walker and then up the ramp
and back through the collapsed rock into Rodac's forge.

Go back into the room that you found Rodac. Give him the tar and he'll take
the trueflame out of your inventory, use the tar and give it right back to you.
You can now leave nad head back to Almalexia with your powerful flaming blade.

Sotha Sil:
Before you leave, you should know that you can never come back until after the
quest is over, so stock up on everything you need BEFORE you go. Almalexia will
teleport you to the clockwork city of sotha sil. Hit the rusted lever on the
back of one of the pillars to move the big gear out of the way and to reveal a
path. Head forward and dodge the swinging axes (these things kill you
instantaneously!) and then go up a ramp. Head down and hit another lever to
open up a door that reveals a fabricant. Then head into another area with some
pillars and hit a lever on one wall to open up a door way that leads to a door
that goes to the inner flooded halls. Head up the ramp and you'll be ggreeted
by a bunch of fabricants. Then hit a lever to reveal a path with a couple more
fabricants and swining axes. There are at least three swinging axes in this
one pathway that you have to dodge here so good luck in advance. You really
don't need to kill the fabricants just ignore them and they should get chopped
by the axes.

Now you'll be able to enter the hall of delirium. Head around the corner and
killt he frabicants that attack you. Then head south and hit the rusted lever
to open a door. Go south from there and you should reach a door to the
central gearworks. You'll be attacked by three fabricants around the spinning
gear in the middle. Head up the spiral stairace to the south and over through
the bashed door into the ahll of theuda. Kill the onslaught of fabricants and
here (not really that many but there is a hulking one which is slightly more
difficult) and head into the dhome of kasia.

Inside of here there are a bunch of verminous fabricants. Kill them and then
head up the ramp on the southwest side. Watch out for the spinning gear at
the top of the room as it will kill you instaneously if you get hit by it. It
goes around pretty fast so iming is impeccable. If you have boots of blinding
speed now would be a great time to use them, or you can just levitate up into
the doorway and not have to deal with it at all. Then head into the dome of
serelyn. Once inside of here head along the right side of the big contraption
in the middle and click the right one and then walk left to trigger the left
one. Kill the verminous fabricant in the middle of the contraption and walk
through to the hall of Sallaemu.

Inside of the hallf of Sallaemu kill two hulking fabricants and then head into
the dome of udok. Inside of the doem kill the verminous fabricant on the left
and hit the rusted leveer on the right to reveal a bridge and the door to the
hall of Mileitha. Kill the hulking fabricant and the veminous fabricant and
head north. You'll find another door with a rusted lever right before it.
Inside of this hallway there are a bunch of fabricants, kill them and head into
the dome of the imperfect. Inside here prepare for a big battle with a
gigantic robot. He does a lot of shock damage, but other than that he's pretty
easy but he takes a ton of damage.

In the next room you'll find sotha sil. You'll see someone's gotten there
before you. Almalexia will portal in and she'll babble on and on for awhile.
Then you will fight her. She is pretty powerful and takes a lot of damage, but
really isn't that bad if you just swing as hard as possible and run away and
hit her and repeat it over and over again. Just use healing potions. She
drops a nice ring and the hopesfire, the shock equivalent of the true flame.

Equip the mazed ring and you can teleport to vivec, mournhold, or sotha sil.
Head outsiee of the temple and a ghost lady will talk to you for a bit about
almalexia and her curse. You've now completed the MAIN quest of tribunal.
There are still a ton of short random quests that can be done around town, and
you can finish up helseth's.

Tienius Delitian's Quests:

King Llethan's Death:
If you talk to Delitian about the dark brotherhood he will openly admit that
helseth had a warrant out for your death because he thought you were a threat.
If you talk to him about the dark brotherhood he'll talk to you about the
official matter of King Llethan's death. He then asks you to find the source
of these rumors. Ask a royal guard about King Llethans death (you must have
a high disposition with them) and they'll tell you to look over near llethan
manor which is in godsreach on the north west side.

Once inside ask around about King LLethans death. Get someone to have a high
disposition towards you and they'll tell you that they heard in a broadside
sheet that Helseth poisoned some people in the west. Head back to Delitian and
talk to him about Llethan's death.

Find a Temple Informant:
Delitian wants an informant from inside to see how the temple is reacting
towards the new king Helseth. Head to the temple and into the infirmary. Take
to Galsa Anrano (the one that sells the potions) and ask her about discontent
in the temple. When prompted, listen sympathetically and then ask about king
helseth the second time. You'll realize that she sounds like the type of
informant that Delitian needs. Your journal will update and you can report
back to Delitian to tell him what you heard.

Disloyalty among the guards:
Delitian thinks that there is something going on among the guards. In this
room find Ivuulen irano (he's one of the four guys dressed up in royal guard
garb, and ask him about joining the royal guard. Ask him about all three of
the options and your journal should update twice. He'll mention Aleri Aren if
you talk to him about House Hlaalu, so you should go speak to him. Aleri Aren
is located in the guards quarter of the royal plaza (just walk outsid and head
southwest) wearing royal guard garb (obviously). Talk to him about joining the
royal guards and your hlaalu connections and he'll be deeply confused about
what Ivulen Irano says and the plot will start to unfold. Look around in the
guards quarter of Ivulen's belongings. You should find his 50 lock chest next
to the first bed you see in the upper part of the guards quarter (you have to
walk up the stairs). DO NOT open this unless you want to get caught or get some
common clothing. Look under the bed in between the chest and the bed and you
should find a handwritten note. Take it and the guards wont seem to notice.
Your journal will update and you can then head back to Delitian to uncover the
plot of the disloyalty among the guards.

Evidence of conspiracy against Helseth:
The evidence of the conspiracy against helseth (if you haven't noticed, just
about everyone thinks that Helseth killed Llethan to become king) that Delitian
wants you to get can be found in Llethan manor. You've already been there in a
previous quest you did with delitian, but just in case you forgot or can't
scroll up in my faq for some weird reason, its located on the northwest side of
Godsreach. Once inside llethan manor head through a wooden door and then north
and then east through another wooden door. You should be in a room with an old
dunmer woman. There is a handwritten letter on her desk. Take it and your
journal should update. You can then head back to Delitian and he'll give you
the writs for three murders.

Kill Forven Berano, Hlogar the Bloody, and Bedal ALen:
Forven Berano: Really easy to fight/find/kill. Hes just behind the temple of
almalexia in the temple plaza and is usually just taking a stroll around there.
He's dressed in normal clothing and looks like a typical dunmer. You can talk
to him and either denounce him and execute him or warn him and let him run for
it. He has an ebony shortsword on him worth about 10,000 gold.

Hlogar the bloody:
If you ask around people will tell you that Hlogar is located in the west
sewers. You can get there by going to godsreach and heading into the
residential sewers. The west sewers are just south east of where you drop down,
and this area should be pretty familiar if you have already done the goblin
quest. Once you are inside the west sewers just head along through the cavern
(there shouldn't be any creatures here to fight really), and you should find a
nord walk around on top of a bedroll. This is Hloggar the bloody. You have the
same options with him that you have with Forven and Bedal if you talk about
evidence of conspiracy with him. Once he is dead you'll see that he has
nothing nice to loot off of his body (he has steel armor wow!). Once he's done
for, your journal will update.

Bedal Alen:
If you ask around town you'll hear that Bedal Alen is kind of a nerd so head to
the book selling store in the great bazaar (it's located on the east side in
the northern bunch of shops). He's located up the stairs in this shop and is
the only one there (he's a dunmer wearing a red robe). He aks for mercy so do
what you like with him. He really has NOTHING good to loot off of his body so
whatever floats your boat in this situation.

Once all three are dead you can head back to Delitian for your reward of 3000

Find the anonymous write of the Common Tongue:
If you aska round town people will tell you that you should look for someone
with a shady reputation like a pawn broker. Well there are a couple of them
in the great bazaar so you should go there. The pawnbroker under the hut in
the outdoor portion of the great bazaar is really no help so go inside the pawn
broker in the southeast portion of the great bazaar. You have to get the
argonian to have a big disposition towards you (either intimidate or admire or
bribe him until its around 80 or 90) and he'll tell you that a guy named Trels
Varis writes the common tongue.

Now you have to go find Trels Varis. The argonian will tell you to lookm in the
craftsmen's hall. On the south western wall you should find a door that says
keep out with lock 70 on it. Inside of here is a trap door to a secret office.
Trels Varis and a bunch of his men are in here. You can either bribe him to
stop or straight out kill him (you'll have to fight the rest of his men as well
which really isn't that difficult). When you've killed him or dealth with him
otherwise you can head back to delitian for your reward of 5000 gold and he'll
tell you to talk with the queen mother Berenziah in her quarters in the palace
near the imperial cult section.

It is at this point of the expansion where you can meet up with berenziah and
she'll give you important information. If you are doing the forge the nervarar
blade quest she will give you the important guideline to figure out a way to
get a piece of the blade from karrod.

Helseth's quests:
The first quests you can do for helseth you can do right after you destroy the
dark brotherhood. Talk to him about everything and he'll unveil how someone
wants to see us dead and how there was a misunderstanding. He'll give a quest
to do that you can do for him at any time, even after you've killed Almalexia.
However the fight the champion quest is necessary to completing the main quest.

The informant at the winged guar:
Helseth wants you to get some information from an informant at the winged guar
in godsreach. If you ask Berenzaih she'll tell you to talk to Plitinius mero
about the so called plot against helseth. You can find him outside in the
courtyard. He'll tell you about his book and to go meet with the informant.
Go to godsreach and to the winged guar on the northeast side of town. Once
inside, head down the stairs and talk to the orc Bakh gro-Sham. Talk to him
about uncles farm and what you should know. Talk to him about all of the
topics that come up In blue and then head back to Helseth. He'll explain to
you the plan to protect berenziah. Head into her chambers through the imperial
cult and wait until the next night (sleep/wait). Then hide behind the screen
and shut the wooden doors. The assasins will come in (you can peek through the
hole in between the screens, and then blow out the light. Kill them and your
journal will update. You can head back to Helseth and receive his collar for
protecting Berenziah

Fight the champion:
Helseth wishes for you to fight his champion, Korrrod, the guy who wont talk to
you. Talk to him about fighting the champion and tehn come back a day later
and the king will move aside allowing you and korrod to duel it out. Get him
down so that he is almost dead and the battle will stop. He is not that
powerful, even though his reputation says he is, just heal a bit and you should
be fine. If you find this fight difficult you should definitely level up and
get better items if you want to fight Gaenor or fight the missing hand of
Almalexia if you want to complete the main quest.

Once you've fought him and defeated him, talk to Helseth about fighting the
champion and you'll receive the dagger of symmachus and he'll have new plans
for you.

Note: after this fight you will be able to talk to karrod as he will have
100/100 disposition towards you. At this point you can talk to him about
getting the piece of the sword.

Reconaissance on Almalexia:
Helseth wants you to do some reconnaissance on ALmalexia dn sotha sil for him.
Just head to the temple and the high chapel and talk to the goddess herself.
You can't complete this quest until you have killed Almalexia. So go do that
first. Once you've completed that head back to helseth and talk to him about
learning more about the attacks. He'll give you a full set of royal guard
armor as a reward.

There are some other quests in the Tribunal expansion, but most of them are
short and just involve a little running back and forth
A wood elf in the temple part of town will ask you for money. A few days later
he'll come back with a full set of ebony armor and an insane amount of luck.
Easily one of the hardest battles in the game. I suggest being level 40 if you
want to fight him straight up (at least) or having some way to disintegrate
luck or armor (he reflects magic a good percentage of the time though). If you
have a high marksmanship skill you can also just hop in the water around the
temple when he starts fighting you and pick him off before he hits you. You
will need a lot of arrows for this to work though. He's really not that hard
if you just buy a bunch of exclusive health potions and hack away at him. When
he dies loot his body for the ebony armor and an amulet with +15 luck constant

Hook up goval ralen and marene gilnith:
Have these two lovers meet up at the winged guar. Basically just talk to each
of them about each other a couple time and give goval good advice and you'll
get the Ralen family belt

The play:
In the great bazarr you can join in on a play as the main character. You only
have afew minutes to learn the script so you should write down key words on a
piece of paper or something and then answer it from there.

Help out high-pockets:
High pockets is a little wood elf who in god's reach is being bullied by a nord
on the top floor of the winged guar. Either kill the nord when High-Pockets is
following you make him pass out.

Talk to Hession in the winged guar and he'll tell you to make one sweep through
the bar crowd and you'll have to take care of the drunks. Don't kill them just
knock them out (you have to use hand to hand). You still get rewarded if you
kill them though.

There are many more, and most of them are just straight forward, if you have a
specific quest that isn't on here that you're having a problem with tell me and
I'll be sure to add it.

The black dart gang:
You should find a dunmer woman in the bazaar sewers named Narisa Adus. He was
killed by the black dart gang in the temple sewers. You should find varienrs
ghost in the temple sewers, he'll tell you that you can flood their hideout in
the temple sewers west by pulling a lever that looks like a torch holder. You
can find this lever right next to the left doorway as you enter the western
sewers (it's the unlit torch). The sewers will flood and you can go back to
Narisa Adus and you'll get an enchanted amulet


The Temple:
If you're feeling like a boy scout, like doing good deeds, and like exploring
and like getting lots of health potions then this is the guild for you. The
temple is definitely not for those of us who have attention spans similar to
those of a three year old such as myself. If you don't like traveling on foot
you should also probably stay away from the temple. Why? The reason for this
will be explained if you just scroll down to the Pilgrimage of the seven graces

Joining the temple is easy, just talking to people in just about any temple and
they will let you join. However, before you do duties you must complete the
pilgrimage of the seven graces.

The Pilgrimage of the seven graces:
This is annoying ok? Not only because they are annoying to find, but because
there really is no benefit to doing it other than joining the temple. I'll do
these in the order that they come in the book:

Shrine of Humility (the fields of Kummu): The fields of kummu are marked on the
map that comes with the game and is pretty easy to find. From Balmora just
head southeast. Before you leave, i suggest getting some muuck from an
alchemist or yu can just wait until you get over to the fields of kummu and
find some in the area surrounding the fields. The shrine itself is a little
east of where the square for the fields of kummu is on your map. If this is
your first shrine don't be looking for a building or something, it looks
exactly like all the other shrines in the temple that give blessings etc. Once
thre it will ask you to donate muck and ask for a blessing. Say yes and your
journal will update.

The shrine of daring: (Vivec Temple)
This one is much easier to find than the last. Head to Vivec and to the
temple (the canton to the south before the Palace . Go buy a rising force
potion from the temple if you don't have one on you and to the western part of
the canton the wall. The shrine is dead in sight, so just go up to it and
when it asks if you will donate a rising force potion say yes and your journal
will update.

The Shrine of Generosity: (palace)
This one is pretty easy. Just head to the southernmost canton in Vivec (if you
were jjust art the shrine of daring just head a little south. Just head up the
steps and adress the shrine. When it asks you for 100 gold donation say yes and
your journal will update.

Shrine of courtesy (puzzle canal):
For this shrine you will need a plain silver longsword, no enchantments, just
plain. These can be found in many shops and on many random people in the
wilderness. If you are in vivec you can just head to the hlaalu plaza on top
of the hlaalu canton and into the Weaponsmith's. Once you have your longsword
head into the puzzle canal next to the place. Enter through the grate at
level 3 and once inside go into the center portion of the puzzle canal. You
will see the shrine and the text
"Breathe the waters of his glroy and the way is made clear."
It may be hard to stomach, but here you must put your character in the water
until he runs out of breath and after drowning he will ressurect with full
health with a bridge connecting to the dremora krazzt. Give him the longsword
and touch the shrine of courtesy and your journal will update

Shrine of Justice (gnisis temple):
Head over to gnisis anyway that you want and buy a cure common disease potion
if you dont have one on you already. You can get there by silt strider and
the temple is located right smack in the middle of the town, north of the silt
strider. Head to the top part of the temple and across from the ash mask of
vivec there is a shrine of the mask. Donate the potion of cure common disease
potion and your journal will update.

Shrine of valor (koal cave):
From Gnisis head due south. I would suggest hunting a couple dreughin the ocean
in order to get some wax before you come, because there really isnt an excess
of dreugh inside of the actual cave. If you're character isn't strong enough
to fight dreugh than just buy some wax. If you head far enough south from
gnisis you will hit the ocean and you should hit Koal Cave dead on. its
facing towards the ocean so don't be looking on top of the land for it, you're
better off just strolling around the coastline. Once inside the Koal Cave, you
will see the shrine, its the very first thing you see. Donate some wax and
your journal will update. The rest of the cave is kind of blah. Nothing really
to see except slaughterfish and a dreugh.

Shrine of Pride (Ghostfence/gate)
For this shrine you will need a soulgem. I definitely would not donate a grand
soul gem or anything special so make sure you buy a cheap one or steal one from
a mage guild. Ghostgate is right smack in the middle of the world map. It's
pretty diffcult to get there if you try to follow certain paths but if you just
keep heading towards the middle of the map you will get there pretty easily,
especialyl if you start the journey from ald-ruhn (just head east/southeast for
a long time). Eventually you will see the huge fence with the magical barrier
around it. Follow towards the center of the map until you see the two big
towers with the gate. Hit the switch and head in. Watch out for corpus
monsters as you head along the north east path. Shortly you will reach the
shrine of pride. Give up a soul gem and your journal will be updated. Go see
As soon as you complete these 7 tasks return to the temple and you can start
doing duties.

Tuls Valen (ald'ruhn, found in the first room of the temple) duties:

Compassion in Maelkashishi
You must show compassion in this mission by saving BUlfim gra-shugarz from
blight. You can either save her by using a spell such as rilm's gift or by
just giving the potion to her. You can learn the spell by buying it from
Folvys Andalor upstairs, along with other healing spells. Maelkhashishi is a
pretty far trek from Ald'Ruhn. If you follow his directions, first you should
go to Gnisis and then north to ald velothi. Ashlmawia is very closee to ald
velothi and you should reach it pretty quickly. His directions are good so
keep heading east until you hit the mountains and keep heading south and you
should hit Maelkashishi dead on. You can't really tell it is it specifically
until you put your cursor on the entrance to a shrine. As always be careful
around Daedric ruins, as there are powerful enemies, but they are worth a lot
because of their souls and the items they drop. Go inside the shrine and you
will find bulfim right there. Heal her or give her the potions to cure her
disease. You can then either head forwards and kill some bandits that have
some nice items and scrolls on the table next to them and/or head back to Tuls

Stop the False Incarnate:
Some guy in Suran is claiming to be the Nervarine. Head to Suran (you can silt
strider or walk if it suits you) and head into the bottom part of the town, and
find Elvil VIdron (a shirtless man who when talks to yels about red mountain
and incarnates. Talk to him about the false incarnate, and he will not do
anything about it. You now have a choice, you can either intimidate/bribe him
enough so that he attacks you or stops pretending to be the incarnate (tell him
you have also seen the dream), or you can straight out attack him. Head back
to Tels and if you did not kill him you will recieve 3 exlcusive restore
healths as a reward.

The Pilgrimage to Maar Gan:
Head to Maar Gan (easily silt stridered) and into the shrine on the east side
of town. Read the gigantic rock and then continuously taun the daedra until
it attacks you. Kill it and then read the rock again. Your Journal will update
and you can head back too Tels Valen and recieve the Deathblow of ABernanit as
your reward (it's a book)

Endryn LLethan (vivec quests, found in the high fane)

Convince Tanusea Veloth to leave
Head over to the arena canton and into the arena pit. on the eastern side
there is an old dunmer woman who obviously has seen better days. Talk to her
and tell her to leave vivec city as a favor to you (you might need a high
dispostion to do this, but my personality was high whenever i've done this so
my dispostion was already at 98/100). Head back to Endryn and he'll hand over
two potions of cure blight disease as a reward.

The Sanctus Shrine Vow:
If you choose to do this the correct way, i commend you for your bravery and
your fortitude, but unforutnately i would rather be a terrible person and do
this the cheesey way. In this mission you must make your way to the sanctus
shrine taking a vow of silence. That means, no traveling other than by foot,
and if you speak a word to anyone you fail the quest. Unfortunately, there is
a loophole, you can still use mark and recall in order to make this quest go at
least twenty times faster than it normally would. Basically just get a way to
be able to cast mark and recall Make your way to the sanctus shrine (its on
the far west of the island that dagon fel is on, on the far tip of the island.
if you decide to do this the improper way, you cna easily travel there by silt
stirder by going to Khuul and then to Dagon Fel by boat or you can go to Dagon
Fel by hopping raoound the Telvanni cities to the east. Once you are on the
west side you will find the shrine next to Llirala's shack. Once you've taken
your vow of silence and gotten to the shrine head back to Endryn for your
reward...a bunch of books!!! great!

Find St. Rilm's Shoes:
These shoes are located in a place called Ald Sotha north east of Vivec,
basically in between suran and vivec. It's not very hard to find as its a
gigantic daedric ruin. The harder part is finding the entrance, which is led up
to by a submerged staircase. This door will lead you to the upper level. Inside
the upper level there realyl is nothing but acouple deaedroths, so head dwon
into the lower level.From there head into the shrine for a big fight with some
dremoras and a mage with a ton of sanguine items (see morag tong). She also has
a small key that opens up a chest behind the statue of Mehruens dagon that has
500 gold and the shoes you are looking for. Head back to Edryn and give him
the shoes.

The cult at Ihinipalit:
Under the St Delyn canton of vivec there is a shrine where some bandits/bad
people/etc are hanging out and doing some stuff that the temple doesn't like.
Endryn will give you some nice scrolls. You must go there and kill Bjadmund,
the leader of the group. Exist the high fane, and head to the northwest to the
st Delyn canton. HBead into the waistworks and down into the canalworks. Once
inside the calanwroks head into a trapdoor on the ground into the underworks.
In the north western part of the underworks you'll find ihinipalit guarded by a
guy wearing bonemold armor. Kill him and head in (this fight may be difficult
if you're chararcter is not very strong. They do have some very annoying
spells that drain your endurance and strength so you may become over encumbered
during the fight. If you are more of an assassin character that doenst really
have good fighting skills you can probably just go in, use a few scrolls on
Bjadmund and then teleport out. You don't get acess to all of the great items
found on the other people in this shrine so its not really worth to just
assassinate one of them. Once you've killed Bjadmund head back to Endryn and
he'll give you the Ancestral Wisdom staff for your reward.

Tharer Ratheltoth's (molag mar) quests:
Tharer can be found in the temple of molag mar, he is located in the
northwestern part of the first room of the temple in a brown robe.

Cure Lette of Swamp Fever:
Even though Lette is a non believe you must do your job to cure her of her
ailness anyway. Tel Mora is located in the north estern part of the map, and
its probably easiest to just take a boat from Sadrith mora in order to get
there. You can get to Sadrith mora via mages guild teleport. Before you go
anywhere though, make sure you have some sort of way to cur cmmon diseae on a
target ( a spell or a potion will do the trick). Once in the city/town of tel
mora. Lette is located on the shore to north and is all by herself. Talk to
her about swamp feve, heal her and then return to Molag mar, where tharer will
give you a book that increases your restoration skill.

The Piligrmage to Mount Kand:
In order to gain more sway in the temple you must journey up mount aknd.
Finding Mount Kand is not a difficult task, as he marks it on your map. Head
out of the temple and towards the northwest. You can use the technique of just
flying using levitate out of molag mar and to the northwest or you can attempt
to follow trails. At the stouhern part of the box that Tharer marks on your
map you will find the entrance to the cavern of Mount Kand. Once inside head
down into the depths of the cavern and talk to the Flame Atronach. He gives
you the otptiosn of either Ebony, glass, daedric, lead, or iron. Answer him
Lead and then move on forward to the frost atronach It will give you the
answers of Slaying it with a sword spell or not to kill you, tell him to slay
wou with a sword and continue on through the cavern. You will now meet up with
a strom Atronach. He'll give you a list of all of the races, and tgive him
the answer as orc (it's the only one that makes sense if you try all of them
out in your head before hand). Then go behind the storm atronach and continue
through the cavern to the mount kand shrine to update your journal. Then head
back to Thrarer.


Slay the Necromancer Delvan Andarys:
Delvan Andarys is at Mawia, a little outpost that looks like all of the other
necromancer/wizard towers that aren't telvanni. THarer's directions are
actually pretty decent so exit the temple and head east down the river and then
south to the coast and once you reach the coast head a little east. It's
actually less complicated than it seems. Once inside of Mawia, you'll have to
fight a couple bonelords/skeletons, there really isn't much to loot so just
head up the ramp to the upper part of the tower. There are a couple trapped
dooor you can go through on your way up, and they are guarded by a few
bonelords, and skeletal champions. Inside of the trapped chests you can find
some nice items like a daedric katana, a daedric claymore, the chiding cirass,
and some gems. Contiinue up the ramp to find Delvam Andarys. He dies pretty
quickly but unleashes some damaging spells and summons a few decent monsters.
Once he's dead loot whatever you want and head back to Tharer.

Slay the Vampires at Galom Daeus:
First off, fighting with vampires is always difficult, as you may or may not
want to contract the vampirism causing disease, and the fact that they have
life draining spells which make it even harder to kill them. Head to Uviritihs
grave (marked on your map) and then go south and follow the lava river west.
You'll see a big pool of lava and then a Dwemer Ruin. Its not very hard to
find, and it's absolutely humongous from the outside. Enter through the entry,
and make your way through while fighting vampire men and women, There is a
slave here, and a trapped door, of which you can find the key to from the
vampire before the slave. Open it if you want and kill the rest of the
vampires here. I'm not sure if you can free the slaves, as they don't really
like you and don't really give you the option to. Then head into the
observatory and fight all of the vampires here and head through the srteel and
iron door to fight Rexle Bern, After killing him head back to Molag Mar and
Tharer to complete his last mission.

Uvoo Llaren (ghostgate, tower of dawn/dusk, temple)
Ok, I think I might be dumb, but it took me forever to find uvoo Llaren, she is
in the temple section between the twon towers (it's a separate door once you go
inside a tower ).

Assantus Hansar:
This is a pretty easy mission. Assantus is located at the ashlander coamp
just south of the ghostgate. Talk to him about disease ad he will say he has
droops and can't move. Tell him that you will try to cure him and give him
either a potion or use a spell of cure common disease. Then head back to uvoo
and she'll give you three potions of cure common disease.

Food and Drink for Sendas Sathis:
This mission involves quite a bit of traveling, and in some unpopular locations
(In all of my time playing this game I rarely have gone near Dagon Fel). Go to
Dagon Fel (you can take a boat from Sadrith Mora), and then head south in the
direction of Rotheran, but you can just head more southwest if you want and
head directly towards the island. Once on his island (you can even see it on
the map) just look around for a bed roll and he should be there. Talk to him
and give him the ggs and the mazte and head back to ghostgate.

The "Hair shirt of St aralor" at Lost Kogoruhn:
If you ask around, Kogoruhn is near the north of the ghostfence near Maar Gan.
Kogoruhn is actually located northeast of Maar Gan, about half way between
Rotheran and Maar Gan (more towards the Maar Gan side). If you don't like
walking aroud you can take a silt strider to Maar Gan from Ald'Ruhn. Then just
head northeast and you shit head Kogoruhn dead on. Once you get there don't
enter any of the doors, just head south of the hall of the watchful touch
entrance, and drop down. You should find an ordinators body with the shirt on
it. Then head back to Uvoo Llaren at ghostgate.

Return the Cleaver of St. Felms at Tureynulal:
Tureynulal is absurdly difficult to find, especially because they don't give
you very good directions. Tureynulal is located inside of the actual ghost
fence, just north east of Odrosal. Once inside enter Kagrenac's library and
fight the corpus monsters, and ash slaves. You can go through a door and fight
Dagoth Tureynulal or just go straight down into the bladder of clovis. You will
find Mendel Eves dead on floor, take his cleaver and head back to the temple at
Ghost Gate.

Return he Crosier of St. Lllothis
The crosier of St. Llothis is right smack in the middle of red mountain inside
the inner facility of dagoth ur. Head to dagoth ur's section of the mountain
and passed the entrance that has a rock covered by it. Turn the dwarven crank
and then head on into the outer facility. Continue down fighting off corpus
monsters and minor dagoths until you reach the entrance to the inner facility.
Once inside of the inner facility fight more dagtohs and corpus monsters untul
you reacha ladder. Ascend the ladder into the inner tower. You will have to
fight a dagoth but you will find Voruse Bethriumo's corpse newxt to the
Corosier. He has some expensive amror so you can steal it off of him and sell
it, but leave with the corosier and head back to the temple at ghost gate
Thaler Saryoni duties:

Thaler Saryoni is the archcanon of the entire temple. He is located in the 45
lock room in the high fane in vivec. Once you get to a high enough rank
(diviner/master) you can go to endryn llethan and get a key if you don't feel
like trying to crack the lock. He will give you duties which will llead you on
your way to replacing him as the Archcanon of the temple.

The pilgrimages of the four corners:
Corner 1 Malacath:
The first corner is located on sheogoard southwest of Dagon fel (northwest
corner off the map. For this you will need 4 daedra hearts. In order to get
these, you will need to fight dremora and other monsters (like clanfear and
deadroth) from daedric ruins. These are all over the map, so just explore and
you should be able to find four. Then head to dagon fel (you can get there by
boat from many places). Once there head dead south past to the dwemer ruins of
mzuleft. HEAD DUE WEST. DO NOT GO FAR WEST. It actually on a path heading to a
dead end that if continued would land you right on mzuleft . iT is less than
one square to the west of mzuleft, and you should see some orcs near it. The
directions they give you are terrible so just use mine. just go there and talk
to the statue with your four hearts and your journal will update. Head back
to Thaler for corner 2

Corner 2 Mehrunes Dagon:
Easy as pie. Head northeast of vivec, and you will hit ald sotha dead on. The
entrance to the shrine is facing the water. Head in and make yiour way to the
lower level, and then into the shrine and talk to the staute of Mehrunes Dagon,
then make your way back to vivec.

Corner 3 Molag Bal:
Easy if you have levitate, just go to suran and head due north from the silt
strider. Enter the Bal mur shrine, and fight. When you are done loot what you
want and head into the bal mur underground. Fight your way through here and you
will find the big statue of mOlag bal. Then head back to vivec and Thaler

Corner 4 Sheogorath:
Al Deadroth is on an island due east of dagon fel. Once there head into the
outer shrine, There is a battle going on inside of the entire complex between
two other factions so I suggest you wait for them to battle it out and then
kill the rest and loot what you want. I suggest going into all of the wings
and watching the fighting so that you can get some nice sanguine items. However
the Gambolpuddy that you seek to give to the statue of sheograth in the inner
shrine is located in the ante chamber. It is located across the room from the
orc that thnks hes a khajit under a pillow on a bedroll. Once you have the
item head back into the inner shrine and talk to the statue of Sheogorath to
complete the 4 corners quest. Head back to vivec and Thaler in the high fane.

Recover the Ebony Mail:
This is the final quest of the temple, and thankfully it is much easier and
shorter than the last one. Head to molag mar and head north of the
easternmostpart of the right square of molagmar. If you head due north for a
bit you should hit it Mt Asssarnabibi (definitely spelled wrong) dead on. The
shrine is actually only a tiny little slab of rock in the middle of a circle
of 5 huge point rocks near the top of the mountain, and is located on the
southeast corner of the square of mt assarnabibi. Head back to Tharer and you
will be named the new patriarch/archcanon of the Temple. The ebony mail is one
of the SICKEST items in the game. 90 armor rating, with three constant effect
spells that are beneficial. ^_^.
Mages Guild:

Guild dues:

1. you need to pay 200 gold in order to become a conjurer rank.
2. You also need to get a wizard's staff which can cost 5000 septims or you can
get it from Anirne Anirne can be found on the far west coast of sheogorad.
Due west from dagon fel.

Ajira Duties:

Ajira asks you to find some mushrooms for you, the luminous rusula, the bugles
bane, and the Hypha Facia. These can all be found around balmora on the bitter
coast, by going south out of balmora and west into the hills. You'll be around
a bunch of swamps an dyou should be able to find all the mushrooms you need if
you look around long enough. Hypha Facia and Bugles bane both grow ON trees
where as the other two grow on the ground near trees and in swamps. I found
them all in the vicinity of one tree, so it should be pretty easy. Return to
ajira for your reward of 4 cheap restore health potions.

The bet with galbedir:
Ajira wants you to do a little duty for him that settles a personal bet with
him and Galbedir the Altmer at the top of the building. She will wa;l
dpwstairs to talk to Mayrayn Dren, then you must go to her desk and drop the
fake soul gem into it. While you are there and unnoited, feel free to steal
anything of hers, just make sure if you teal a soulgem not to have her enchant
it for you because she will attack you! Put it in her desk and then go back
and to to Ajira.

Flowers at lake Amaya:
All of the flowers you need to find (the gold kanet, stoneflower petals,.
Willow anyher, and heather) can be found on the shore of Lake Amaya far
southeast of balmora. Yet again these flowers are pretty easy to find, and you
can even find some on your way there. Once you have all four types head back
to ajira and he'll give you 6 cheap potions of restore magicka.

A ceramic bowl for Ajira:
Ajira needs a ceramic bowl, you can find these in many locations, but if you
want to do it the legit way he tells you to, head next door to Ra'Virr the
khajit trader. You can intimidate him enough so that he will sell you a
ceramic bowl for 1 gold. Buy one off of him and then head back to Ajira.

Ajira's Stolen Reports:
Galbedir has stolen Ajira's reports, so you have to go get them back for him.
One is located a underneath/between two baskets in the middle floor of the
mages guild. The other is located uner a clset with lock level 15 on the bottom
floor. Them them and give them back to Ajira. He'll reward you with a bunch
of shielding potions.

Once you get higher rank (warlock?) you can do one more quest for Ajira:
Staff of Magnus:
Ajira tells you that the staff of magnus is located in Assu, a cave near mount
kand (northwest of molag mar). You've probably already been to Mount Kand, if
you've done the excavation reports for Nchuleftingth for Edwinna. Either way,
head to Molag Mar and then Mount Kand. Assu is located on the southeastern
corner of the box of Mount Kand. Once inside of assu, fight your way down,
killing all of the summoned creatures. Eventually you'll fight the conjurer.
Kill her and then continue in and levitate up onto the rocks above. Fight
another summoner and her summons, and then loot her body for some nice
enchanted items including the stfagg of mangus worth over 21000 gold!!! There
are a ton of other nice scrolls and such here. After you've looted all you
want and have the staff, head back to Ajira and your journal will update.

Warlock's Ring
Ajira says that Vindamea Drethan has the Warlock's Ring in Ashribadon, east of
Bal Fell. Bal Fell is due east of vivec, so head there and go due east. Once
you reach bal felll continue going east and you should hit Ashirbadon dead on
(it's kind of hard to see as the entrance is low to the ground and is kind of
hidden by some rock. Once inside of Ashirbadon head down into the cavern.
Kill the frost atronach and then drop into the water. Head up and kill the
dreomra and open the old chest. Make sure you take the old key and the rising
force potion in case you cannot levitate. Head back towards the water and
levitate up towards another wooden carved door. Open it and kill another frost
atronach. Open the trapped door with the old key and fight a storm atronach and
the mage you are looking for. Loot the body for the warlocks ring and loot
everything else here that you want. Head back to Ajira to complete his final

Ranis Athry's Duties (balmora, in the middle floor):
Ranis is kind of sketchy, and Ajira doesn't really like her.

Recruit Telvanni/collect guild dues:
This is a two part quest. In Sulipund you must find Llarar Bereloth, and in
Punabi you must find Manwe. From marandus (marked on your map) head north.
Follow the path north between the two hills and you will eventually reach
Punabi. Go inside and head down to meet Manwer. Ask about guild dues, and
take the 2000 drakes. Exit and head down the path to Sulipund which wuill be
on your left. Head up the tower to the very top and you will find Llarar.
Intimidate him enough (or use any way to raise his disposition up high enough
and he will join you). Then head back to Ranis, she will give you 1000 gold
and some potions.

Unsanctioned Training:
Head over to the southwall corner club and then downstairs. Talk to
only-he-stands-here and ask him about unsanctioned training. If your
disposition is high enough with him he will agree to stop training, but you can
also just pick the first option to lie to Ranis. Head back to Ranis at the
Mages Guild across town and tell her that you stopped the training either way.

Itermerel's Notes:
Ranis does not care about Itermerel, just about his notes, which of course are
attatched to his body. He is at the eight plates in balmora (which is just
north of the mage guild complex). Itermerel is a high elf that you can see
right when you walk in from the lower entrance. You can either escort him to
Pelagiad or just kill him. The most effective/efficient way is to travel with
him just out of the city so no one can see you kill him, and just do away with
him and take his notes (not to mention the fact that he has some nice scrolls
on him). You could always just steal them from him if you have high skills in
stealth arts. Anyway you chose just get the notes and head back to Ranis to
complete the quest.

Tashpi Ashibaels's Necromancy:
Ranis demands that you go to Maar Gan and find Tasphi ashibael and just
straight up kill her. However you will learn that Ranis is kind of sketchy if
you chose to take an alternate path. You can get to Maar Gan from Silt Strider
from Ald'Ruhn, or if you are so compelled, you could walk there. Once in the
town of Maar Gan head to the southeastern part of town where all of the huts
are. She has a hut there near the shrine (kind of oxymoronic, a necromancer
near a temple shrine). Once inside of her hut talk to her about necromancy and
keep on picking the top answer and she will explain to you that Ranis has a
grudge against her. Go back to Ranis and tell her that Tashpi is dead, she
will give you 4 scrolls.

Telvanni Spy:
Ranis thinks that there is a telvanni spy inside of the mages guild, a mole of
sort. Go to Vivec and talk to Trebonius Artorius about a Telvanni spy. He'll
tell you about Tram Gadar, ask him more about him and then ask him about
credentials. You will get the credentials and your journal will update. You
will notice that even Ocato's name is spelled wrong, go back to Ranis and talk
to her about the Telvanni spy. She'll give you a couple scrolls of summon
golden saint (!) and the soul drinker (a dagger) as the rewards for her final

Edwinna Elbert (ald'ruhn) duties:

The Chronicles of Nchuleft:
Edwinna gives you 250 septims to find a book for her. Well apparently this is
the errand running guild, not the mages guild. They do not sell it at the
local bookshop but they do sell it in Vivec. Jobasha's Rare Books has a copy,
and is located in the Vivec Foreign Quarter lower waistworks on the far west
side. Go down the stairs and barter with him. Try to intimidate him or somehow
raise his disposition so he will sell it to you for a little less than 250 so
you can make a profit. Once you buy it head back to Edwinna to complete the

Detect Creatures Potion:
Skink-in-Tree's-Shade has a potion that Edwinna wants. Go to sadrith mora in
the mages guild (you can just teleport there via mage guild transport) and talk
to skink abot the detect creatures potion. When he hands it over, head back to
Ald'Ruhn and give it to Edwinna, and she'll give you an exclusive potion of
shadow as a reward

Sirilonwe has a book that Edwinna wants, so you have to go steal it. Head to
the vivec mages guild. If you ask Sirilonwe about the book she will tell you
tht she's never heard of such a book (shes the high elf near the teleport).
However, if you go into the room behind her you will be inside of a bedroom,
and there will be a closed wooden door. Open up the door and inside of the
closet open up Sirilonwe's chest with either the scrolls of Ondusi's Unhinging
that she gave you, a lockpick, or a spell of your own. She has two books, one
of which is the one you seek. Read both books to get a couple skill ups, and
then head back to Edwinna with her book and give it to her to complete this

Disturbance at Huleen's Hut:
Huleen is in the guild, so you have to go help her out. Head over to Maar Gan
(you can silt strider there from Ald'Ruhn. Head southeast of the town walls
(just south of the shrine) and you should find Huleen's Hut. Enter the hut and
you will fight a scamp. Kill the scamp and then open the locked wooden door
down the stairs. Talk to the semi naked man and then head back to Edwinna at
the Ald'Ruhn mages guild and she'll give you two scrolls of the fifth barrier
as a reward.

Return the Chimarvamidium:
What an eventful quest, go back to irlonwe's chest and drop the book back in
there. Wow, a true wonder of a quest. I feel exhilarated by writing the
walkthrough for this quest....Once you've gone through all of the trouble to
drop it off, talk to Edwinna to complete this heartwrenching quest for two
great amulets of divine and almsivi intervention (USEFUL!)

Find a dwemer tube:
Dwemer tubes are everywhere at dwemer ruins. You can find them at all dwemer
ruins and there is definitely one at Arkngthunch-Sturdumz. To get to that
specific one, go to Gnisis and then north to Ald Velothi (you can take a silt
strider to gnisis). However, if you want to go to ald velothi even faster you
can probably take a silt strider to Khuul and then just hug the coast until you
get to the ruins. They are pretty easy to find, as they are led up to the
typical long dwemer metal bridge, and have the same architecture. Once inside
of the ruins, make your way through fighting centurions and specters. There
will be a bunch of shelves in one room with a small dwemer tube on the middle
rack. Take it and head back to Ald'Ruhn and talk to Edwinna.

Nchuleftingth excavation report:
Ugh, this mission involves a lot of dumb traveling especially if this is your
first time in that area of the map. You must go to nchulefthingth and find
Senilias Cadiusus. To get to the ruins, either head due northeast of suran for
a long while or head north/northwest for an even longer while from molag mar.
In both instances it is northeast of Mt. Kand, so if you get there you should
just go northeast for a bit. It pretty much ahs the same longitude as uvriths
grave, so go due south from there if you get that far. Oncie inside of
Nchuleftingth head south east and open the door and talk to Senilias, he'll say
he's lost anes vendu. Turn around and head to the test of pattern, hit the
third crank and head down into the lower levels. Once in the lower levels,
hang a right and go down the stairs and you'll find anes vendu's body. Loot it
for the excavation report and head back to Senilias. Then head back to the
mages guild in ald'ruyhn and give her the report.

Mzuleft Blueprints:
Edwinna wants you to find the blueprints in Mzuleft, a dwemer ruin southwest of
dagon fel. To get to Dagon Fel the easiest from Ald'Ruhn either mages guild to
sadrith mora and then boat to dagon fel, or ald ruhn silt strider to khuul and
then boat from there. Mzuleft is just southwest of dagonfel. Inside of there
fight your way through the orcs. You should find the blueprints on the lower
part of a shelf in one room. Once you find the blueprints head back to ald
ruhn and hand them over to Edwinna.

Blueprints at Bethamez:
Apparently the miners in Gnisis have found a dwemer ruin, and being EDwinna's
errand boy you must go investigate. Head to gnisis and up over the hill on
the east side of town. Continue heading east across the rope-drawn bridge.
When you reach the mine you'll see that it's locked. Talk to the imperial
officer and get him to like you enough to give you the key as long as you don't
tell darius he did it. Head through the mine and into the lower eggmine.
You'll meet up with an angry orc, head directly behind him into the underround
stream. Then head through here and around a loop and over a stream back into
the lower eggmine. Head forward a bit and you'll find the entrance to
bethamez. Right when you enter you'll find a book and airship blueprints.
Take the blueprints and head back to Edwinna to complete her final quest.

Skink-in-tree's-shade's duties:
More errands!

Escort Tenyeminwe to the Docks:
Pretty simple, and brainless. Just head to muriel's cornerclub and talk to
Teneyminwe (a high elf). Travel together with her and then lead her to toe
docks and Gal's Arehti's ship. Your journal will update and you and head back
to Skink

Find Vampires of Vvardenfell:
More errand running! Yay!. Jobasha's rare books in the lower waistworks of the
foreign quarter in Vivec carries this book. Just go there and pay for it and
go back to Skink for your reward of 1000 gold.

Arrange a meeting with the Ahenmusa:
Skink wants to arrange a meeting with the wisewomen of the ashlander tribes,
and being the errand boy that you are, its your job to do lots of unnecessary
traveling! Head to Tel Vos, vos, or even Tel Mora and just head towards the
north eastern corner of the main island of morrowind. You should find the
camp fairly easily. Once there, go to the Wise Woman's yurt in the northwest
corner of the area. She will not meet with skink herself but ill send her
apprentice Minabibi who is located in the favel tomb. To get there go north of
the camp, and hug the coast as you head west. Go past the daedric ruins and
keep on heading west. The tomb can be found a little inland from the coast.
It is on the same line of longitude as Nchuleft if you have been there already.
Once inside of the tomb you should find Minabibi behind the first wooden door
you see. Talk to her about arranging a meeting and she will tell you that she
was sent here as a punishment and that you must kill an angry ancestor ghost in
order for her to meet with skink. Head through the wooden door behind her and
through the next room and you will fight an ancestor ghost. Kill it and then
talk to her about arranging ameeting again. Then head back to the camp and talk
to the wise woman again. Tell her manabibi killed the ghost, and tehn head
back to skink.

Kill the necromancer telura ulver in Shal:
Skink wants you to go to Shal and kill some necromancer who used to be in the
guild. It's easiest to take his directions from Hla Oad, located just southwest
of Balmora. Once there just follow the coast up north and cross a bridge until
you see a bridge branching out to an island to the west. Shul is facing a
swamp on this little island. Once inside of shul head down throught he cavern
fighting the skeletal champions and such. Go through the trapped worn cavern
door to find TElura Ulver. Kill her and then go back to Skink.

The soul of an ash ghoul (available after you are a wizard):
Skink wants the soul of an ash ghoul, so head to Yakin, due northwest of tel
aruhn (and indirectly sadrith mora). It's actually on the mainland just
northwest of tel aruhn so just follow the coast and it should be perttye asy to
find. There should be an ash ghoulr gith when you enter. Cast soul trap on it
and kill it. Once it is trapped ina ssoul gem go back to skink and give him
the gem.

Galur Rithari's Papers:
Skink wants another book on vampires. This can be found in many of the big
library's in this game (the one near dagoth ur, in some vampire headquarters).
If you have a way to unlock things it can be found in the office of the watch
in the halls of justice in vivec. It is semi covered by a rug, and is also
trapped. It leads to the ahll of justice secret library. It is located on the
left part of the shelf closest to the ordinator. Take the book and head back to
skink to receive his amulet.

Trebonius Artorius duties:
Dissapearance of the dwarves:
This quest is pretty out there and doesn't really have any guidanceis kind of
difficult to complete if you don't know what to do. If you were smart and took
all of the books (divine metaphysics, hanging gardens, and the egg of time)
that had dwemer things written on them when you were looking for the excavation
report/blueprints you should be fine. If not, go back and get them, because
without them Talk to hasphat antabolis and Edwinna and eventually you should
be pointed to a scholarly mage. Head to Tel Fyr (southwest of Sadrith Mora),
and up to Divath Fyr. He'll tell you that Gagrum Bagarn might be able to tell
your more. He is located in the corpusarium (go there and enter the bowels
because he is "the last remaining dwarf". Talk to him about just about
everything and then go back to Trebonius to complete the quest.

Telvanni slaying:
After you've finished the main quest (nervarine/blades) you will get this
mission to kill high ranking telvanni officials. These include, Aryon (tel vos)
Dratha (tel mora), Therana (tel brenora), neloth (tel naga), Baladas (gnisis),
Gothren (tel aruhn). Some of these guys may already be dead from other quests,
especially if you've done the morag tong quests. Doing this will net you
Trebonius' staff, and the necromancer's amulet (two nice items), but you would
get them off him anyway if you just killed him in the arena pit.

Once you become a high enough rank, you can challenge Trebonius Artorius for
the title of ARchmage. Talk to him about Archmage and he will challenge you
to a fit in the arena pit. He is pretty powerful, but you should be too. Meet
him in the pit and kill him and you will be named the new Archmage. Yay, you've
completed the Mages guild quests.
Imperial Legion:
Why join the imperial legion?:
You get a ton of free, and kind of crappy armor and weapons...

Favored Attributes:
Athletics, Spear, Long Blade, Blunt Weapon, Heavy Armor, Block

Benefits: You receive the following items, just for advancing in the guild,
and you get the for free, just for advancing!
Imperial chain mail
Imperial broadsword
Imperial Shield
Imperial steel helmet
Imperial steel right/left gauntlets
Imperial steel boots
Imperial steel left/right pauldron
Imperial steel curiass
Imperial Templar Knight Cuirass
Imperial Templar Knight Greaves
Imperial Templar Helmet
Imperial Templar Left/Right bracer
Imperial templar boots
Imperial templar left/right pauldron

Joining the imperial Legion:
Head to the Madach tradehouse (in gnisis in the northwest corner of the main
island, in the southeast portion of the town) Head down the stiars right when
you walk in and then open te wwooden door. You shuld find Darius on the right,
talk to him about joining and you will eceive and imperial chain cuirass.

Darius' (Fort darius/Madach Tradehouse) orders:

Land deed in Gnisis:
Apparently Darius wants some land and wants to get it using a little bit of
force. So, its time for you to go pressure widowed women into giving you their
land! Yay? Head to Vabdas's hut, due west outside of the town from the Yahaz
Hut. Once inside talk to the widow vabdas, and she'll accuse the legion of
killing her husband, and will refuse to give you a deed, and tells you to go to
the mine to figure out the truth. Head into the mine on the northeast part of
town. Head into the lower eggmine, and then the undergrounds tream. You'll be
conmfronted by the ghost of Vabdas, who will tell you he was murdered by the
orc that you saw coming into the lower eggmine. He left a brken axe in the
water next to his body. Kill Lugrub and take the axe, and then talk to darius
about the land deed, and proof, and then land deed again. He'll give you an
imperial broadsword as a reward for completing his first order.

Cure the Kwama queen in the Gnisis Eggmine:
For this quest you will need either a cure blight spell or a scroll of cure
blight in order to cure the blighted kwama queen (located in the lower eggmine
to the left of the orc you just killed). You can get cure blight on target
spells (rilm's gift) from temples, and you can get the scroll from HEtmean
Abelmawia in town. Go cure the kwama queen and your journal will update. Head
back to darius and talk to him about eggmine for your reward of 100 gold.

Save Madura Seran from the AShlanders:
Apparently someone has been kidnapped so you have to go save her. Head to ald
velothi (due north of Gnisis), and then head out of the town towards the south.
You should see a campfire and a hut. Head inside of the hut and talk to
Abassel about Madura Seran. You can either pay him 500 drakes to take her or
you can just try to escape with her (you may have to kill the ashlanders this
way, but it's still good if you don't have that kind of cash to spend. Then
head back inside of the outpost on the southern part of ald velothi with her.
Your journal will update and you can head back to darius.

Ragash gra-Shzugub:
Head to arvs-drelen the big tower in Gnisis (northwest corner. the one with the
telvanni guy Baladas in it). Head inside and fight whatever comes at you and
head downstairs (take a right upon entrance into the tower) through a wooden
door into a little dungeon section with a locked/trapped metal grate door. Open
it and you should find Ragash. Tell the orc that you will get him out and for
him to follow you out. When he follows you, head back into gnisis (just back
track your way through the tower, it shouldn't be very complicated). Once
outside your journal will update and you can head back to darius to complete
the quest.

Investigate the Talos Cult:
Darius thinks that there is something going on with a conspiracy against the
emperor inside of some crazy cult. If you ask around with other soldiers they
will tell you that Oritius Maro is a member of the Talos Cult and is located in
the Barracks (located just outside of the Madach Tradehouse. Once inside of the
brracks look around for Oritius maro (he should be right there when you walk
in), and talk to him about talos cult. Get his disposition up enough so that he
will ask you to join the talos cult. He will give you a key to a secret door in
the store room (the first room you see dead ahead down the stairs) which is
home to a secret shrine (the trapdoor is on the ground). Talk to the man here
and talk to him about the talos cult. Then open the 5 lock chest to find the
notes from oriitus maro. Then head back to darius and tell him about this new
found proof, and he will tell you to slay both Orituius mora and Atius Rulician
(the guy who was down he trap door in the shrine)

Imsin the dreamer's order's (buckmoth fort/ald'ruhn:

Frame Drinar Varyon:
Head to Ald'ruhn and into Drinar Varyon's hut in the western section of town
(it's across from the Ald Skar inn. Don't bother looking in any of the chests
unless you want to start a fight (which you can do, and net yourself some very
valuable raw ebony). If you just want to complete the quest you can finda
dwemer tube in between some of the redware pots on the big table next to
Drinar. It's pretty hard to find and is actually on the back side of one of
the pots (you really have to put your cursor over it to see it). Once you have
it head back to Imsin.

Rescue Joncis Dalomax:
Dalomax is in Ashurnibibi, a daedric ruin northwest of hla oad. You can see it
on the world map pretty easily as there really is only one island directly
northwest of the square of hla oad and that's where you will find the ruins.
Just in case you have not been there before, Hla Oad is a town southwest of
Balmora. Ashurnibibi is pretty easy to find. Once you get there you should
find the entrance to the shrine on the northern part of the ruins. Enter the
shrine and swim under water (head northeast) and you will see a big statue with
two orcs guarding it. Kill them and take the ancient daedric key from one of
them. In the back of this room there is a locked door, use the key and you
will find joncis. He will only leave if you have killed both orcs. When they
are dead and you have talked to Joncis syour journal will update and you can go
back to Imsin.

Maiden's Token:
The maiden's token is in Assumanu, southeast of Ald Redaynia in sheogorad. It
will be marked on your map so head towards Ald Velothi or Khuul and start your
journey up towards ald redaynia. It is on the western coast of a wide island
that heads in a southeastern direction anyway, so just head southeast along the
island (hug the southern coast of the island) and you should see Assumanu
pretty easily. (it looks like an egg mine). Take a right, and a wood elf
should attack you after you kill a flame atronach (he will say that you don't
have an appointment). Then talk to Verana and she should attack you as well.
Kill her or persuade her then head back to Imsin with the glove to complete
her last order.

Radd Hard-heart's orders (moonmoth/balmora)

Scrap Metal:
Kind of a joke of a quest. Just go to any dwemer ruin and kill a dwemer
centurion sphere or anything really, they all drop scrap metal. Arkngthand is
the closest, so just go there (you should know where it is because of the main
quest), it's due east from the fort. You can find one easily in here, just
kill one centurion and loot its body for the scrap metal. Once you have one
piece go back and talk to Radd

Save Jocien Ancois:
Jocien has been abducted or something from an ashlander camp, so you must go
save him. The Erabenimsun camp is located due southwest of tel fyr and sadrith
mora, so it probably makes sense to go there first to cut down ont raveling
time, but it probably takes only a little bit more time to go from molag mar
and head northeast. The cmap itself is located on the bottom right part of the
box he marks for you. If you ask around the camp they will tell you that
Jocien has been captured by the mabrigash, the wisewoman who steals people's
vital essence as sorcery. Head west out of the camp and follow a trail of
papers (you should see a piece of apper every once and a while to make sure you
are on the right track. The hut is on the same line of longitudfe as
Nchuleftingth and Uvrith's grave, and is due west of the camp. Inside the hut
zenammu said she would free Jocien only if you bring Assaba Bentus to her. You
will find him in the camp area. Talk to him and pick the first answer every
time and he will agree to follow you out of his own desire to show you that he
can handle a few women. Walk him back to Zenammu's yurt and your journal will
update. Talk to Zenammu about Jocien, and then talk to Jocien. Your journal
will update and you then can head back to Radd.

Save Dandsa in Abernannit:
Abernanit is southeast of Gnaar Mok on an island. Gnaar Mok is southwest of
Ald'Ruhn, and the island that Abernanit is on is easily seen on the world map
(it's the island soutbheast of GnaarMok...the only small one). Abernanit
itself is located in the middle of a swamp on that small island. Once inside
of abernanit head down into the cavern killing the shalk and heading through
the wooden door. Then head down trough the caverna it more and up some wooden
stairs. You'll fight a dunmer, and then continue further in the upper parts of
the cavern. You'll fight another dunmer guarding Dandsa. Talk to the redguard
and travel together to the entrance of the cave and then out. When you escape
with her your journal will update and you can go back to Radd.

Kill the breeding netch in Gnaar Mok:
Head back to Gnaar Mok (you should definitely know where it is seeing as that
your last quest was right next to it. Once in Gnaar mok head nort and you
should see a bety netch and a bull netch. Kill them both and then head back to
Radd (they shouldn't be that difficult), and then head back to Radd.

Kill the Necromancer Sorkvild the Raen near Dagon Fel.

Sorkvild the raven is near dagon fel, which is in the northeastern part of the
map. Head towards dagon fel, either by boat (sadrith mora, or most eastern
towns, or Khuul) or if you are so inclined, walking/swimming. Once in Dagon
Fel head out of the eastern side of town to find the sorkvild's tower to the
southeast. Enter his tower and fight a bunch of mages and then head up the
ladder to the upper portion of his tower. Here you will find Sorkvild. He
summons undead like all other necromancers but he has great items (a mask that
has +30 personality constant effect, and a nice axe). When he is dead, report
back to Radd to complete his final order.

Frald the white (Fort Hawkmoth, legion garrison, ebonheart)

A battle of wit and poetry with Salyn Sarethi at Ghostgate:

Apparently a buoyant amrmgier has been running his mouth about the imperial
legion. Now you have to best him in a bittle of wit and poetry. Head to
ghostgate, more specifically the tower of dusk. This is basically right in the
center of the entire map, and if you have done anything in this game you should
probably know where it is. Of all of the cities and towns, it's probably
easiest to get thee from ald ruhn and heading southeast. You should find the
tower of dusk pretty easily, and once you are inside head down into the lower
levels. You can find salyn behind one of the wooden door. He is a Dunmer
wearing glass armor. Ask him about courtesy and then riddles, pick the bottom
option every time and you should outwit him. He'll admit that the legion does
have courtesy. Yes, you did travel all of that way just to hit the bottom
option three times. Head back to Frald in ebonheart to complete his first
order and receive 2920, Second Seed (a book) as your reward.

Slay the Traitor Honthjolf
Honthjolf works for a sorcer named Llarusea Andrethi in Aharnabi on the
southeast corner of Azura's cost, which is located in the southeastern corner
of the entire map. You must make the trek all the way there and kill him. The
shrine of azura is on the south eastern corner of the main island, and is
probably easier to find from Molag Mar (head east) than sadrith mora (head
southwest). Either way, get to the shrine of azura (southeast of nchurdamz, on
the same peninsula). Aharnabi is on the little peninsula south/southwest of
the entrance to the shrine of azura. The entrance to Aharnabi is a cavern door
facing the ocean. Head inside and into the cavern, kill the altmer and keep
going down and you'll face a storm atronach. Head down and fight another mage
and take aleft to find Hanthjolf, the man you seek to kill. Kill him and you
can killa frost atronach and the leader of the gang if you like. Once you've
killed Hanthjolf you can report back to Frald.

Stop Suryn Athones' Slanders:
Suryn Athones is talking smack about ebonheart, so you have to go "silence"
his moutrh. He is in the justice offices of vivec, (just almsivi from
ebonheart and you can get right outside the hall of justice, and from there the
justice offices are just a hallway and a door away.), and once you find him
(he's down the hallway near the wooden doors, dressed in full ordinator garb).
Try to lure him into a place by himself and get him to attack you or just
straight out kill him. Then head back to Frald.

Escort Saprius Entius the murderer:
First we're killing ordinators...now we're aiding murderers! Head to vivec and
into the arena canton. From there head into the canalworks on the west side
(enter through the waistworks). Then open the wooden door without a lock to
find Saprius Entius. Talk to him and two ordinators will attack you. Kill them
and talk with him again. You two must travel together all the way back to
ebonheart. Lucky for you, you can just walk to the boat near the silt strider
outside of the foreign quarter and get right to ebonheart from there. From
ebonheart just find your way back the legion garrison. He'll thank you, your
journal will update and you can go to Frald to complete his final order and tor
receive the helf of Graff the White (worth a whopping 70 gold!)

Varus Vatinius's duties (Ebonheart, Grand council chambers)
You can find Varus Vatinius in the top part of the grand council next to
Llaalam Dredil and the duke himself.

Find the Lord's Mail:
This has been stolen and is located in the shrine on the lower levels of the
compound. Head there (just go down the stairs and into the imperial commission,
and then through the 90 lock door) and look around. Run your cursor around and
you should see a hidden door on the southern side of the room. It has a 95
lock, so unlock it and head through it and into the underground caves. There
is a glass jinkblade in between some msurhooms at the end of the first hallwy,
but you can take a left before that and continue through the cave to find a man
wearing the lords mail (186 armor rating!). He will attack you, kill him and
take the mail and give it back to Varus and he'll give you Duke's Guard silver

Find Chrysamere:
Draramu Hloran has the chrysamere (the paladins blade). She is located near
sadrith mora, so go there first. If you ask around people will tell you that
Draramu is in the cave of Abanabi southwest of town. You will find abanabi on
a deserted island about half way in between Tel Fyr and wolverine hall. Once
you enter abanabi you will fight a hunger. Continue through and the path will
fork, head deeper in to face a flame atronach, a storm atronach, and a mage or
turn in order to fight a hunger, a frost atronach and after some skinny rock
paths Draramu Hloran who's corpse holds the Chrysamere. Kill her and take the
sword and head back to ebonheart to give Varus Vantinius the Chrysamere.

After this, you can ask Varus Vantinius about advancement and challenge him to
a duel for the Imperial Dragonship of the imperial legion.

Duel with Varus Vantinius:
After setting up a duel with the imperial dragon, head to vivec and the arena
canton's pit. Jump in and fight him to the death. He's pretty powerful,
however, killing him grants you, the imperial dragonship, and all of those sick
items that you just handed over to him in the past few quests! When you kill
him, MAKE SURE YOU LOOT HIS BODY, because those items are useful and expensive,
which can either make your character powerful, or extremely wealthy.

#XV . Thieves guild:
Thieve's Guild favored: attributes:
Agility, personality
Marksman, Short blade, light armor, acrobatics, sneak, security
Note: the thieves guild is pretty easy to rip off, just make an enchanted
amulet or ring that can unlock 100 points. With very little skill, you have
just made an item that will let you get through most of the thieves guild
Joining the thieves guild:
Talk to Sugar lips habasi, big helende (sadrith mora), or Aengoth the jeweler
(ald'ruhn), about joining the thieves guild.

Sugar-Lips Habasi's jobs:

Find a Diamond:
Habasi's friend wants a diamond, Nacalarya of white haven, the alchemist has
said diamonds. Head to the northwest part of Balmora and into the alchemist's
shop. Head up the stairs and look above the bed for a small locked chest.
Unlock it and take the diamonds. Once you have it in your possession head back
to sugar-lips, for your reward of an exlcusive invisibility potion.

Ra'zhid's artifacts:
Ra'zhid from hla oad stole some precious dwemer artifacts , so you have to go
steal them back. Head to Hla Oad (due southwest of balmora, but still a very
far walk, you can also get there by boat from the foreign quarter boat near the
silt strider) and into fat leg's dropoff in the center of town. Unlock the 35
lock chest in between some crates next to Ra'zhid to find the dwemer artifacts
that you are looking for. Then head back to sugar lips for your reward of 2
master's lockpicks, 2 journey'mans probe, and a journeyman's armorer's hammer

Ralen Hlaalo's vintage brandy:
Habasi wants vintage brandy, even if it comes from a dead man. Head to Hlaalo
manor in the northwestern section of Balmora. You'll find that hlaalo manor is
indeed locked. Break into it (you can head up the stairs of the building next
to it and jump to the back entrance and unlock that if you are scared of
getting caught) and look at the middle bunch of shelves on the wall on the
south side of the house to find the vintage brandy. You can also talk to ralen
hlaalo's dead corpse to get a journal entry update. Head back to Habasi with
the vintage brandy for a reward of 1000 gold.

Key to nerano manor:
This is a pretty easy quest. Head to nerano manor or to the council club.
Find Ondres nerano or Sovor Trandel and steal a key from them. If you did the
"kill the bad people" mission that Larrius varro gives you as a miscellaneous
quest, then you've already killed Sovor, and can just loot his body for the
key. I don't suggest killing ondres, because you will get messed up if you
kill him and then try to do the redoran quests. Once you have the key, head
back to Habasi and she'll give you 500 gold.

Free new-shoes Bragor:
Habasi wants you to free a new guild member, who you can free through bribery.
Head to pelagiad and to Mebestien Ence's trader shop in the western part of
town. Then head upstairs and open up the 50 lock small chest to find a dwemer
coherer. Then head into fort pelagiad and find Shadbak gar-burbug and talk to
her about new shoes bragor. Then ask her how she knew about the dwemer
artifact in mebestien's shop and she'll agree to let new shoes go. Head back to
sugar lips for a reward of 1000 gold.

Secure the south wall:
Habasi wants an altmer (high elf) to secure the corner club. Just head to
Hecerinde's house (located just northwest of the club itself) and talk to him
about the southwall. He'll say hes been negligent and your journal will
update. Go back to Habasi to complete her final quest.

Aengoth the jeweler's (rat in the pot, ald'run) quests:

Anareren's Devil tanto:
The mages guild of ald'ruhn is out for awhile so you have to go steal something
from the guild while they are away. Head outside and into the mages guild to
be greeted by a mage who wants to kill you. Kill the mage first and then head
down into the completely empty mages guild. Head into the southwest corner and
look for a locked small chest on the top shelf. Unlock it and take the devil
tanto and the gold. Head back to aengoth at the rat in the pot with the devil

Redoran Master helm:
Miner arobar has a redoran master helm, and a client wants one so head into
arobar manor in the northeast corner of the manor district of ald'ruhn. Head
inside and into the guard quarters, then the private quarters, then take a
right into the bedrooms. Miner arobar's room is the one on the left. Open
the wooden door and then look on top of a closet for the helm. Steal it and if
you are caught, get the hell out of there quickly. Head back to Aengoth with
the helm for your reward of 1500 gold.

Boethia's Pillow book:
Head back into arobar manor and into the bedroom across the hall from where you
got the master helm. The pillow book is located in the 75 lock trapped chest
near the closet in the back of the room. Once you get it head back to Aengoth
for your reward of an amulet of far silence and a chameleon ring

Miles Gloriousus at the ANdus tradehouse in maar gan has acopy of a book that
Aengoth's client wants. Head to maar gan (you can get there by silt stride
from vivec) and to the northern part of town into the andus tradehouse. Head
down the stiars and open the wooden door to the southwest. Inside of here
you'll find miles gloriosus and a 70 lock crate. Open the crate to find the
withershins. Take the book and the gold inside if you want, and head back to
Ald'ruhn to aengoth for your reward of 1000 gold.

Scrap metal:
Scrap metal is very easy to find, you can find it in every dwemer ruin, you
just have to kill some centurions or look around enough. The nearest dwemer
ruin is southeast of balmora and east of fort moonmoth in arkngthand. Just
head around through here killing the dwemer centurions (land's blood gallery
has a ton of them), and looking through cabinets and steel kegs for scrap
metal. When you have 4 pieces, head back to Aengoth. He'll give you a reward
of 1000 gold.

Eindel's darts of judgement:
Eindel has some nice darts that the thieves guild wants, but you can have them
if you choose to. Head to Llethri manor in the northwest corner of the manor
district am,d take a left once inside into the guard quarters. You should see a
bed with a bunch of little darts on it. Take all four and either keep them or
sell them back the guild for 2000 gold.

Big helende (muriel's tradehouse) quests:

Dispel Potion Recipe:
Tusamircil at the mages guild wants a potion of dispel magic recipe. You can
find this at Anis Seloth's alchemist shop there in sadrith mora,. The shop
itself is located in the northern section of sadrith mora , right next to
Fara's hole in the wall. Once inside head up the stairs and look under a black
anther plan and in a crate you should find the dispel magic potion formula.
Take it and head to the mages guild inside of wolverine hall, and find the high
elf Tusamircil, and talk to him about the potion recipe. Your journal will
update and you can head back to big helende for your reward of 500 gold.

Grandmaster's retort:
Berwen the trader has some retort that Helende wants, so head to tel mora (you
can get there by boat from Sadrith mora) which is way northwest of sadrith
mora. Onc eyou reach tel mora head straight into the town and you should find
berwen's trader shop. You can find the retort on the right, just as you walk
in. Steal it (or buy it if you really think you will get caught, even though
you will lose at least 1400 gold in the process as you only get a 200 gold
reward) and head back to sadrith mora to give it over to big helende.

Hire a Wizard:
Helende wants protection from the Comonna Tong, so she wants a wizard to
protect them. Head to wolverine hall and into the mages guild (the same place
where you delivered the dispel potion recipe) and ask Arielle Phiencel about
hiring a wizard. She'll tell you that you need to bring her 4 pieces of raw
ebony in orer to hire a wizard to protect dirty muriel's. You can go to an
ebony mine to mine it or you can just head back to Anis Seloth's alchemy shop
and open the 40 lock small chest on the far right side of the bottom shelf near
the door. Once you have all four, head back too Arielle and talk to her about
hiring a wizard. Give her the ebony and she'll send a mage over, and you can
get more jobs from helende

Redoran Cooking Secrets:
Fara, from fara's hole in the wall, have a cooking contest and fara wants a
book to get an edge on her competition, so you have to go steal the book of
Redoran Cookingn Secrets. The book is located in Llethri manor in the
northwest corner Ald'ruhn manor district (it's easiest to get to ald'ruhn via
mage guild transport). Once inside llethri manor head into to the northeast
all the way into the private quarters. Once inside of here head northwqest
through the wooden doro and open up the cheast on the northeast side (it has a
bunch of gold stacked up on top of it). Inside of here you should find the
book that you are looking for. Head back to Big Helende all the way in sadrith
mora and deliver the book for your reward of a potion of shadow.

FElen maryon's Staff:
This is a challenge in itself as felen is kind of powerful. Head to tel
branora all the way into mistress therana's chamber. Inside of here you should
find him and his staff next to the books. Take it and either get out as soon
as possible or attempt to fight him off , and then head back to helende. You
can choose to pass on this quest and move on to other people.

Gentleman Jim Stacey's jobs:
Finding jim Stacey is a task in itself. He is located in the canalworks of
the foreign quarter of vivec behind a 65 lock door of Simine Fralinie bookshop
in the eastern part of the canalwworks. Jim Stacey kind of has two parts to
him, his normal jobs, and his Bal Molagmer jobs. To start normal jobs you must
be a captain rank in the guild (agility and personality need to be at at least
32, and you need one favored skill at 60 and two otherat 20)

Find Nads Tharen:
Nads tharen used to be in the guild and was supposed to deliver Jim Stacey a
key, but that never happened, so you have to go investigate his disappearance.
Head to the Hlaalu canton and to the Elven nations cornerclub in the plaza and
waistworks of the canton. Talk to the people on the upper part of the club to
figure out that Arvama rathri and Nads Tharen had something going on. With
enough bribery you should figure out that nads tharen lives in the southern
part of the st. Delyn canton. Head there and into south-two. You should find
nads' body on the floor, and on his body a key. Loot it and then head back to
Jim Stacey for a reward of 500 gold.

Get Percius mercius to help fight:
Jim Stacey wants you to get percius mercies to help in their fight against the
comonna tong. Head to ald'ruhn and into the fighters guild and down the stairs
to talk to percius mercius. He'll tell you that his second in command, Hrundi,
who lives in sadrith mora might be able to be persuaded into fighting for them,
but you'll have to get through to his dunmer lover. Head back to vivec and
talk to Jim Stacey about what percius said (help us fight), and he'll give you
an easy 500 gold.

Recruit Fire-eye with the bitter cup:
Jim Stacey wants you to get fire-eye to join you by bribing her with the bitter
cup, which is located in the depths of Ald Redaynia. To get to ald redaynia
you'll need to get up to the nomrthern coast of the large island and then float
across to the uisland north of the urshilaku camp. It's marked on your map so I
wont go into more detail. Once you get there open up the 75 trapped lock door
on your right as soon as you walk in. Inside of here kill all of the skeletons
(the skeleton war-wizard has some nice items) and take the bittercup on top of
the altar. Don't drink from it as it will be lost forever, instead, pick it
up and head to balmora into the fighters guild. You'll find Eydis on the top
floor wearing bonemold armor. Talk to her about the bitter cup and she'll
swear allegiance to the thieves guild. Jim Stacey will give you a
grandmaster's pick asa reward.

Hrundi's woman:
Stacey thinks that Hrundi might want to join your cause as well, so head to
sadrith mora and talk to him in the fighters guild It is a better idea to go
and talk to his woman in Fara's Hole in the wall on the northern part of town
in order to get her involved first. Talk to Falena Hlaren inside of here (the
dunmer woman, who if you ask around about hrundi's woman, they'll point you to
her basically), about hrundi's woman and your journal will update. Head to
wolverine hall and talk to hrundi about joining the cause and if you talked to
Falena before he'll join your cause. Once hrundi joins you head back to jim

When you are a mastermind, you can get these next two final quests.
Kill the brothers lenith:
This is an extremely difficult mission, as both of the brother's have glass
shortswords which means you are going to be paralyzed most of the time. If you
ask jim about dren plantation he'll mark it on your map, so head there and into
his villa. The lenith brothers are located downstairs behind two 60 lock
trapped doors. Try to kill ranes first because he has the jinkblade that
paralyzes you, and then navil who does more damage. Once they are dead head
back to jim Stacey for your reward of a ring of shadow form.

Kill Sjoring heardheart:
The last mission for jim Stacey is killing sjoring heard heart. He is located
in the basement of the the fighters guild in the upper part of the foreign
quarter of vivec. Kill him and you will receive the skeleton key, and the

Bal Molagmer
Talk to jim Stacey about the bal molagmer and he'll give you the gloves, and
explain to you the robin hood-like people called the bal molagmer.

Return the Hlervu locket:
Head to ald'ruyhn and into the manor district. Go inside of venim manor (the
one in the southeastern corner, and head into the guard quarters. Go behind a
50 lock door and look on TOP of a chest to find the locket. Then head outside
of the manor district and you'll see Braynas Hllervu outside of his house to
the east below the temple. Talk to him about the locket and tell him that you
stole it for the bal molagmar.

Prove Yngling's corruption:
Head to Yngling manor in st olm's plaza in vivec. Head inside and down into the
basement (the door has an 85 lock on it), and you should find what you are
looking for on the table near the entrance to the door with rats behind it.
Then head back up the stairs and talk to Yngling about corruption. You can
either let him destroy the evidence or keep it and fight him. Head back to jim
Stacey after you choose what to do

Indrele rathyron and the forged land deed:
Indrele Rathyron's land is in jeopardy because Velanada Omani forged something
that she shouldn't have. The forged land deed can be found in the library of
vivec below darkest darkness on the bottom shelf ot a bookcase in the back
left corner. Take the deed and then head to seyda neen (you can get there via
silt strider from outside vivec's foreign quarter). Head to the western side
of town on the coast, and you should find Indrele walking around near her and
give her the land deed and tell her that it belongs in her hands

Return the Enamor to Salyn Sarethi:
The enamor was wrongly stolen so you have to go return into to sarethi in the
tower of dusk in ghostgate. Ghostgate is located right smack in the middle of
the main island. Once inside head inside of the tower of dusk and then into
the lower level. Go through one of the wooden doors and you should see a bunch
of guys in glass armor and beds everywhere. Next to one of the beds you should
find salyn's chest. Put the enamor and the note in and head back to jim Stacey.

Brallion's ring:
Brallion is a slave trader found in sadrith mora, and you need to steal his
ring because the bal molagmer are anti-slavery. Head to sadrith mora and then
north to fara's hole in the wall. You should find him downstairs, and you can
either buy the ring off of hm or striagt out steal it from him. Then head back
to vivec and into st delyn's south-one to find Ilmeni dren. Give her the ring
under the name of the bal molagmer and then head back to jim Stacey.

Steal odrai helvi's history books:
Caldera is corrupt, so to stop corruption and help make the people of morrowind
more literate jim Stacey tells you to steal the brief history of the empire
volumes that odrai helvi has. Head to caldera, which you have no choice but to
walk or mages guild teleport to and in the governor's hall of caldera. Head
up the stairs in the upper left corner of the hall and through the wooden door
into odrai's bedroom. Open up his 40 locked trapped chest and take the books.
Then head to ald'ruhn and the mages guild there. You can find Vala Catraso
right behind the imperial cult altar here, talk to her and give her the
history books as a donation from the bal molagmer, and head back to jim Stacey.

Berel Sala's dwemer goblet:
Berel sala has goblet in his office that jim Stacey wants you to give to Danso
indules. Head to the hall of justice near the high fane and into the justice
offices. The goblet is located right in front of berel so its not a very easy
location to steal from. Take it and head outside and up the stairs near the
high fane to find dnaso. Give her the goblet under the name of the bal
molagmer and head back to him Stacey to complete the last bal molagmer quest.

Fighter's Guild.
Joining the fighter's guild:
Talk to Sjoring hard-heart, percius mercius, eydis fire-eye or to join the

Favored Attiibutes:
Strength, Endurance
Axe, , Long Blade, Blunt Weapon, Heavy Armor, Armorer, Block

Edyis Fire-eye's (balmora figther's guild) quests"

Drarayne' Thelas' rats:
Head to Drarayne's house on the eastern side of the town across the river that
runs through balmora. Gon inside and talk to her abiout the rats. She'll give
you a key, but before you use it ehad into her bedroom and kill the rat there.
Then head otusdie and up the stairs into her storage space to use the key.
Kill the rats here and talk to her for 100 gold.

Egg poachers:
Eydis tells you that Sevilo Othana and Dniala Valas who are former miners, are
poaching eggs from the shulk egg mine. To get there head southwest out of
balmora along the rier and when you reacha little suspension bridge take the
path west, do not go across the bridge. Here you should find the shulk egg
mine and the poachers. Once they are dead head back to Edydis for your reward
of 100 gold and 4 quality resotre fatigue potions.

Telvanni agents:
The caldera ebony mine is being raided by four telvanni agents, named ALyn
Aralen, Sathas Nerothren, Fothyna Heorthan and Alevelg. There really is no
reason for them to give you there names because they are all located in pretty
much the same place, nevertheless, head to caldera (easily reached by mage
guild transport. Once in caldera, head out of the town and to the southwest.
The mine is absolutely huge, it has suspension bridges and guard towers, and is
very easy to spot out.. Once you are near there, head north and yo should find
alveleg . Kill him and then head northwest to the cave of Ashanammu to find
the other three. Once all four are dead head back to edyis in balmora for
youyr reward of 400 gold.

Sottilde's codebook:
Here is where the thieves guild and fighters guild begin to clash. Sottilde is
a thieves guild operative in the southwall corner club in the southeast corner
of balmrora. If you are part of the thieves guild you can't get this from her
without killing her or stealing it (if that's even possible). If you are
forced to kill her you will be expelled from the thieves guild. Once you have
the book, head back to edysi for areward of 50 gold.

Desele's debt money:
Desele owes 200 gold, and eydis wants you to collect her debt money so head
over to suran (you can get there easily by silt strider from Balmora), and into
the house of earthly delights. You should find helviane desele behind the bar
on the bottom floor. If you persuade her enough so that the disposition is
high, she will give you the 200 gold. If her disposition is low, you will
learn about the fighter's guild association with the commona tong, but you will
have to persuade her to give you the money. Then head back to eydis for your
reward of 100 gold.

Bouny Contract for Dura gra-Bol:
Dura Gra-bol lives in balmora on the east side of the river in the house
furthest to the south. She is located on the very top of her house inside. You
have no choice but to kill her, as none of the topics that you can talk to her
give you any option, so just straight up kill her and head back to eydis for
250 gold.
You can't do any more quests for eydis until you have reached the rank of

Kill the Orcs at a Daedric ruin:
The duke wants you to kill the orcs, so head to Alof's farm northeast of
pelagiad (which is located in between vivec and balmora) and just north of
arvel plantation. Once inside talk tio alof the eastern about the orcs at the
daedruc ruin. He'll tell you that you need to go the Ashunartes and are lead by
Burub gra-Bamog. Heade to the northeast of Alof's house and just over a big
mountain/hill to find it. It's huge you can't really miss it if you just go
over the mountain. There is an entrance behind the mountain that is easier to
finish the quest with, if you go through here you will fight burub gra bamog
alone, where as if you go through the other entrance you will fight three other
orcs and have to levitate up to fight her. Once she is dead, head back to
eydis for a reward of 500 gold.

Kill the verethi gang:
The verethis, a group of smugglers in manammu near pelagiad need to be killed.
Head to pelagiad and then go due southeast out of town, you should see manammu
pretty easily (its basically just a little past the southeastern wall of the
town, if you levitate over it and just go a little bit you should see it).
Once inside just head throughthe cave killing bandit after bandit until you
reach a platform with a tarp over it. Kill Dovres and then head back to eydis
for your reward of 1000 gold.

The hunger in the sarano tomb:
Eydis wants you to kill a hunger in the sarano tomb. The tomb is located
southeast of fort moonmoth just over the hills. The tomb is located just north
(a little west too) of Alof's Farmhouse. Once inside open up the 10 loccked
door and go down to find the hunger. Once it is dead, head back to eydis for
your reward of 1000 gold.
Hrundi's orders (sadrith mora):

Assistance in Nchurdamz:
Larienna macrina wants help clearing out the necromancers in the dwemer ruin of
Nchrudamz, south of sadritha mora. Nchurdamz is actually closer to molag mar
than to sadrith mora, but either way head there (Hrundi marks the ruin on your
map, and its either northeatst of molag mar or due soiuth of sadrith mora.
Nchrudamz is located on top of a big rock. Once inside head through here into
a lava filled room with a steam centurion. Kill it and oen the trapped chest to
find an anceitn door key. Use it to open up the 60 lock trapped door to the
northwest. Inside you should find hrelvesuu, a daedroth. Kill him and then
head back to Hrundi for your reward of 500 gold.

Help Novor Drethan in thbe Dissapla Mine:
Hrundi wants you to help out at the dissapla mine, northeast of falenserano, a
dunmer stronghold way to the west on the mainland The dissapla mine is located
just northeast of the box that Hrundi marks for the stronghold, and its
surrounded by rocks so its easy to see the entrance. Here you should find
novor drethan and he'll tell yiou that Teres Arothyan is lost in the mine when
nix hounds were attackingand to bring him back if he still lives. Head through
the mine (take the southeastern path around a little square which then heads
west), and you should find Teres on top of a little rock. Travel back with him
to novor drethan. Talk to novor one more time about the dissapla mine and
he'll give you 4 pieces of raw glass for a reward. Head back to hrundi in the
wolverine hall for a reward of 250 more gold.

Corprus stalker and Rels Tenim:
In berwen the traders shop in tel mora there is a 200 septim reward for whoever
kills the corprus stalker. To get there talka boat from sadrith mora.
Berwen's shop is right in the front off tel mora, just enter inside the circle
and go to the right. Talk to her about the stalker, and then go up the stairs
and kill it.

While you are here just head to the west to Vos, and ask around about Rels
Tenim. You should find that he is near the Ahenmusa camp, and the ahenmusa
will tell you he's in the cave of shallit just southwest of ald deaedrotyh.
Corss the water from the ahenmusa camp, and head northwest and you should see
the entrance to shallit facing north on the waters dege. Shallit is located
closer to rotheran than it is ald deadroth so its better ehading near there and
then going east. Once inside head into the first main room and look west to
find a little crack in the rock. Head up through there (you need to levitate)
to get into another sectiuon full off bandits and all of rels' henchman. At
the end of all of these people through a couple worn cavern doors you should
find Rels. Kill him and head back to Hrundi for your reward of 500 gold for
the corups stalker and 200 gold for killing rels tenim.

Nelacar's Sujamma:
Hrundi will give you 20 sujamma to deliver to the Dunirai Caverns southeast of
ghostgate. Ghostgate is located right in the middle of the main island of
morrowind It is easiest probably to start off from molag mar or vivec, or even
ald'ruhn. Head towards ghostgate and then due southeast over two hills to
find the dunirai caverns (they aren't easily spotted so keep your eyes on your
minimap and look for a campfire and head north from there) Nelacar is all the
way inside of the caverns next to a fire (he is an altmer wearing a robe).
Head back to hrundi for your reward of 500 gold.

Escort Sondaale of Shimmerene through:
Hrundi wants you to escort sondale through Telasero. Telasero is located in
between molag mar (lthey use the silt strider outside of molag mar as the other
point) and suran. So head to either suran or Molag Mar (you can almsivi from
Sadrith mora to end up in molag mar) and head to the mid point between them to
find telasero. The sronghold itself is located a little south of the square
that marks it on the world map.. Head on top of it to the upper level and you
will find a note from Sondaale telling that she went down. Head through the
upper level and then down into the lower level, while fighting off ashl slaves,
dreamers and other six house enemies. Inside of the lower level head into the
southeasternmost door to find sandaale. Have her follow you back up through the
upper level and then out of telasero. Your journal will update and you can go
back to Hrundi for your reward of 500 gold.

Theres a bounty on Engaer, a guard in tel mora. Head to Tel Naga, Neloth's
tower in sadrith mora located between Fara's hole in the wall and the
wolverine hall. Engaer is located in the upper tower at the very top in the 20
locked/trapped golden door behind the door to the north on the west side
(across from neloth). Kill him and head back to Hrundi for your reward of 1000

Find Pudai and the eggs of gold:
Hrundi wants the eggs of gold so you have to find the pudai egg mine. Pudai is
most easily found from Dagon Fel. It is on the same island, so head there and
then to the southwest part of the island. Just follow the paths
west/southwest out of dagon fel and if you just try to head towards the western
tip of the island, just look right near the end and you should see the entrance
to the eggmine. Once inside head south into the queens lair. Then head all
the way through, towards the queen. The golden eggs are all behind the queen.
Beware, they all weigh 30, so you'll need to be able to hold 210 weight if you
want to lug them all back. Once you have all 7 head back to hrundi for your
reward of 10,000 gold for completing his final quest.

Lorbumal gro-Aglakh's orders:

Ranes lenith's Juicedaw Feather Ring:
Ranes Lenith is located in the bottom of dren's villa in dren plantation north
of vivec. He and his brther are difficult to fight, but have nice glass blades
when you kill them. Take ranes' feather ring off of his body and head back to
Larbumal for a reward of 100 gold.

Sillence Tongue-Toad:
Yet again, the thieves guild and the fighters guild do not get along. Tongue
toad is located in the thieves guild hang out of ald'ruhn, called the Rat in
the Pot. He is usually down the first set of stairs walking around. He's not
very hard to find, as he's a goofy argonian wearing a blue robe. You can talk
to him abot himself and then about killing him and you'll have the option of
letting him leave town, and you'll still get your reward of 500 gold.

Dro'Sakhar's bounty:
Dro'Sakhar is a khajit living in the st olm's canton of vivec, and Lorbumal
wants him dead. Head to st olm's and into south two on the southern side of
the canton. Here you'll find the khajit, kill him and head back to Lorbumal for
your reward of 500 gold.

Lierielle Stoine's debt money:
Head to ald'ruhn and into the fighter's guild to talk to percius mercius.
He'll tell you that Ranus Stoine rowes the money, and that he was killed in
malapi northeast of gnaar mok. Its probably easier to just pay 1000 gold then
go all the way there, but you can go there and find the corpse of ranus and
loot the rest off the place for 2000 gold. Once you have that money head back
to Lorbumal. If you don't want to bother doing any of this you don't even have
to move away from Lrobumal and if you talk toi him about debt money and give
him 2000 gold, you'll get 1000 back, without even moving a muscle.

Adraria vandacia's bounty:
She is located in the census and excise warehouse building in seyda neen. You
can get to seyda neen via silt strider from vivec if you need directions, and
the census and excise office is located in the southeast part of seyda neen.
Unlock the 45 lock door to the warehouse and then head up the actual staircase,
past the guard, to find Adraria. Kill her and head back to Lorbumal in vivec.

Rufinus Alleius's bounty:
Head to ebonherat and to the west into the grand council chambers, and then
through a door to the north into the imperial commission. Here you will find
Rufinus, kill him and head back to lorbumal for a reward of 1000 gold.

Percius Mercius (ald'ruhn) quests:
Kill The necromancers at vas:
Ulyne Henim wants you to help clean out the necromancers in vas, so head there
due to the north (percius mercius marks it on your map so I won't bother giving
you detailed direcrtions). Vas is probably easiest to get from either Dagon
Fel or Khuul, probably Dagon fel, but you have to travel to sadrith mora to get
there by boat. Either way, head to vas. Vas isn't very hard to find, and
when you get tehere you'll find the buoyant armiger. Talk to Ulyne about
fighting together and then head into Vas. Head through here fighting the
skeletons and bonelords and head u into the tower. Then head through here up
the ramp fighting off the undead until you reach the necromancer Daris adram.
Kill him and your journal will updarte. You can then head back to percius
mercius in the ald'ruhn fighter's guild for your reward of 500 gold.

Nerer beneran's contract:
Percius wants you to kill nerer beneran, a murderer who is in Sargon, just
southwest of Vas. Yet again, either go from Khuul or Dagon Fel and head
towards Vas. The directions they give you if you ask in Maar Gan are terrible
(it's not even remotely close to due north of maar gan. You are better off
going south from vas to the island below it and then heading east along the
path that goes near the deadric ruins and looking right as you go along it to
find sargon. Once inside head through fightinbg the bandits inside of here.
Eventually you'll find nerer, he has a nice ebony cuirass and some other nice
items. Kill him and take what you want, and head back to percius for your
reward of 500 gold.

Avon oran's bandits:
Percius says that Oran is having some problems witb bandits, so head to suran
and into oran Manor at the south side of town in order to find him and figure
out what the probem is. He is located upstairs in his bedroom. Talk to serjo
about bandits in suran and he'll tell you that they've been attacking from
Saturan just northeast over the mountains. Saturan is basically due east of
the middle of the two squares that make up suran on the world map. Once inside
just head through fighting bandits, go across the brifdge and down, and take a
left. Kill the conjurer in here and then Daldur Sarys in order to complete this
quest. Then head out of the cave and back to Serjo in his manor for a reward
of 1000 gold.

Deliver the Flin to the Elith-Pal mine:
Percius Gives you 20 flin to deliver to the the Elith-Pal camp near the zainab
camp. It's easiest to get there by heading towards vos which can be traveled
to by boat from tek mora (its 1 gil from there) from Sadrith mora., Head west
from the Zainab canmp into the mountains and then a little south and you should
see the mine on your right.. Dangor is located all the way at the end of this
mine. He is a wood elf so he's easy to distinguish from the dunmer and the
guards in this place. Just keep heading in and when you get into a small room
with lots of raw ebony in it head along the rock path that heads upwards and
continue on through. Once you've delieved the flin to dangor head abck to
percius for your reward of 5000 gold and some brandy.

Here is where the fighert's guild splits. You can either choose to go to
Sjoring Hard-Heart, or you can do percius' way. Percius inovles killing the
other fighter's guild members, where as sjoring takes it out on the thieves
guilds masters. Either way you will be the guildmaster at the end.

Percius's way:
Kill Lorbum gro-Aglakh:
Lorbumol is in the vivec figther's guild down the stairs.

Kill Eydis fire eye:
She's in balmora on the top floor.

After they are both dead he'll tell you to take the fight straight to sjoring:

Kill Sjoring Hard Heart:

Sjoring hard-heart: he''s located in the door behind Lorbum gro-Aglakh. Make
sure you get the thieves guild bosses mission before you kill him so you can
milk 5000 gold off of him before he dies. Kill him and you'll be named

You can also do it the sjoring way:

Sjoring's orders:
If you talk to sjoring about unrest, and allies hje'll tell you about how he's
made adeal with the commona tong. He first wants you to kill the thieves
guild bosses.

Helende: She is located in the upper part of dirty muriels club in sadrith mora.

Aengoth the jewlwer: In the bottom part down the second staircase near the bar

Sugar Lips Habasi: Right around near the entrance to the southwall corner club
in balmora.

Kill Jim Stacey, the master thief:
Head to the canal works on the eastern side of the waistworks in the foreign
quarter canton and then into Simine Farlinie's bookstore Inside of the 65
lock door you'll find Jim Stacye and Crazy Legs Arantanamo. Kill them (make
sure you loot jim stacey's body of the skeleton key and the daedric shortsword)
and then head back to sjnoring heard hart.

Sjoring will then fight you, kill him and you'll then be guild master of the
fighters guild.
Imperial Cult

How to join the Imperial Cult:
Talk to an Oracle about joing the imperial cult (thereare 4 of them, but the
easiest one to get to is the onein Fort Moonmoth near Balmora). They hang
round at imperial shrines.

Favored skills: Speechcraft, Unarmored, Restoration, Mysticism, Conjuration,
Blunt Weapon, Enchant.

Almoner Quests from Iulus Truptor:

Quest 1: Skyrim's mission 's alms for the poor. Head to the Skyrim mission
located just outside of the Castle Ebonheart.. Once inside, ask around for
alms for the poor. You may have to do some persuading, but you should be able
to get to 100 pretty quickly. Heidmir will give you 100 gold if you bribe him
enough. Head back to the Imperial chapels for your reward.

Once you've advanced enough in the cult (I believe initiate is the rank needed
for this quest) you need to do another quest.

Quest 2: Argonian mission's alms for the poor. Head to the Argonian mission,
and ask Im Kilaya for alms, and bribe him a little and he will give you your

Quest 3: Ald Ruhn's alms
Head to Ald Ruhn and bribe people to give up money if necessary. If you belong
to a faction then go there and ask for alms (they like you more than other
people. The temple really doesn't help though because they "already
gave at the temple"). The fighter's guild is pretty generous, most will give
you 10 gold. It seems as if when people say that "they can't help you", they
will never have money to give no matter how much you bribe them. Those that
say "maybe if I liked you more I would tell you" or something to that extent
can be bribed for $. Most of the dunmer in the area "aready gave at the
temple". Most other races will give you some money(Argonians are particularly
stingy). It shouldn't be that hard to get 100 drakes, 200 drakes may be hard
considering that most of the people in Ald'Ruhn are dunmers. It is possible to
take some money out of your own pocket and tell Iulus that you got double. (
You'll get a book for this quest that increases your mercantile skill.

Quest 4: Shirt and vest
For this next quest you'll need to get a red shirt with a black vest. Dunmer
don't usually carry them, but you can probably get one from the clothier in
caldera (take a guild guide, its fast). Once in Caldera, head to Falanaamo's
Clothier shop (its directly east of the Mages Guild. Bribe him so his
dispostion is around 85 (I had to spend 300 dollars bribing him for a lowsy
shirt!). You do get some other goods, like a free shirt and some pants, but
that's about it. Head back to Iulus and give him the shirt-vest combo. (He
gives you a book that increases your Mercantile skill...wow)

Quest 5: Brandy!
Head to balmora and straight to the Southwall Cornerclub (thieves guild place).
Talk to Bacola Clascius about donating brandy. He'll give you a bottle, and
tell you that the Comonna tong (Council Club) has some as well. Head over to
the Council club and go into a room door to the right of the bar. Look in the
chests for some the brandy (there should be 5). Shut the door, take the brandy
and head back to Iulus. Tell him that you got enough brandy and you'll be

Quest 6: Big money from Cunius Pelelius.
First off, head to Caldera. You'll want to head to the Governor's hall. Once
inside, Cunius Pelelius will be right in front of you (he's the bald white
guy). Talk to him about donating 500 drakes.
If you…
Demand the gold that he promised: He will fight you and there is no way that
you will ever get the gold

Press him for commitment: He will be glad to discuss it at a later date.

Thank him for his attention: He will be glad to discussit at a later date.
You can also take the gold out of your own pockets if you have lots of money

Quest 7: Generous pledge from Canctunian Panius. Head to the East Empire
Company hall in Ebonheart (very convenient!). Inside, go through a few wooden
doors until you find him. Ask him about generous pledge, andthen offer to
track down the clerk and recover gold. He'll tell you about Mossanon, an
altmer clerk that took 3k. Ask the orc outside of Panius's room about Mossanon
and bribe him until he tell you about him guild guiding frequently in Vivec's
Foreign quarter. Talk tothe Argonian Okan-Shei, about Mossanon and he'll tell
you even more info about Mossanon and even about his love life with a telvanni
in the Foreign quarter of Vivec. Head over to the Mages guild in vivec once
inside, talk to the guild guide about Mossanon. If she likes you enough,
she'll tell you that he traveled with a Telvanni woman a lot to Sadrith Mora.
Travel to Sadrith Mora's Wolverine Hall. If you warped via mages guild, ask
people about Mossanon, they'll say they saw an Altmer with Volmyni Dral. She
lives near Wolverine Hall, about two houses to the north. Head up the stairs
and talk to Mossanon. He'll tell you about all of his love problemsand why he
took the gold. You'll have the option to take the gold secretly, demand the
gold, or take no action and consider his offer. Once you've gotten his gold
head back to Canctunian. Once you've given him the gold back and gotten 1k
from him head back to Iulus.

Synnolian Tunifus Lay healer quests

Quest 1: Marshemerrow Picking and potion delivering
(Balur Salvu)
Head directly north until you reach Lake Hairan. Look at the big map that came
with the game, and find the farm on the map on the southwestern coast of the
lake. That is the Salvu farm, and you can't miss it. Once you get there talk
to Balur and he'll take the potion and ask what he can do for you. Ask him
about "do for you" and he'll tell you that you can take some marshmerrow and
he'll give you a book if you tell him Teach me something.

Quest 2: Muck and Gnisis potions
Head to Gnisis and head to Abishpuluu Shand's hut (I think its easiest to go by
boat from Eabonheart (boat), to Vivec Foreign Quarter to (stilt strider)Seyda
Neen and to Gnisis. You might even have some gold from the gold from Tunifus
that he gave you for this mission. Once in Gnisis head into Fort Darius in the
southeastern section. Head down the stairs and to Chplain Ogrul at the
imperial cult altar. He'll take the restore health potions and ask to return
your favor. He'll ask you what restore attribute spell you'd like to learn,
pick one and then exit out back into gnisis and next to the mucksponges. Take
5 mucks from the sponges and head back to Ebonheart.

Quest 3: Gurak Gro-Bagrat, stealing from a criminal...
Wow, who would think to steal from a well known criminal... Gheez. Okay head
to the Vivec Foreign quarter and go north on to the mainland. His house is
also located on the big map that comes with the game. The manor is basically
dead north of the Hawia egg mine. There should be some golden kanet flowers
along with a bunch of willow flowers. There may be a woman outside the house
so watch yourself. Take 5 willow anthers in total from the willow flowers and
head back to ebonheart (if you know whats good for you, don't enter
the house.)

Quest 4: Scrib jelly...
Head to balmora and exit through the south. Keep on going south along the west
side of the Odai. Keep going south until you reach an campfire with miners
standing around it. Near them is the Shulk Egg mine. Kill some scribs, get 5
jellies. If you're having trouble finding scribs, there is another mine south
east of the Shulk (shardan raplay, the Hlaalu Stronghold one). Once you're
done that head back to Ebonheart. (note: there was aglitch in my game that
Dinok, the redguard at the campfire near the eggmine gave me a scrib jelly every
time I talked to him about scrib jelly and his disposition was 53/100)

Quest 5: Corkbulbs
Arvel manor is the best place to get Corkbulbs. To get there head to Pelagiad
and go east until you reach Dren Plantation. Head north until you get to Arvel
manor. Look around the paths near the manor for corkbulbs (bushes that are
usually squished between rocks). You should be able to find some easily.

Quest 6: Rats
Head to any of vivec's cantons with the exception of the Temple or Palace
(although the Puzzle canal has many rats). Head into the waistworks of any of
these cantons and then into the canalworks. You will then have to find a
trapdoor on the ground near the stairs going down to where all the water spews
in through the fountains. Go down here, kill all the rats you can find and if
it's not 5 you can either rest until some more hit you or go into another
canton's underworks. When you're done with this head back to the chapels.

Quest 7: Netch hunting
Okay, you need one unit of netch leather. Wow that's really not hard at all.
Tunifus tells you to go to Balur Salvu's house but I think it's easier and
faster to justgo outside Ebonheart and vivec and walk around and you'll find a
netch. Kill it, get the leather and head back to Tunifus.

Shrine Sergeant quests from Kaye

Quest 1:Caryarel's theft
First off you have to find out where he lives. This is pretty easy seeing that
there are a bunch of High elves in the hawkmoth garrison in ebonheart. Once
inside the Hawkmoth Legion Garrison, find a High Elf (Landorume is located on
one of the upper floors is a high elf with info). Ask the elf about Caryarel
and he'll tell you that he lives in Gnaar Mok near Hla Oad near his ship the
Chun-ook. Make your way to Gnaar mok (boat from ebonheart-Hla Oad-Gnaar mok).
Carayel lives in a shack right next to the docks. His house might be locked, so

unlock it and enter. The Chapel limeware bowl is located inside of the barrel
to the left of his desk. Once you have to bowl head back to Kaye.

Quest 2: Nedhelas' Haunted house
First get a daedric or enchanted weapon or get some powerful scrolls. Then
find Nedhelas in Caldera (guild guide is quick). Nedhelas can usually be
found around his house. Find him and talk to him. He'll give you a key in
addition to telling you something about a trap door. In the north eastern part
of his house there is a trapdoor with barrels on top of it. Use the key and
gothrough there. Go through the door, kill the skeleton, go through the next
door kill the sncestral ghost and then if you want to open the chest. When
you're done looting go back and talk to nedhelas. Your journal will update and
you can head back to Kaye for a reward and another quest.

Quest 3:Thelsa Dral's Egg mine
Head to Khuul (you can take a boat from Ebonheart-HlaOad-Gnaar Mok-Khuul).
Once at Khuul, head directly south from the Silt Strider and you should hit the
Asha-ahhe mine. Head inside and up the ramp (the egg miners will tell you that
there's something down there and that they're afraid. Keep on going through
the egg mine until you see a campfire with three people surrounding it. There
should be two dunmer females, one of the is Thelsa Dral. You can try to kill
all three of them at once, but you'll probably die if you don't have lots of
cure parylazation items on you. Its probably easier to just take out thelsa
Dral and almsivi/divine intervention yourself out. When I krept down into the
depths very slowly they came at me one at a time and made the fight
significantly easier. Thelsa has a lot of good potions so make sure to loot
her. When you're done head back to Kaye.

Quest 4: Mt Kand's silver staff of shaming.
Find you way to Molag Mar (It can be reached from Vivec's Stilt Strider). Head
straight north until your reach Mt. Kand (its on the big map). If you have
levitate this should be pretty easy. Head west from the Cavern of Mt Kand and
then look south and you should see a semi-tall hill/mountain, at the top of
that you will find a corpse. This is the corpse that you are looking for, take
the enchanted items and head back to Kaye.

Quest 5: Aid Okur
Okur either can "see dead people" or is really crazy. Okay, head to Hla Oad
(you can hop on a ship in Ebonheart and get there really easily), and ask around
for Okur. People in Hla Oad will tell you that she lives "down that path over
there". She lives in the third house to the northeast from the docks. Okur
will tell you that 4 smugglers killed a woman named Julielle and took her
amulet. You must find, Dudley, Larisus Dergius, Ralos Othrenim, and Thervam
Drelas. They are "strong and well armed"(no kidding, you'll see that these
guys are no
push-overs) and live in the cave of Yasamsi to the south. To get to the cave,
you must exit to the south of Hla Oad, and stay on the path. The cave is next
to a swamp on the eastern side of the path. Save and enter the cave. The
first one you will fight is Dudley. Kill him and make your way on to Thervam
Drelas ( a conjurer). Continue down the cave and fight Larisus Dergius (he has
a powerful claymore). Continue in the cave past the campfire and up the ramp.
Ralos Othhernim is up here, kill him and loot him for at least Julielle's
amulet and if you want to you can loot some of the barrels and chests (there
are some good scrolls and soul gems here). Once you have the amulet head back
to Okur and then get your reward from Kaye.

Oracle Quests from Lalatia Varian
Getting the quests: Talk to Lalatia Varian about Oracle Quests, you will have 3
choices. To get these quests you must choose to dedicate yourself to the
Oracle's quests.

Quest 1: Ring of Darkness
Wow, at first this seems really confusing. Talk to her about Dunmer Savant and
dunmer scouts. To make this journey easier you must find them both. Llaalam
Dredil is the dunmer savant (Grand Council Chambers), and Nalasa Sarothren at
the Elven Nations Cornerclub is the Dunmer Scout. Its probably easiest to find
the Dunmer savant first. Head to the Grand council chambers in Ebonheart
(shouldn't be too hard to find). Llaalm Dredil is standing right next to Duke
Vedam Dren in the upper floors of the Grand Council Chambers. Ask him about
ring of wind and he'll tell you about a place where it might be. Now head to
Vivec and to the elven nations corneclub in the Hlaalu plaza. Nalasa is
located on the bottom floor, she'll tell you the exact same thing as Dredil.
Head to tel Aruhn (sadrith Mora is close), head west-southwest to the Deardric
ruins (Yasinimarus) on the big map. From here head northwest to the mainland,
and continue northwest over some hills until you reach a small pond/pool of
water. Nammu is here. Save and enter the cavern door. Kill the Redguard
Female, and continue in, kill the dunmer with the bows near the bridge. Don't
cross the bridge unless you really just want some lame items and a fight with
two very low level Bretons. Instead, bare left deeper into the cavern and kill
the Dunmer. Here is the grand chamber that the scout and Savant told you
about. Keep on the rock path and head up the stairs. Here you will find
Galmis Dren wearing a funky mask. Kill him, loot him of the Ring of the Wind
and any other items that
you wish. Head to the right of Galiamis to find a redguard. He'll ask you for
a divine intervention scroll. If you have one give it to him (there should be
one in the crates near Galmis) and you'll receive some Zenithar items. If you
rescued Jon Hawker (the redguard) and mention it to Varian she'll wonder if it
was actually Zenithar.

Quest 2: Boots of the Apostle
Again, head to Llalam Dredil (he didn't have the topic in my game) or Nalasa
Sarothren and they'll tell you that Berandas is probably the site for the Boots
of the Apostle. Head to Gnisis (Silt Strider is probably easiest) and head
south-southeast until you reach the Dunmer stronghold of Berandas. At
Berandas, enter through the top level of the keep (if you want to see some cool
lights head to the Propylon chamber). Kill the few enemies near in the area
and head into the Lower level of the stronghold (get ready for a fight). Kill
the atronach. Dremora Lord, and golden saint (very wellguarded eh?). Fighting
them with paralyzing weapons may actually hurt you because they usually reflect
it, so go in swinging with maybe a spell or enchanted weapon (I summoned a
golden saint that had a glass jinkblade which helped A TON). Once you've
killed or avoided the enemies head into the underground section of the Berendas
stronghold (there is usually an atronach guarding it). Once inside, kill the
Storm atronach. Continue through the underground passages killing Daedroths
and Dremoras. Take your first left which will bring you down a path next to a
pit of lava. Continue down until you find yourself fighting two winged
twighlights. Kill them both and continue on to find the body of a dead hero,
loot his body for atleast the boots and head back to Varian. She'll tell you
that you can keep the boots.

Quest 3: Rotheran's Adusasi Assurnarairan the Oracle and the Ice Blade of the

First off, head to Dagon Fel (You can probably find aboat in Sadrith Mora that
will take you there). Once in Dagon Fel head basically directly south and
you'll get to Rotheran. Rotheran is also marked on the big map so itshouldn't
be that hard to get there. Once at Rotheran head into the Arena, here there
will be a bunch of mages that are...very...mean. Kill them all, and make sure
Loot the body of Llaren Terano. He has the Ice blade of the monarch as well as
Adusasis ring (you must loot this to save her). Loot other peoples body
until you have the Rotheran slave key and the slave cell key. Open the sturdy
wooden doors and free the slaves and find Adusasi. Talk to her twice and
she'll take the ring from you and warp out. Once you have freed her and gotten
the blade return to Varian.

Quest 4: Ujorad's murderers, Carecalmo and Meryaran.
Can you say Imperial Cult gone Morag Tong? This is verysimilar to a Morag Tong
quest, so if you've already done it you don't have to do anything for the
mission!. You should be able to find Ashimimimlkala southwest of Gnaar Mok
across a few bridges. Get inside, kill all that you can find and make sure
you've killed Carecalmo and Meryaran. Head back to Varian for your reward.

Quest 5: Skull-Crusher
First off, remember the two key phrases to ask the Dunmer Savant and scout
(Halls of the Dead, and Sealed Daedric Ruins). Find Llalam Dredil or Nalasa
Sarothren at their respective places and ask them about Halls of the Dead
and Sealed Daedric Ruins. When asked about Halls of the Dead, they'll tell you
it could be any Ancestral tomb and that the tomb coud lead into an underground
path to the ruins. The scout will tell you that the sealed ruins could be the
ones near Sadrith Mora. Head there, and go northeast of Wolverine Hall to the
Ruins of Anudnabia. Head to the island to the east of it and into the Omaren
Ancestral tomb. Once inside, head take a right, another right, fight the
Daedroth and atronach and take a left down a rock path (it will be heading
west). Keep down the path until you get to a waterfall, head through the
waterfall, up some stairs until you get to the Forge of Hilbonguard (you'll be
in the Anudnabia ruins). Once inside of the forge, hop in the water and swim
under a
large hole. Kill the frost Atronach and open the trapped door. Search around
in here for some very powerful items. When you are in the very middle of the
forge, you will find a grandmasters armorer hammer. Above that there is a
trapped chest (you jump on top of the platform where the amorer hammer is to
reach it.) Open it and inside you will find the one and only Skull
crusher. Reurn to Varian for your final reward.

Morag Tong (assasins guild)
How to Join the Morag tong:
The Morag Tong members live in secrecy so you'll have to find them. Head over
to the Arena canton and into the waistworks. Go into the canalworks on the
western side. Once inside, go down the stairs into the Arena Storage room.
Once there, kill the rats, and go into the locked/trapped door. Once inside
go down the trap door, and into the secret area. Once inside head up the
stairs, around the beds, and talk to Eno Hlaalu he'll give you a quest to see
if you're worthy. In order to get orders from the Morag tong you'll need to
prove yourself. You must kill Feruren Oran who is located in the Elven
Nations corner club in the Hlaalu Canton. You can get to the club via the
northwestern part of the Hlaalu waistworks. Oran is located directly in front
of you when you enter, assassinate him, and head back to Eno Hlaalu and tell
him of your success.

4. Writs and Special duties
These are written in the order in which you can get them. I also say return
to Eno after every one of these, because that's when you get your reward. You
don't have to do each one individually (it actually makes more sense to do all
of the ones assigned to you at a time and then return to Eno.

Writ for Odaisha Yaslmibaal:
As Eno said, the hardest part about this is the finding of Odiasha not the
actual assassination. Head to Sadrith Mora and then on a boat to Tel Aruhn
(you'll need to travel to Tel Mora and then to Tel Aruhn). Swim southwest
until you reach the coast, and then find his yurt on the peninsula (its almost
directly west of wolverine hall, a little south). Enter his yurt and
slaughter him (he's not friendly so if you need to summon a weapon or
something like that, do it before you enter), and when you're done head back
to Eno.

Writ for Toris Saren:
Head out of the Storage area and to the Redoran Plaza. Saren's manor is
located in the southern part of the plaza. You can find Toris down the trap
door near the hammock, up the ramp and through the wooden door at the end of
the hall. Close the door behind you and slaughter him. Pick up his weapon
(it's cool), and head back to Eno.

Writ for Sarayn Sadus:
Head to Sadrith Mora (or Tel Fry) and southwest to the Erabenimsun camp (heal

if you need to), and head northwest until you see a steam pit. Head directly
north from the steam pit and follow the path to Zaintirari. Enter Zaintirari,
and kill the man in front of you, continue on and kill the Dunmer, there will
be a mage and a dunmer with a two handed long sword down the stairs, kill them
before they kill you. Head downstairs and raid all the crates, then when
you're done go open the trap door and kill Sadus. When you're done raiding
Sadus' room go back to Eno.

Writ for Ethal Seloth and Idroso Vendu:
Head to the Telvanni Canton in Vivec, and then up into the Plaza, go into the
temporary housing near the northern entrance both will be inside here. It will
be tricky because it is so crowded, but you should be able to do away with
them. Head back to Eno.

Special Duty: Dark Brotherhood
Comonna tong v. Morag tong! W00t w00t! Head over to the foreign quarter's
lower waistworks. Head to Miun Gei's enchantment shop, which is located in
the southern part of the lower waistworks. Ask him about the dark
brotherhood, and then bribe him some money until he tells you his contact.
Head back to Eno and tell him about the dark brotherhood.

Writ for Guril Retheran:
Head to the Redoran canton's waistworks, and then to the Flowers of gold
corner club, which is located in the eastern part of the waistworks. Guril is
located downstairs. Kill him, and head back to Eno.

Writ for Galasa Uvayn:
Head to the Hlaalu canton's waistworks, and towards the Hlaalu Treasury, which
is located in the northern part of the waistworks. Once you enter, go left
and down the hallway, near the entrance to the Hlaalu records you will find
Galasa, kill her (she has a dire flameblade), and return to Eno for your

Special duty: Belt of Sanguine Fleetness
Head to Pelagiad (Walking from Seyda Neen is probably the fastest way to get
there.) Head to the Halfway Tavern, which is located. Once inside of the
tavern head up the stairs and into the unlocked reinforced door. Hrordis is
inside of this room. She won't get angry until you hit her so, feel free to
talk to her. Close the door behind you so that no one will see your crime.
Make sure you loot her body in order to get the belt. Once you're done head
back to Eno for your reward.

Writ for Mavon Drenim:
Pretty simple, but you'll learn simplicity is hard, Head to the Telvanni
Canton's plaza, and into the tower (its located in the western part of the
plaza). In the upper floor Mavon Drenim two other mages stand to kill you if
you can avoid their magic or counter it, you should be fine, but they are

pretty powerful. It will probably suit you best to bring a few cure poison
potions and an intervention scroll. I went to the mage guild in Vivec and got
potions of reflect, cure poison, cure paralysis, fortify endurance etc. and I
was fine. Once they run out of magicka you'll probably kill them if you have

Writ for Tirer Belvayn
Travel to Dragon Fel (taking a boat from Sadrith Mora will probably be the
fastest way).
Take the road out of DF that points west into Sheograd. Continue west until
you get to a fork that points DIRECTLY SOUTHWEST, there is one that points
directly south that will bring you to the wrong part of the coast. Once you
get to the coast, go south across the water and past the Orethi Ancestral
Shrine until you get to Shara. Head straight and up the ramp, then up the
stairs, kill Tirer, and collect his cool magic items and head back to Eno.

Special duty: Movis Darys
Head to the Ald'Ruhn mages guild (you can warp there by guild guide from
Vivec). The hardest part about this duty is finding Movis. He usually hangs
around in the open area on the bottom floor near the imperial cult altar. Talk
to him about joining the Morag Tong, tell him that you know whom he is and
that if he doesn't join he will die. Report back to Eno.
Writ on Mathyn Bemis:
Don't mess with Morag Tong... Head to the Hlaalu Canton's canal works and into
the ancestral vaults. There will be some skeletal warriors so get ready. To
the right there is a wooden door Bemis and 2 of his minions are there. Taking
them all on at once is basically suicide. Try to hone in on Bemis and only
Bemis, and when he dies, teleport out.

Writ on Brilnosu Llarys:
head to Balmora, exit through the north and head west to Hlormaren, which Eno
should've marked, on your map. You might have to do some mountain climbing
so levitate would be a nice spell to have. Once you get there, enter through
the bottom level of the keep. Kill everyone you find on the upper and lower
floors of the keep if you can, (you can find a glass jinksword on a female
dunmer!). If not head to the top level of the entire place (the roof).
Brilnosu is there, and she really isn't that much of a challenge except when
she conjures greater bonewalkers, but deal with her and they'll go away. She
has a cool spear, and a key (on the opposite side there is a dude with some
other cool items if you kill him. If you want some more items, and want to
free slaves, go into the dome, open the locked chest, and talk to the
Khajiits. When you're done go to Eno.

Special Duty: Careclamo's Ultimatum
Head to Hla Oad, then north to Hlormaren, and then to the west to the coast.
Head south until you see bridges to an island. Go to that island, then across
another bridge to the island next to it, Ashalmimilkal is there. Some frost
atronachs should greet you, dispose of them and head to the stairs and kill
the stone atronach. Head into the shrine. Kill the monster and the high elf
head across the water and down the corridor to Careclamo. Tell him the
ultimatum. Kill him when he denies you, take the scrolls on the table if you
want them, and head back to Eno.

Writ for Navil Lenith and Ranes Lenith:
Head to Seyda Neen, Suran, or vivec, and make your way to the dren plantation
(It's on the big map so I shouldn't have to give you directions). Go to
Ovras Dren's villa, and open the trapped door down the stairs, and the trapped
door through that one. Inside is Navil and Ranes are both in this room. They
have pretty powerful weapons, but if you can cure paralysis and heal, you are
fine. They have some good items locked up in this room (8k in drakes, and a
bunch of Rubies and Diamonds, along with a note from Dren!!!). When you're
done head back to Eno.

Special Duty: Ring of the Sanguine Sublime wisdom
Head to Gnisis (Ald Ruhn Stilt Strider probably the best way), and then head
north to Ald Velothi. Once at Ald Velothi, head west past Arkngthunch-Strdumz
(don't think spelled right). Continue past the people at the campfire, and
then towards another group of dwemer ruins. Kill all the Atronachs, scamps,
and other enemies that you see and head into the Yassamidan Shrine. Kill the
monster (it is random, one time I go in and there's a dremora, and then some
alligator dude), and head down and kill the Anel::chuckle::: Rethalas, loot
him of the ring and head back to Eno (you could continue in and fight the
monster and lady with a large sword)
Special Duty: Durus Marius at Assernerairan
W00t! w00t finally a local mission! Head over to the St Olm's canton's
waistworks, and into the canalworks. The underworks are located through a trap
door on the floor. (you'll probably want water walking or levitate for this
part), Assnerairan is located in the southeastern part of the underworks.
Kill the woman with the devil tanto and then head in (it's probably a good
idea to save before you do this. If you try to come in swinging you'll
probably die, because you'll get knocked down and burnt to a crisp by Durus
and his minions. If you walk in and let them come to you and then start
swinging or use more stealthy tactics they should go down pretty easily. One
of his minions has a good sword and more armor than he does. Try not to get
knocked down, because you'll get destroyed (almost guaranteed). It's probably
good to move around while fighting because when they all start hitting you
you'll probably find it hard to move. If you have levitate you can snipe them
from above until your spell runs out. If you want to be a sissy you can
probably just aim for him and leave and if you want to kill the others, heal
and then go back in. Marius is located in the back and has a crossbow with
frost arrows. I like to kill them one at a time (I don't heal, I just wait
for fatigue meter to refill). If you are fast and have levitate or good
jumping skills you can use the statue to your advantage. Once you get rid of
him you can head back to Eno in the arena storage area.
**** If you have completed all of these quests you will be able to advance
enough to be able to challenge Eno for the title of Grandmaster, or let him
retire, you don't have to do either and can continue on and do more duties.
If you do have doubts about fighting him, don't worry, he's fairly weak, I
just hit him with a jink blade and did away with him with my normal weapon.

Special Duty: The dark brotherhood's night mother Severa Magia
Head out of vivec to Ald Sotha. You can cut right across the water near the
stilt strider, heading east, and you'll eventually g get there. Kill the
frost Atronach (and the daedroth if you need to), and continue in until you
get to a dunmer in bone mold armor. Kill him then turn around and head toward
a female dunmer. Kill her, and then find your way into the upper level of Ald
Sotha. Get yourself down the northern entrance to the lower level. Once
inside, head down and take a right, Severa and a Dremora are down here (both
have daedric weapons). When you're done head back to Eno (make sure you get
all of the scrolls on the table before you leave, there are some good ones).

5.Grandmaster Writs
Okay, first off Grandmaster writs are writs that are done after you are
grandmaster. You do not have to beat the game before becoming GM to do these
quests. These writs give you a LOT of money for rewards (always in the
thousands). To get these quests you must get the option of talking about these
people to get the writs. To get these options you have to have someone talk to
you about them in BLUE. Then you must ask a quest giver about that person. Here
is how you get them for each of the four writs: Baladas: in Gnisis ask people
about specific place or someone in particular, then talk to a quest giver.
Mistress Therena: Go to Tel Mora and ask people about Tel Mora and they'll tell
you that it's her tower. Larrius Varro: Talk to a quest giver about Fort
Moonmoth (you'll probably have to go to Balmora MT guild for this one)Dram
bero: Ask around in the Hlaalu and St Olm's quarters in Vivec and your quest
giver should be able to talk to you about it.

Writ for Beladas:
Head to Gnisis (silt strider from Seyda Neen or Ald Ruhn), and into Arvs-Drelen
(his tower). Head all the way to the top through the 50 lock trapped door, up
the stairs past his Daedroth. Kill him and head back to your quest giver for
your reward.
Writ for Mistress Therena:
Head to Tel Mora and into the tower. Make your way up until your reach a room
in which there are large holes in the roof. Levitate up, find Therena, kill
her and either fight the other mages in the tower guarding her or teleport
yourself out.

Writ of Larrius Varro
Head to Fort Moonmoth, and down the stairs and into Larrius Varro's bedroom,
kill him and return to your quest giver for your large sum of a reward.

Writ for Dram Bero:
Bero is located in the Haunted Manor in St Olms' plaza. Head Down through the
locked doors and he'll be standing there giving orders to another dunmer. This
might be difficult because it's a two on one but it killing Dram will give you
a large reward.

Great House Redoran:

Redoran in my opinion is the worst house to join. Not so great rewards, not so
great location for a stronghold, not so fun missions. There's a lot of
searching around for locations, and not a whole lot of fighting in most of the
quests. Definitely the guild for those who like spending their time exploring
as opposed to flat out fighting or stealing. Which kind of makes sense,
because if you wanted to do that you would have spent most of your time in the
fighters guild or morag tong. However there are some pretty tough fights to
gain the highest levels of this house, which makes this the house to be in if
you make your way in morrowind using your sword and shield as opposed to spells
or theft.

For this house you are definitely going to want to have boots of blinding speed
and levitation. It makes most of the missions much quicker, easier, and more
fun especially if you hate walking on foot as much as i do.

In Ald'Ruhn go to Neminda in the Redoran Council Manor in the Manor District.
She'll give you the rules and such, tell her you want to join and she'll give
you quests.

Neminda quests:

Drulene Falen's Mudcrabs:
Neminda will tell you the location of the Drulene's guar herd. However, her
directions are vague and downright terrible. To get to her herd, head south
and line your self up to the bottom square of ald ruhn on the world map. Head
due west. You should find her herd and hut about half the distance towards the
ocean. Talk to her and she'll tell you aobut her mudcrab problem and how two
of them came from the southwest and killed one. Head south down some rocks and
then southwest down the path You should find a little swamp and a dead guar,
guarded by *gasp* TWO MUDCRABS!! Kill them and head back to Drulene. She'll ask
if you want some hackle-lo. Go back to Ald Ruhn for more quests.

Thedlyn Virith's potion:
Do what Neminda says and take the silt strider to Gnisis. It only costs about
20 gold, and will save you a lot of time. From there head directly north. Ald
Velothi is on the northern coast and is extremely easy to get to if you just
levitate over mountains or have boots of blinding speed...or both. Thedlyn
Virith is in the Outpost (building with the watch tower), which is one of the
first things you see when you enter Ald Velothi. Enter the tower and talk to
him (hes a dunmer wearing some funky armor). Tell him you're there to deliver
the cure disease potion. He'l thank you and say he might have duties for you
later. Head back to Ald'Ruhn for more duties from Neminda.

Find Mathis Dalobar:
Apparently some trade has gone missing, and its your job to find him. neminda
instructs you to go to Maar Gan and Gnisis to figure out where he is.
Thankfully, both of these locations can be reached by silt strider from
Ald'Ruhn. Head to Maar Gaan first. Ask around for Mathis Dalobar, They will
say that he might have gotten stuck in an Ash Storm, and that people find
shelter wherever they can in an ash storm. Head out west near the silt strider
and coinute west at the fork. Continue going west and there should be a random
man walking around. Head up the hill to the north and continue heading west
and you will see the rothan ancestral tomb. Mathis is right there. Travel
together with him back to Maar Gaan and into the shrine which is located at the
far east side of the town. Head back to Ald'Ruhn for more duties.

Retreive the Founders Helm:
This is a fun and simple mission. Go to Balmora via silt strider or walking
or however you please. Go to the eight plates located on the west side of the
river in the northern part of town. Once inside go to the bottom floor and
talk to Avlis Teri. Ask him about the founders helm and he wont give it to
you. I You can either bribe him/use an item to raise his disposition towards
you or straight out kill him. Head back with the founders helm and talk to
neminda to complete this quest and get more duties.

Drulene Falen's bandits:
Ugh, yet another Drulene Falen quest, but atleast this time you know where she
is so its about 90 times easier to do. As neminda instructs you to, go talk
to Drulene Falen and her guard herds again (due west of the southernmost
square of aldruhn in the the world map). once you meet up with drulene and her
heard she'll tell you to check caves and tokbs to the south. Head just about
due south to the Telavayn ancestral tomb (there are guars outside of it) Head
down the stairs and to the door to the left and kill two bandits and some rats
along the way. There is a nice scroll of flameguard in the room where the two
bandits are, do away with those guys and then head badck to Drulene falen, tell
her of your sucess a and she'll offer you some more hackle'lo leaf. Head back
to neminda for more duties.

Protect Athyn Sarethi:
Athyn Sarethi is kind of paranoid, so you have to go help him. Head out of the
Redoran Council Manor and to manor two doors down (in the suthwestern part of
the manor district. As soon as you enter the house and talk to athyn he will
tell you that his guards have already been killed and he fears that the
assassins will come again. Two more assasins will come, kill them and talk to
Athyn again. He will thank you. After this nice short quest, go back to
Neminda for a reward of 200 gold and completion of her final duty.

Neminda says if you want to advance any further you need to get sponosored by a
councilor. Head back to Sarethi manor and talk with Athyn again. Ask him about
advancement and duties and he says he will sponsor you if you help him out.

Athyn Sarethi Quests:

Save the son:
Athyn tells you that his son ahs been taking hostage by Bolvyn Venim (the
archmaster) for a crime that he didnt commit. You have to save his son Varvur
Sarethi from his imprisonment in Venim manor. Head out of the council and into
Venim Manor, the first one on your right when you enter the district. If you
walk around and ask for Varvur you'll notice everyone will stop talking to you
and not tell where he is. Even bribing Bolvyn Venim to 100/100 dispostion
will still not get you an answer. Find your way into the right wing of the
manor and in the north werstern part of that there is a cloth hanging over a
wall, behind it there is a door with a 50 lock. Unlock it and you will find
Varvur Sarethi, Travel together with him out of the room. THe guards will try
to kill you so run as fast a syou can without losing Varvur. Head up the stairs
in the right wing to get to the entrance directly. Then head out the way you
entered the building in the first place. From there head back to Sarethi manor
on the other side of the manor district. Your journal will update. talk to
Athyn about Varvur and he will promote you to house cousin and give you duties
later on. For now you should go see Faral Retheran in Vivec or you can go to
Theldyn Virith in Ald Velothi for some other random quests.

Bralen Carvaren's murder:
Apparently Varvur is also a murderer. Athyn doesn't believe it, so you must
prove vurvur innocent. First go speak with Varvur up in the guard quarters
(located down the hall and to the right. His room is the last one on the left.
Talk to him about Bralen and then bad dreams. He then blames it on an ash
statue. Pick up the red ash statue next to him and talk to him about the ash
statue. Then talk to Athyn about the ash statue. he'll instruct you to go to
Lloros Sarano about it in the Temple. So exit the manor district and go back
outside and into the temple on the east side of the town. In the second room
with all of the shrines, find Lloros and talk to him about the statue. Then
talk to him about bralen, and give him the statue. go back to Varvur and he'll
tell you he'll go speak with Lloros, and if you ask him about the statue he'll
say he got it from Galtis Guvron at the Rat in the Pot. Go talk to Athyn and he
will give you more duties

Lloros Sarano will ask you to learn more about the statue and will give you
some extra missiosn if you ask him about it (these are completely optional)

Learn more about the ash statue:
Lloros will laks you to learn out how Varvur Sarethi got the ash statue, go and
ask him in Sarethi Manor and he'll tell you that he got it from Galtis Guvron
at the rat in the pot. Head there and down the flight of stairs nesxt to the
bar near Aengoth. Galtis will attack you, kill him and loot hios body to find
3 ash statues and a note. Head back to Lloros and he'll read the note and tell
you that hanarai might be the one with the house right next to the temple.
He'll give you 4 quality resotre health potions and cue blight disease potion.
Head into her house. Talk to her and she'll attack you, kill her and head back
to Lloros

Stop Ondres Nerano's Slander
So Ondres Nerano was saying bad things about Bolvyn Venim (yes the guy who
impirosned varvur) and now you have to go clear his name...that makes perfect
sense....You must stop his "slander" or challenge him to a duel. head over
to balmora (silt strider will get you there quickly) and head to Nerano manor
(its over on the west side north of the Hlaalu council manor). Talk to him
about slander and duel him. Fight him, get his health low and then return to
Athyn (you do not kill him).

Smugglers at shurinbaal:
Shurinbaal is a cave southwest of Gnaar Mok and athyn wants you to kill the
smugglers inside of it. Head to Gnaarmok (southwest of ald'ruhn), you can get
there by boat from certain palces on the west coast. Head southwest from Gnaar
Mok, along the coast and you should find the entrance to Shurinbaal pretty
easily. Once inside you'll fight the first leader, the redguard Enjine. Head
along through here fighting the rest of the bandits, and go throught he trapped
wooden gfate to find Daroder the Dunmer. Kill him and then head back to Athyn.

Arethan Mandas's madness:
Mandas has apparently gone crazy. The easiest way to complete this mission is
to just go to the cavern of Milk, west of the Gnisis signpost west of ald'ruhn
and find the path to Milk and straight up kill arethan. (its basically due
west of the northern part of ald'ruhn, over the mountains on a dirt path.) You
can also go to the Grand Council chaamberts in ebonherart and talk to his
father. He'll tell you about Arethan's daughter Delyna Mandas, whose return
could calm down arethan. She's being held captive in tel fyr, a tower located
south tof tel aruhn (southwest of sadrith mora). She's in the 60 locked
trapped door across from the entrance to the corupsarium in the onyx hall.
She'll give you the locket and tell you to give it to Arethan. Head to Milk
and give Arethan the locket and he'lll stop his madness. Even if you've saved
his daughter the pople in the cavernw ill still attack you, but you can head
straight to Arethan and just talk to him to complete it. Then head abck to

Getting the support of the councilors:
Once you've done the Mandas quest and reached the rank of house brother you
need the support of the other councilors in order to advance, and you'll also
need a stronghold.

Brara Moravyn: She'll ask you to clear out the beasts rom moravyn manor the
manor located just east of the manor district outside. She'll ask yiu to find
the ash statue inside of her manor and give it to lloros sarano to destroy it.
Use the key that she gives you to open up the locked door in her manor outside
the district. Head down the stairs, around and then up the stairs to the
side, while kkilling corupsstalkers and lame corpuses. Head into the room here
to find the Moravyn Ash statue. Head into the temple and give the statue to
lloros sarano. Then head back to brara for to gain her support and the amulet
of mighty blows.

Hlaren Ramoran:
Hlaren Ramoran gives you two quests to complete in order to give you his support
Taxes from gnisis:
Hlaren's tax collector is ill so head to gnisis and to the abelmawia hiut just
northwest of the silt strider. Head inside and talk to hetman and he'll give
you the 60 drakes of taxes that was required of him. Head back to Hlaren in
Ramoran manor to complete the first of his two quests.

Find Nallvilie Saren
Hlaren wants you to find his long lost aquaintance. Head to Vivec and to the
redoran canton, just south of the foreign quarter . Head into the plaza on
tiop of the canton and into saren manor on the east side. You'll learn that
Nalvilie has bene disowned from the saren family and has a shop in the St Olm's
canton. Head to that canton and into south-one on the bottom of the canton.
She'll refuse to talk to Hlaren Romaron to get his support on the council

Garisa llethri:
Garisa will force you to shut down the calera ebony mines in order to give you
his support. You can go about this in two ways, you can either kill the mine
operators Stlennius viabto and Ordai Helvi (In the company office) or you can
free the slave Dahleena after finding the secret caldera ledger in Odrai
helvi's room in the governor's hall of Caldera. Dahleena is located in slave
shack 2 and Vibato is located in the mining company office near the mine
itself. Once you've stopped the mine either through killing helvi and vibato
or freeing dahleena you'll get support from garisa.

Miner Arobar:
At first Miner Arobar will not even want to talk to you, and if you ask Athyn
about it he'll tell you to go to sadritha mora nad figure out what's going on.
If you ask around you'll learn that master neloth has abducted his daughter in
his tower of tel naga in the middle of town. Once inside you should find
nartise arobar on the south side of the first room. As soon as you start to
travel with her the guards will attack so get out quickly (you will probably
have to fight them). Once you are out of th tower head to the docks to the
northwest and your journal will update . Head back to Miner arobar for his
support. Arobar's amulet and a redoran master helm.

Once you have completed all three stages of your stronghold and gotten the
support of all of those councilors you will be able to advance to the rank of
councilman. Once you are a councilman you can ask bolyn venim to duel you. As
soon as you talk to him he'll ask you to meet you in the arena pit of the
arena pit in vivec to fight. Meet him there and kill for your journal to
update. Make sure you loot his body for the daedric dai-katana and the full set
of ebony armor. Head back to Athyn Sarethi to be named the archmaster of the
redoran house.

Theldyn Virith quests:

Old Blue fin:
Apparently there is a fish that you need to kill in the sea. Head north into
the sea and you will get attacked by it, i didnt even realize i did it until i
put my cursor over it and saw it said old blue fin. It dies pretty quickly.
Head back to Theldyn and he'll give you 10 dreugh wax for killing the fish

Ashimanu mine's dseased shalk:
Yet again, another mission with a lot of dumb traveling. It's easiest to head
to gnisis and follow his directions from there, even though his directions are
vague and terrible. Once in gnisis head to the silt strider and take the path
southeast. Shortly along the path it will split south and east, take the east
path (should be the left one) Eventually you should reach berandas. I
honestly got lost trying to take the paths he suggested to get to the mine, but
if you head due south east from berandas eventually you should hit nit square
on (slightly more eastern than south east). its about half way between bal isra
and berandas longitude wise and in between the northern square of ald ruhn and
berandas latitude wise. It took me forever to find it but that should get you
to it or in the same area. If you find mamea the sanctum of awakening, just
head straight south for a bit and you should be right at it. Once inside the
egg mine walk your way into the queens lair once inside, walk around and you
should get attacked by a diseased shalk, Kill it and go back to Theldyn, He'll
thank you and give you more dutie

Kill the Kagouti:
There really isnt that much to this quest, as you probably did it anyway if you
were paying attention to the last quest. Just kill kagouti on your way to the
ashimanu mine. nothing really special about it. Head back to Theldyn for no
reward and more duties.

The Shishi Report:
Yet another mission with terrible directions! Go to Maar Gan (walk or silt
strider or whatever you want to do) and either attempt to follow his
directions or head north/northwest. Basically estimate the midpoint of the
brown line above maar gan is and follow the mountains there. This is
SIGNIFICANTLY easier with levitate. You'll see the roof of a building head
south and you'll find the entrance to Shishi. Once inside of Shishi you'l see a
bunch of dead commoner bodies (redoran guys) and once as you proceed to the
only non-dead end you will someone dressed in guard garb, head up the stairs
and you will find two more of these people. Talk to Brerama Selas about the
shishi report. He'll give you it. You can go back to Theyldyn if you want to,
but there is a trapdoor near the person on the stairs below. Open it up and a
telvanni mage will fight you. He has a nice amulet of silence that you can pick
off of him if you want. THen you can head back to Theldyn to complete his
final duty.

Faral Ratharen Quests

Meril Hlano's slander:
Very much like the other slander missions. go to the eight plates in Balmora
(the same place where you got the founders helm) and talk Meril Hlaano. Meril
Hlaano is right next to that guy. Intimidate him enough and talk to him about
slander and he'll withdraw his statements. Go back and talk to meril Hlaano
and she'll reward you with a holy shield.

The redas Tomb
This is about a thousand times easier if you have levitate. If you do, just
get to molag mar (silt strider from vivec is probablyeasiestt) and go south
over the mountains. You should land right on top of it, as it is just over the
other side of the mountain. If you don't have levitate you should definitely
get it or you will have to go all the way around which is quite an annoyance.
Once you are inside you will be greeted by an attacking dremora. These thigns
almost always drop nice weapons. Open the door in front of you and fight
another one. Inside of this room on the ground is the redas robe of deeds and
a redas goblet. Outside of the room take a right and go down the stairs and
fighta nother dremora. Head down the hall into a room full of water and fight
a forst atronach. There is a chest with a little gold in it to. Head into the
water, coming up for air when you need it . Head up the stairs and out of the
water. You'll have to fight a deadrtoha dn a storm attronach but in this room
you'll find the redas war axe. You now have everythign you need, and you can
go back to vivec, but just make sure you raid all of the urns as there are some
nice scrolls you can find. head back to faral Reterhan, and she'll take all of
the redas items

Rothis Nethan's Duel

Rothis Nethan didnt show up, so now you have to make him show up. Go to the
flowers of gold in the redoran wasitworks and you'll find rothas nethan way on
the bottom floor of the place. Talk to him about dueling and he says he'll do
it only if you bring him 10 standard potions of healing. head out of the
flowers and downstiars into the temple shrine and buy them from Relms Gilvilo.
Go back and give rothis his potions. He'lll telll you to meet him in the
arena. Go to the arena pit (on the top floor of the arena canton in vivec) and
watch the duel). Then go back to Faral for more duties.

Dagoth Tanis's stronghold:
Dagoth Tanis has taken over the stronghold of Falasmaryon, directly north east
of maar Gan. Getting there is pretty difficult but the directions he gives are
pretty good. basically just go north east from maar Gan and if you hit
Kogoruhn you've gone way too far east and need to go northwest for a bit. You
can't really miss it, as its absolutely humongous. You can walk up the stairs
on the side of it (its more ofa ramp) and enter Flaasmaryon through the lower
level. As you go down the hallway You'll have to fight a lame corpus and a
ascended sleeper. Continue throughout this level of the building with great
cautin as there are corpus stalkers and ash zombies everywhere. Open the
wooden doors until you get into the one with a dagoth tanis and a bunch of
dreamers. Kill dagoth tanis and whatever else you want and plunder whatever of
the rest of the building that you wish. Then head back to Faral.

Slay Reynel Uviriith:
The war with the telvanni continues in this duty as you yet again must fight
telvanni mages. Head towards tel fyr, one of the big huge telvanni towers on
the eastern side of the map. Uviriths grave was marked on my map (perhaps from
previous exploration) but head to sadrith mora and due southwest until you are
about a quarter of the way across the mainland and you will find the new site
of Tel Uvirith on Uviriths grave. Once you get there just head into the main
building and go up, kil Reynel, raid her corpse of some really nice enchanted
items and then head back to vivec.

Slay Raynasa rethan:
the redoran really dont seem to like anyone but themselves, so what they do the
telvanni they must also do to the Hlaalu. To stop the hlaalu expansion in the
Odai Plateau you'll need to kill Raynasa Rethan at his manor. The easiest way
to get there is to go to balmora and head south along the river or you can also
reach the odai plateau by going just east of Hla Oad. The manor itslef is
located on th most south easterly part of the odai plataeu. It's pretty easy
to find it and once you do enter rethan manor and head upstars. Raynasa is
right there waiting for you at the top of the building. After you've killed
her, head back to vivec and tack to faral to complete her final duty.

Building a Redoran Stronghold:
To build a stronghold, go to Galsa GIndu's house when instructed. It is
located in the back of the Redoran Council Hall in Ald'Ruhn. Just go through
the door in the back of the first room and then to the side of the next room
and up the stairs. Talk to her about strongholds and she'll instruct you to
get a construction ciontract from Duke Dren in Ebonheart. Head over to
ebonheart (you can divine intervention there from certain places, or take a
boat from vivec). Once there go t o the Grand Council Chambers. Once inside
head up the twisiting staircase up to wear the duke is. Ask him about
consutrction contract. Say you'll do what you can for Vvardfell and he'll fork
it over.

Go back to Galsa in her house and talk to her about the stronghold. and after
you give her 5000 gold and the contract, your construction will start. After
a few days of waiting your journal will update. Talk to her again and then head
out to where it is being built (she marks it on your map). Once you find it
(walk around bal isra, its the only house there and its easy to find), talk to
Bugdulg gro-Karbush the orc at your strong old. He'll say things are going
fine. Go back to Galsa and tell her of the constructions sucess. She'll tell
you that your stronghold will be finished soon.

Stage 2 : Hiring Guards at the stronghold:
In order to get the second stage of construction done with your stronghold,
you need to hire some guards. Go to the fighters guild in ald ruhn and head
down the stairs and talk with Percius Mercius. He'll let you have guards, and
he'll give them to you free of charge as long as you get Frelene Acques out of
prison from under the Hlaalu Canton in Vivec. First, make your to vivec, via
silt stirder or whatever way you like. Once in Vivec go to the Hlaalu canton
and into the waistworks. Go into the Hlaalu Treasury and then into the prison
cells. Frelene is in a cell and you can talk to him. You can either tell him to
make a run for it or find a key and give it to him to escape when the
ordinators are not watching. The key is on the table under some papers. You
need to be sneaky if you choose to take the key, and killing the ordinator isnt
the bes t idea either. Just choose a way and get out without getting killed.
Then head back to percius, and talk to him about hiring guards. He'll send
some guards to the stronghold. Go back to Galsa and talk to her about hiriing
guards and then your stronghold again. In a few days your journal will update
and the second part of your stronghold will be done.

Stage 3:
In a few days your journal will update and Galsa will tell you to head to your
stronghold and talk to hetman Uls about attracting more settlers He'll tell
you that the people here need wives. You can go to Tel Aruhn and get them from
a slave trader or you can go around ald'ruhn and talk to Fathusa Girethi down
the stairs at the ald skar inn and bribe her enough to go to your stronghold or
aryni orethi outside of her house in the middle of ald'ruhn. Talk to Hetman
about your success with these women and he'll tell you how this area will now
prosper. Head back to Galsa and in a few days your sronghold will be done,.

Great House Telvanni
Joining House telvanni:
In sadrith mora hbead to the telvanni council hall located north of the
wolverine hall (way north). Once inside talk to

House Telvanni Quests:
Joining hbouse telvanni:
In Sadrith Mora, head north to the Telvanni Council hall and talk with one of
the mouths. They all will give you a couple quests to do before you actually
start to do them for the actually councilors themselves.

Felisa Ulessen (mouth of mistress therana):

Deliver New clothes to Mistress thereana:
Felisa ulessen wants you to bring Mistress therana a new skirt. She lives in
Tel Branora, at the southern part of the eastern side of the map. You can get
there by boat from sadrith mora. Once there head into the tower (its to the
east if you don't see it right away from the docks). Head into the uppoer
tower and into therana's chambers. You are about to see how crazy therana is,
just wait. When you talk to her about the new clothes she'll freak out and
tell you to wear it. If you put it on she'll attack you, however, you can get
her Khajiit slave to wear it for you and she'll mutilate it for wearing her
clothes. Either intervention out if she attacks you or let the Khajiit die.
Then head back to Felisa Ulessen for your reward of 500 gold and theknowledge
of the spells mark and recall.

Stop the Slave revellion:
At the Abeball eggmine north of tel Branora there is a slave revolt going on.
This does not please the eccentric Mistrress thereana so you have to go stop
it. Head to tel branora and to the northwest of the eastern square of tel
branora on the world map. You should find the eggmine facing north on the edge
of the island. If you ask the slaves they'll tell you to talk to their leader
Eleedal-Lei. Find the argonian on the eastern side of the eggmine and ask him
about slave rebellion. You have a choice of what to do here, you can either
free the slaves by finding the key in a crate in the queen's lair (or steal it
off of mistress therana) , kill all of the slaves, or just kill Eleedal-Lei.
If you kill the slaves and the argonian you will receive a ring of toxic
coloud and a ring of fire storm. If you free them with the key you will learn
a few command humanoid spells from Felissa.

Raven Omayn:
Pieces of muck:
Mistress Dratha's alchemist Daynali Dren needs some muck. You need 5 pieces of
muck, which can be obtained from an alchemists sbop (like Anis Seloth's right
around the corner here in Sadrith Mora) or around Vvardenfell in mjuckspunges.
Either way get 5 pieces and bring them back to Raven Omayn. She'll talk about
how people don't know how to cure themselves, and will teach you the spell and
give you 100 gold.

The Black Jinx:
Mistress Dratha thinks that the ring the black jinx is in sadrith mora so you
have to go get it for her. If you ask around town they'll tell you that the
morag tong has the ring. Head to the northeastern part of sadrith mora to find
the morag tong guildhall. Once inside of the guildhall in Sadrith Mora. Head
up the stairs and through the wooden door to find Alven Salas. Bribe him
enough (around 75) and challenge him to a duel after asking him about the black
jinx. Fight him and then loot his body of the black jinx and any money that
you used to bribe him. Then head back to Raven Omayn for your reward of the
knowledge of Demoralizing.

Mallam Ryan:
Interrigte baladas Demevanni:
Demevanni lives in gnisis, and Mallam Ryon wants you to ask him about the
dissapearance of the warves, dwemer artifact,s and the dwemer language. Head
to Gnisis (you can get there from silt strider from ald'ruhn and ald'ruhn from
mages guild teleport or you can boat to dagon fel to khuul and then silt
strider to gnisis). Once there head to Arvs-Drelen the tower in the northwest.
Head up and open the 50 locked trapped door and go up the side to find Baladas.
Just ask him the three questions, your journal will update three times and head
back to Mallam Ran.

Blue prints from nchuleft:
Archmagister Gothren now knows where nchuleft is and wants you to go the the
ruins west of vos to find some dwemer blueprints. Head to Vos/ Tel Vos and
then head sothwest along a path. If you happen to stray off the path and hit
the mountains just keep heading south along them and you should hit Nchuleft
(it's on the eastern side of the mountains in between Vos and the Zainab camp
just west near the mountains. Once inside of nchuleft head down the stairs, and
make your way south. Head down the stairs again and open the steel and iron
doors. Fight some dwemer centurions and specters and you should find the
Dwemer Scarab Schematics on the bottom shelf on the west side of the room.
Take it and head back to Mallam Ran for your reward of Gothren's Cephalopod

Arara Uvulas:
Neloth's Sload Soap:
Master neloth needs five sload soaps, which can be found at alchemists shops
like Anis Seloth's in sadrith mora. Take your 500 gold and head there, buy
the soap and then back to Arara Uvulas. You should pocket more than 250 gold
(at LEAST) from this transaction. Try bribing her to rip her off even more
and pocket even more gold.

Staff of the silver dawn
Neloth wants the staff of the silver dawn, and believes someone at the mages
guild at wolverine hall has it. Head to wolverine hall and into the mages
guild. Ask any mage about the Staff of the Silver Dawn and they'll point you
to Arielle Phiencel. She'll sell it to you for 300 gold. Take it and tehn go
back to Arara for your reward of a glass jinkblade and the knowledge of

Galos Mathendis:

Deliver Coded message:
Aryton wants to give a message to divyth fyr so you will play messanger pidgeon
for him. Galos Mathendis gives you 4 potions of water walking, 4 potions of
swift swim and 7 quality restore healths to complete this mission (which is a
LOT of unnecessary items, which are good for the long run). Head to Tel Fyr
(southwest of sadritha mora) and into its onyx hall. Insode of here go into the
hall of fyr. Levitate up and you should find divayth, give him the coded
message. Wait for his response and then head back to sadritha mora to Galos to
give him Divayth's response for a reward of 500 gold.

Deliver Cure blight potions:
Gathos wants you to give 3 potions of cure blight to Andil the apothecary in
tel vos. You'll need to buy these potions from a temple or from the imperial
cult (scelian plebo sells them in the olverine hall imperial shrine) so buy
three and then head to Tel Mora and to Tel Vos (west from vos). Andil is
located in services tower, in the northwest part of the Tel Vos complex, You
should find him at the top. Give the altmer 3 cure blight potions and you
should receive 3 quality health and 3 quality fatigue potions. Head back to
Galos to complete the chore and to receive 500 gold.

Master aryon's daedra skin:
Master aryon wants a daedra skin, which you can easily get at Anis Seloth's
shop in Sadrith Mora. Once you get it head to Tel Vos (just west of vos), and
levitate up the main tower and to the door facing south into his chambers.
He'll give you 300 gold and teach you to paralyze.

Baladas Demnevanni's Chores:
Find three dwemer books:
He wants you to bring him, Nchunak's Fiire and Faith, Antecendts of Dwmeer law,
and the chronicles of nchuleft. You can find Chronicles of Nchuleft in Nchuleft
(if you've already done that quest you might have picked it up), and all of the
books in the secret library in vivec under the justice offices. However you
can also buy Fire and Faith, and the Chronicles of Nchuleft from Dorisa Darvel
(she has a store in balmora), and the Chronicles of Nchuleft and Antecents of
Dwemer law from jobasha in his rare book store in the foreign quarter
waistworks. Once you have all three boks Baladas will give you Ondusi's key,
the amulet of admonition, the second barrier belt, and the surefeet.

Ring of Dahrk mezalf
Baladas wants the rting of Dahrk mezalf ring, which is in the dwemer ruins of
Bthungthumz. Head north of maar gan past shishi and keep your eye to the
right. The first dwemer ruins you see is Bthungthumz. Head all the way through
fighting dwemer centurions, sopheres and spiders and you'lle ventually find
aroom with a centurion and the Dark Mezalf/ He looks just like any normal
dwddarven spectre except he is much more powerful. Kill him and loot his boy
of the ring of Dhark mezalf and then head back to Arvs-Drelen and Baladas..
He'll give you the ring of lightning storm and a centurion to follow you around.

Mistress Dratha's Chores:
Amulet of Flesh Made Whole:
A bosmer in Tel Naga, Neloth's tower in sadrith mora has Dratha's Amulet of
Flesh Made Whole and she wants it back. Head to Tel Naga in the center of
Sadrith Mora and into the general quarters. Head into the guards quarters and
then into the middle of the first room. Levitate up to find the woof elf named
Berengeval. Kill him and loot at least the Flesh Made whole amulet off of him
and then head back to dratha for your reward of a spell absorption amulet.

Master Neloth's Chores:
Robe of Drake's pride:
Sneise Thindo has a robe that Neloth wants. Head to Tel'aruhn (northwest of
wolverine hall), and into the living quarters of the main tower. On the western
side of the quarters you should see Sinise wearing a yellow enchanted robe.
Get her to attack you or attack her and take the robe. Head back to neloth for
your reward of a whopping 10 gold.

Mistress Therana's Chores:
Find Auriel's Bow:
Mistress therana wants you to find auriels bow in Ghostgate. She gives you a
weird clue that it smells like ash yams and that they have the sronges mell in
ghostgate near Ralyn othravel. Head to ghostgate in the very center of the
large island of Vvardenfell and into the tower of dawn all the way up the
stairs. You'll see him wearing an ordinator outfit but without the helmet.
Kill him and loot his body of the bow and head back to tel branora and to
mistress therana for your reward of some nice enchanted daedric armor that has
feather on it, and some gold.

Master Aryon's Chores:

Convince Baladas Demnevanni to join the council:
In order to advance more in the house and become a mouth, Aryon will agree to
be your patron if you can convince Baladas to join the council. Head to Gnisis
(probably easisest to just mage guild transport to ald'ruuhn and then silt
stirder to Gnisis). If you've brought him the books from his first chores he'll
agree to join the council. Head back to Aryon for your reward of the silver
staff of peace.

Cure the blighted queen at the Mudan-Mul Egg Mine:
ARyon will teach you a cure blight on target spell, but if you don't have
enough mana or points in restoration you can bu scrolls from hetman Abelmawia
in his hut near the silt strider in Gnisis. Head west of tel vos or through
the dungeon of tel vos. The mine is just north of the dungeon. Head all the
way through here, while fighting warriors and you should reach the kwama queen.
Cure it of the blight disease with the spell or scroll and then head back to
aryon after your journal updates and he'll give you the book "Breathing Water".

Learn wizard spells:
For this quest all you need to know are any levitate spell, recall, and any
fireball spell. You can find these spells from Fevyn ralen in vivec r Felara
Andreethi in tel aruhn. Once you demonstrate to hbim that you know these three
things he will give you the art of war magic book as your reward.

Save Milyn Faram:
Milyn Faram is fighting off the hlaalu at Odiniran. Head to either tel Branora
or molag mar and towards nchurdamz. South of nchurdamz you should find the
tower of odiniran along the coast (it looks just like arvs-drelen and those
other towers, not a typical telvanni tower). Once inside head right and kill
all of the hlaalus here, make sure Remasa Othril dies. Then head through the
30 locked trapped door intoa room full of skeletons and bonelords. Kill them
here and then head northwest around into the tower section (you should see a
dead hlaal body with a steel blade of heaven). Then head through here and up to
the right. Fight your way up to the top of the tower to find Mlyn Faram.
He'll thank you and tell you its much happiuer without Remasa around. Head back
to Aryon.

Mages guild monopoly:
The mages guild has a monopoly on services to non members, and the telvanni
obviously don't like that as they are all mages. In order to pass a referendum
the telvanni need the support of the redoran councilors on the grand council.
Head to Ald'Ruhn and into the manor district to the north. Then head to
Sarethi manor in the northwest corner. Talk to Athyn Sarethi and he will
agree to overturn the mages g guold monopoly and syas that you can convince the
other councilors but bolyvn venim to do it by appealing for fairness.
You can talk to hlaren Ramoran, Miner Arobar, and Garisa Lethri in the
respective manors. Once you have these three votes head back to Aryon to
receive Aryon's Dominator.

Save Faves Andes at Shishi.
Faves Andes is at shishi, and is being attacked by house redoran.. To get to
Shishi, head to maar gan, east over and into the mountains and then continue
along the path to the northwest. Shishi is a Velothi tower much like arvs
drelen and the Odiniran, and is about half way between the coast and Maar Gan
(north, a little northwest). Inside of shishi head all the way up (you should
see a bunch of ded normally coothedbodies) and ythen fight three well armored
redorans. Make sure you kill Brerama selas and then find the Breton skull on
the desk at the top of the tower. Then head back tdown the stairs down the
trap door to shishi to find Faves Andas. Talk to him about Shishi and he'll
give you the books the Lunar Lorkhana nda Hypotehtical treachery. Head back to
ARyon to receive a silver staff of war.

Once you are a spellwright and can become a wizard, Aryon will give you this

Finding a Mouth:
Every telvanni wizard needs a mouth, and rumor has it that there is a suitable
one in balmora. Head to Balmora and on the top floor of Itan's house into
Fast Eddie's house. You'll meet fast eddie Theman. Ask him to be your mouth
and give hbim the silver staf of peace that you got from Aryon. He'll then
head to the council hall in Sadrith Mora. and you'll have a mouth. Head back
to Aryon to receive Aryons helper.

Kill raynasa Rethan:
Head to balmora and south out of town. Head along the river and you'll see
Rethan manor on your right. Head to the top of rethan manor, and you'll fight
Raynasa. Kill her and then head back to aryon.

Kill Banden indarys:
Head to ald'ruhn and to the northwest to Bal Isra. You should find Indarys
manor right her (it's the only thing really here other than desolated Ashland.
Once here, head into indarys manor. Head through the wooden door to the left,
and then down the stiars. On the bottom level head throguht eh wooden door to
the northeast to find banden. He fights only with his hands so he should be
aeasy to kill.
Note: if you previously have done Redoran quests with another character you'll
know that Rethan manor is the Redoran player-built stronghold.

After he is dead head back to master aryon to be proclaimed magister or master.
At this point You can either choose to fight gothren (be procliamted
magister), or have no plans to fight him and be proclaimed master. To become
archmagister head to ald'ruhn and talk to Gothren in the upper tower. Gothren
is not an easy fight, as he is guarded by two dremora and he is a very powerful
mage himself. However,, with the items that you've been given throughout the
telvanni missions you should be able to kill all three of them very quickly
(firestorm, toxic cloud, and such will just decimate them especially if you let
it sink in over time). Once he is dead head back to aryon to be named
archmagister of the house telvanni.

Fast Eddie's quests:
Eddie is your mouth, so you get to boss him around.
Ring of equity:
Eddie will tell you that he knows where the ring of equity is, and he'll fetch
it for you if youg et him a key to tel naga. Most of the guards in neloth's
tower have keys on them, so just kill one and take the key and give it to fast
eddie. He'll get you the ring within a week (your journal will update when he
gets it, just head to the telvanni council house and talk to him about the ring)

Amulet of Unity.
Eddie will tell you that he knows where the amulet of aunity is, but he needs 5
invislibity potions in order to get it. You can find these potions at various
mage guild shops. Once you have 5 give them to Eddie and he should be back in
a week. When he returns he'll give you the amulet of unity.

Building a Telvanni Stronghold:
Head into the chambers section of the velanni council house in sadrith mora and
then into the hermitage. Follow the rock path down to find Llunela Hleran,
she'll tell you that you'll need to get a construction contract and fill up two
soul gems (which she'll give you if you tlk to her about strong souls). To
fill up these "strong souls" just find a daedra (golden saint, winged twilight,
atronach etc.) by using a soultrap or Gem-Feeder. You can soultrap your own
summons and tehn kill them for easy souls. Head to ebonheart and talk to Duke
Vedam Dren about consturciton contracts and vow that you will do what you can.
Give the contract and the two daedra-filled soul gems to Llunela to ebign
consutrction of your stronghold. In a few days your journal will update. When
it does, head back to the hermitage and talk to Llunela. She'll mark Uvriths
grave (the site of your tower) on your map and tell you to go there. Head
southwest from sadrith mora. Or west from Tel Fyr to get to uvrith's grave.
Once there find Gashnakh gra-mughhol and head back to LLunela and tell her that
its growing well. In a few days the first stage will be ready.

Stage 2:
Head back to Llunela once the first stage is done. You'll need to give her 5000
gold to make a tower fit for a telvanni councilor and investigate the ruin of
mzanchend northwest of Uvriths grave. It's really close to your stronghold so
it shouldn't be hard to find. Once inside head forward and to the right
(njorth and then to the northwestern part of mzanchend. Fight the dwemer
centurions and spiders and on the bottom shelf on the southwestern corner of
the room you should find a dwemer schematic plan. Take it and head back to
Llunela. Give her 5000 gold and the schematics and she'll start construction
on stage 2 of your stronghold.

Stage 3:
When you are a magister or master you can get the final stage of your
stronghold constructed. In order to get the guards that you need for your
stronghold you'll need to find the book of Dwemer Animunculi. This is located
in Galom Daeus, the hear t of the vampire clan berne. To get there head to
uvriths grave and go south. You'll reach a lava river, follow it west and then
go even further west past a huge pool of lava to find the entrance to galom
daeus (it looks like a big dwemer ruin) Head down through here fighting
vampires and into the observatory. Fight your way through here to the south
into the big room and then to the east through the steel and iron doors. Fight
the vampire Raxle berne and find the book of dwemer Animunculi on the table
next to him. Head back to Llunela and give her the book. In 5 days the final
part of your stronghold should be complete.

Great House Hlaalu Quests:
Joining House Hlaalu:
The easiest way to join the great House Hlaalu is to go to the Hlaalu council
manor in Balmora and speak to Nileno Darvayn,
Preferred Skills Speechcraft, Mercantile, Marksmanship, Short blade, Security,
and light armor.

Quests from Nileno Darvayn in Balmora:

Quest 1: Felsen Sethandus Fraud
After you've joined talk about business and Nileno will ask you to say that
again, choose the say that again. Your journal will be updated and you'll
receive a helm that you should wear when you are to talk to Neminda in
Ald'ruhn. Travel to Ald'ruhn by guild guide or stilt strider and head towards
the manor district "under skar" which is located at the northernmost point in
the city of Ald'ruhn. Inside the manor district head to the Redoran Council
Entrance located at the northern section of the manor district (make sure you
have the helm that Nileno gave you on!). Neminda is dead ahead of you as you
walk around the bushes. Talk to her about Orphan of Arnesia and you'll get the
orders. Head back to the
Balmora's Hlaalu council. When you arrive back at the council talk to Nileno and
she'll give you some gold.

Quest 2. Steal the Alchemical Formulas
To complete this quest you'll need to head to Vivec's foreign quarter. Aurane
Frernis's shop is located on the upper floor of the lower waistworks on the
eastern side and is the first door on your right. The alchemical formulas are
straight down from you when you enter her shop. You can just grab them when she
turns around or hold down sneak to be safe. If you're caught in the act, drop
everything (except for you money) and turn yourself in or go back to Balmora
avoiding guards and pay the thieves guild (or use the thieves guild trick).
Return the recipes to Nileno and get your reward.

Quest 3: Sabotage the Inanius egg mine
This quest can be done one of two ways, the first is pretty self explanatory, go
to the egg mine using the location given to you buy Nileno and people in Suran
and kill the Kwama queen and get some money from Nileno, or you can get 1k gold
by doing an alternate quest. Head to Suran by stilt strider or whatever way
you feel is best for you. Talk to anyone in town about the Inanius egg mine,
he'll tell you that it's owned by Avon Oran, and if you ask them about Avon
Oran he'll tell you he lives to the west of the temple which is located at the
south end of Suran. When you enter Oran Manor head up the stairs and go through
the wooden door speak to Serjo Avon Oran about the egg mine, tell him of
Nileno's intentions and then accept his offer. Either way, head back to
Balmora to get your next quest from Nileno.

Quest 4: Guar Hides
You'll need between 100-500gold for this quest depending on your disposition
toward Rolasa Oren. I'm not sure if having a price on your head changes the
amount of money needed but it will be safer if you get rid of it. Get to
Vivec's upper waistworks (the quickest way is probably by guild guide and then
go outside the plaza and enter from there. Rolasa's shop is in the
northeastern section of the upper waistworks. Talk to her about guar hides,
she'll tell you that imported guar hides aren't fresh, bribe her 100 drakes.
Talk to her about guar hides again, repeat the bribe then talk about guar hides
until she gives in and will buy Hlaalu guar hides. Go back to balmora and talk
to Nileno to get some money and your next quest.

Quest 5. Run Nileno's Errands
Now you have to get yourself to Ald'Ruhn and get to Bivale Teneran's shop, which
is in the manor district. Go there by mage guild or stilt strider or by foot if
you're low on cash (that takes a long time). So get yourself to the manor
district and head over to Bivale's shop, which is on the floor of the crab
shell. Talk to Bivale about the scroll, get an exquisite shirt, and head back
to balmora to receive your 500 drakes.

Quest 6: Who Murdered Ralen Hlaalo?
Your last quest is to assassinate the assassin of Ralen Hlaalo a Hlaalu noble.
You'll get a key and your journal will be updated. You can use the key to
unlock the manor and then talk to the lady in his house. She'll tell you it
was a dunmerbut people in town will think it was an Argonian. Head to the
council club and kill the guy right as you walk in, yes Thanelen Velas is the
killer. If you're powerful enough you can slaughter him with a sword, spear or
blunt weapon, then run like hell outside or you can break in to the bedroom to
the right on the bottom floor hit the person standing in the hallway with an
arrow and all of the council club will try to kill you but will usually get
stuck next to the bed take them out with arrows and then go talk to nileno.
Note: if you kill thalen before you talk to the maid, you'll have to talk to her
before you collect your reward.

Quest 7: Ebony Trade
Quest 7a. East Empire Company
Go to ebonheart where it be from seyda neen or vivec ( I used divine
intervention at the stilt strider in Vivec to get there). The east Empire
Company hall is located in the eastern section of Ebonheart to the west of the
statue. Talk to Canctunian Panius who is through the door through your first
door on your left when you enter. Bribe him 100 G until and ask him about
ebony trade, and repeat until he agrees to buy Hlaalu ebony ( this can cost you
A LOT of money). Make your way back to Balmora and get your reward

Quest 7b: Sudanit Mine
Make your way to Ald' Ruhn and head towards Ft Buckmouth. ( you can warp to
buckmouth by going to the ashlands region outside of Ald'ruhn and using divine
intervention. When you see ghost fence keep to the right and stay to the right
as you reach the fork in the road and do the same when you reach the next.
When you enter this area you'll notice that its full of redoran guards and
miners, not the safest place to be. According to shadow3023@aol.com: "i did
find a neat little trick though, for the ebony mine mission, when you go to
sudanit, try to steal from or attack one miner, then jump around the whole
place and get everyone's attention, resiting all arrest attempts, and then jump
past the big lava pit in the beginning of the mine. all the guards/miners will
follow, hell i even got the healer up in there. they then get stuck standing in
the lava and say the most rich things like "help im being attacked" and "let me
live". after all 10 guys from the mine were dead i only had 40 bounty cause i
technically didnt kill anyone. that fairly well shuts the mine down, then you
can take trips and pile up all the raw ebony and take it all and warp, then
drop it all on the ground, pay off your 40 bucks, pick it all up, and sell it
in bundles as much as you can carry. you dont just shut down the mine, you rob
it hard!dont forget a trusty levitate potion and divine/almsivi intervention or
youll be stuck down there, not in the lava, but next to it and you cant get

According to Bob Whitworth: "If you do both 7a & b you get a suit of glass
To shut down the mine you must taunt/kill the head miner (Darns Tedalen)."

Nileno will tell you to get a sponsor, and she suggests Crassius Curio. Head to
the Hlaalu Plaza in Vivec and to Curio Manor. Make your way to the left and go
past a few dunmers and through doors until you meet up with Crassius. The
first thing you'll notice is that Crassius Curio is a weird guy. Check your
journal, and then take off your clothes (unequip everything), and talk to him
again. You'll be promoted, talk to him about business and he'll tell you to
talk to Odrai Helvi in Caldera. Head to caldera (mage guild is fastest way from
basically anywhere than can get you there). He lives in the Governor's Hall.
When you enter go to your right and up the staircase and through the door and
meet up with him

Odrai Helvi Quests

Quest 1: Sealed Orders.....
Warp back to Vivec and head to the Hlaalu treasury located in the waistworks of
the Hlaalu canton. It is in the very northern part of the waistworks on the
opposite side from Edryno Arethi's house. Once inside, go straight down the
stairs and into the vaults. Tenisi Lladri is standing to the left of the table
ahead of you (warning: do not give the orders to anyone but Tenisi!!!) Head
back to odrai's room in caldera.

Quest 2: Caldera Mining Contracts
Get talk to anyone around town about the Caldera Mining Contracts and they'll
tell you two of the suspects for the thefts that have moved here recently,
Irgola and Elmussa Damori. Irgola is the town Pawnbroker and Elmussa lives
directly north of Ghorak manor. Head to Elmussa's house and talk to her about
the contracts, she'll admit she stole them and will give you the key to the
chest (located next to a window.) that has the contract in it. Head back to
Odrai's room, if you are a member of the Thief's guild you will have to lie
about where you found the document or you will lose your standing in the house.

Quest 3: Erroneous Documents
Odrai wants you to do some hardcore document switching at the Hlaalu records.
Make your way to the Hlaalu Canton and into the Hlaalu Treasury. If you're
comingvia the Hlaalu waistworks, take a left and go down the hallway and into
the door.The desired chest is located down the stairs behind the first shelf as
you come from the Hlaalu treasury. Make sure you aren't seen (seeing the
undetected signis a sure fire way not to get caught) and examine the chest, go
into your inventory and drop Odrai's deed, and take the other one, and head
back to Odrai to get your reward

Quest 4: Pay your taxes!!
Llovyn Andus and Manat Varnan Adda aren't paying their taxes and rent. Get to
Suran and exit to the west. Continue west across the bridge, if you get lost
and find farmers and slaves, ask them for direction they'll probably lead you
to the right place. Remember to always keep left. Continue on past Sterdecan's
farmhouse (it should be on your right) and keep to the left on the next fork and
you should be at Manat Varnan Adda's Farm, ask him about rent and tax, if he
says he doesn't have the money kill him (ask him directions to Andus's house
before). It shouldn't be too hard he's unarmed! Continue down the road through
the Dren plantation ( you can ask for directions here too), and down the road
to the west and ask him for his money, he'll give you his pet guar corky, but
you can kill them both. Get back to Caldera and inform Odrai of your business,
(if you almsivi yourself from Andus's farm you will warp back to Balmora which
will allow you to then be guild guided to Caldera).

Quest 5: Shipment of ebony!!!
Drinar Varyon needs some ebony. This one should be called a quest more of a "go
do errands for the house Hlaalu" thing. Warp to Ald'Ruhn (it's cheap!), go to
Drinar's house, which is basically dead north of the Mage's Guild. Talk to him
about the shipment of ebony and he'll inform Odrai of your shipment. Get back to
Odrai for your final reward.

According to Dragon_Omega@yahoo.com: "there is a alternate route when doing
Odrai Helviquest if you remember when Crassius Curio told to do to some things
for odraihe said report any thing that seems strange to him which you can do
this withabout every quest that you get from Odrai and as a result ofdoing this
Odrai will be arrested and taken off the island

Edryno Arethi's Quests:

Quest 1:Sealed Report
Here's another errand running quest that is short and will get you a little
(very little) cash. Head to the Hlaalu Treasury , down the stairs and into
the vaults. Give Baren Alen the sealed report and head back to Edryno.

Quest 2: Muridius Flaeus
If you've done Odrai's quests you'll know not to owe debts to House Hlaalu,
Murudius Flaeus does, and now you have to go get it back (how unusual!). Head
over to Hla Oad (boat is probably the fastest). Muridius Flaeus lives to the
first house on the right as you come from the docks. Enter and ask about debt
money. If he doesn't have it....kill 'em!

When he dies he drops a key, according to "Magus (n_clark@hiscs.org) and
GokuGamer318@aol.com, there is a chest under his house with nearly 1000 gold.
Raid his house of everything you can find that you want to sell and head back to
Edryno in the Hlaalu Canton of vivec.

Quest 3:Tarvyn Faren
Quite possibly the most annoying quest ever.... Head to the stilt strider, meet
Tarvyn and say that you'll travel with him. You can walk from vivec all the way
to Pelagiad or you can do this. Hop on the stilt strider to Seyda Neen, this
will probably shorten the walk by atleast 1/2. When you are walking with him
always make sure you know where he is because he is mighty slow, but don't walk
to slow or he'll try to fight monsters that are in front of you. Follow the
road to Pelagiad and enter the Half way tavern which is located northwest of
the trader's shop. Once you're in, walk in a little, turn around and he'll
thank you, he'll thank you and you can return to Edryno Arethi.

Quest 4: Not business...but duty.
Head to the shrine to Azura (it's the closest landmark I can think of). To get
there I'd go from molag mar and....walk east to Nchurdamz ( its on your map, and
if you have levitate, you can get there quicker by levitating over the

When you get to Nchurdamz head south, and a little east, until you get to a
coast where there are two mud crabs and a little path heading north, at the end
of thislittle path is Odrirniran. Enter it (it might be a good idea to save).
Head to the right down the ramp and into a room with people, they are part of
the house Hlaalu. Talk to Remosa Othril, she'll tell you that a Necromancer
took her sister hostage. Head back to the entrance and then go down the stairs
and open the trapped door. You'll take a little damage if you get hit, so heal
and then go through the door. Go through the corridors taking out the
Ancestral Ghosts and skeletons until you get to a wooden door, open it up and
you'll see Farare Othril's dead body. Take the ring, and head back to the
trapped door, take the right path until you get to a door leading to the tower
(save again, if you think you'll die). Kill the skelton and Dramora (you'll
need an enchanted weapon or magic to kill the dramora), and head west up the
path until you reach Milyn Faram. Dispose of him, take the key to odriniran,
and head to the head to the southernmost part of the tower and down the stairs,
through the wooden door, to reach the chamber where Remosa's sister is being
kept. Use the key and then talk to her (rest in the hammock if you want to!),
travel together back to the Remosa Othril and the others. Talk to Remosa about
Odirniran, and your journal will be updated. Head back to Edryno for a reward.

Quest 5: Yngling Half-troll's Game rats
Head to the St. Olms canton, and up to the Plaza. Yngling's manor is located
near the western entrance. Once inside head to the right, then down the stairs
and use the key that Edryno gave you to open the door to the basement. Inside
there is a cell with all of the rats, it is basically impossible to tell the
difference between all off them except when you look at the rats it will
either say "game rat" or "blighted game rats", kill only the blighted ones. If
you open the cell door, and then stand up on the barrels outside of the cell
door and wait for the blighted ones to come out, you will have a better chance
of killing only the blighted ones not the regular ones. If you are infected
with a blight disease head to the St.Olms temple located in the plaza. Once you
are done with the rats, go back and talk to Yngling (he's through one of the
wooden doors on the upper floor), then go talk to Edryno in the Hlaalu canton.

Quest 6: More ebony!!
Zainab camp doesn't deal with the Hlaalu when it comes to ebony, so yet again
it's your job to convince them. Edryno marks the location on your map so all
you really need to do is get to the Grazelands, and you can find your way from
there. Once at the Zainab Camp ask around about ebony trade, people should tell
you that you need to talk with gulakhan Ashibaal. Ashibaal has his own little
hut (yurt), enter it and talk to him. Ask him about ebony trade. Tell him you
want him to trade ebony to the house Hlaalu, and then that if they both sell it
prices will drop. He'll find the truth in your words and will agree to trade
with the Hlaalu. Get yourself back to the Hlaalu canton for your reward from
Quest 7: Prelude
:::stutters:: Daedric Wakizashi!?!? Head to Bal Fell ( I think Vivec is closer
than Tel Branora) or Tel Branora. About three islands northwest of Tel Branora
is the Prelude's shipwreck. Once you see it, jump aboard and down the hatch to
the upper level. Kill the skeletal minion and rat then take all of the stuff
you can find. Head down a level (its under water). You'll see the body of the
ship's captain, take the simple key and go forward and open the trapped chest.
Inside is the Wakizashi, return to Edryno for your reward (but before you do
check out the price on that daedric weapon, 48k!, Edryno only gives you 500

Quest 8: Ralen Tilvur
This is pretty self explanatory so I won't go into any real detail, but I'll
tell you an alternate way to do this quest. Go to Ralen Tilvur's shop before
Edryno assigns you the quest, kill him and then pay amends to the House Hlaalu
if you get caught. This will cost you 500 drakes (about what Edryno would've
given you) but you'll have all of Ralen Tilvur's stuff!

Crassius Curio's Quests:
Quest 1: Velfred the Outlaw:
Finally Crassius gives you a real task (as apposed to taking your clothes off),
head to Hla Oad (you can take the boat right before Vivec if coming by stilt
strider to get there). Talk to people about Velfred and they'll mention the
Grytewake (his ship), and that me must have another dock near there. Follow the
coast off Hla Oad south west and you'll find other docks. You should see his
boat and talk to him about respecting house Hlaalu. He is darn powerful with
his axe so I suggest bribing him instead of killing him (you'll thank me if
you're not that powerful). If you are powerful or have a lot of marksmanship
skill and some good arrows you can probably take him down. Head back to Curio
Manor and Crassius for your reward.

Quest 2: Banden Inadrys
Okay pudding, head to Ald'Ruhn and exit to the northwest. Head on to the road
behind the first hill that brings you towards Maar Gan and Gnisis, keep on
heading north towards Bal Isra (its marked in the in-game map). Once at Bal
Isra keep a look out to the eastern part of the road (to the right coming from
Ald'Ruhn) for astronghold. Go here, and inside of the Indarys manor, go down
to the left wooden door down the stairs and through one of the wooden doors.
Banden is unarmed so you can take a few hits to shut the door behind you for
clean killing. Once he's dead return to Crassius.

Quest 3: Get Council support from Dram Bero
Head to the St Olm's canton and into the Haunted Manor. Head down the stairs,
through the locked door. Dram bero will be on this floor. Find him and ask for
his support on the council. He'll ask for you to duel Garding the bold in the
Arena. Talk to Garding about dueling and he'll tell you to meet him in the
Arena. When you think you're ready head to the Arena Pit and beat up Garding.
He'll tell Dram what happened. Head back to dram and ask him about support on
the council, your journal will update. Head back to crassius.

Quest 4: Reynel Uvirith
Ugh,telvanni. Make your way to Tel Fyr or Molag mar and head west/southwest or
north. It might take you a while but eventually you will get to Uvrith's grave
(Uvriths grave is marked on the big map that comes with the game). Once there,
find him in the stronghold, kill him and head back to Crassius.

Vedam Dren Quests:

Quest 1: Control the ordinators
Note: In order to complete this quest you'll probably want to be able to
levitate. Head to the temple canton of Vived and into the high fane. Open the
lvl 45 locked door with the key Vedam gave you. Ask Thaler Saryani about
controlling the ordinators, and then about troubling time, and then about
Ordinators failing. He should tell you to go to Assemanu (chuckle). To get
there head to the Hlaalu canton and head northwest (you might want levitate),
until you get to small wooden bridge. Head south through the swamps until you
get to a group of islands. Assemanu is through a little door and on a map it
is directly south of Pelagiad (WAY SOUTH). Save and head into Assemanu, watch
out for lame corpi. Head straight into the shrine. Kill the dreamers (watch
out the drain your stats). Then head south, across the lava. Kill the Dagoth
and levitate or jump up onto the rocks above, here there is a trapped chest,
open it and take the robe. Head back to Thaler and she'll agree to control
the ordinators if you talk to her about that when you have the robe in your
inventory. Head back to Vedram for your next quest.

Quest 2: Orvas Dren
This mission is basic, kill Orvas Dren. You know where the dren plantation is,
go there, and kill Orvas Dren (he's located at the very top of his villa).
This may be a difficult fight, as he is well armored. Once you've done these
two quests you can become grandmaster and you won't be able to advance anymore
in this house.

Building a Hlaalu Stronghold
Stage 1/Getting strong hold
To get your stronghold go to the Balmora Hlaalu council and talk to Dondos
Driler. You'll need a construction contract and a land deed. To get the
construction contract, go to Ebonheart and talk to Duke Vedam Dren about it.
To get the land deed head to the House Hlaalu vaults and buy one off of Baren
Alen. Return back to Dondos and he'll start construction. After a few days of
waiting your journal should update and say that you need to go back and talk to
him about your stronghold. When you talk to Dondos again he'll tell you to go
to the manor and talk to the orc. Follow his directions and talk to the orc
near the old manor. Your journal should update now, and head back to Dondos and
talk to him again about your stronghold. Your journal should update telling
you that the 1st stage of your stronghold should be finished. If you talk to
Dondos,he'll tell you that you can improve your stronhold by farming or egg
mining. Talk to him about egg mining.

Stage 2:
First off get a scroll or spell that can cure blight disease on target/other
(Daerir's blessing is the scroll). Hetman Abelmawia (third house on your left
from the silt strider in Gnisis), usually carries about 5. Once you've gotten
your stuff head to the Shurdan-Raplay egg mine which is southeast of your
stronghold. Once inside, fight or avoid your way through until you get to the
queen. Use your spell/scroll and heal the queen. Once you've done that, head
back to Dondos and ask him about recruiting miners. Head to Gnisis or Tel
Aruhn to get your miners.

In Gnisis head to Tansumiran's house which is located in the northern part of
Gnisis (his house is called the Tansumiran cave dwelling. He'll agree to mine
for you in a few days.

In Tel Aruhn (From Sadrith Mora is probably the quickest).
Inside the underground Tel Aruhn, you'll see a pit guarded by some orcs in
Telvanni masks. Find the dunmer in the slaves and ask him about recruiting some
miners. He'll agree to work with you.
Outside of the northern entrance to the underground you'll see Savile Imayn.
Talk to her about household slaves (you can bring em to your house).

Once you've gotten some workers and cured the queen talk to Dondos Driler about
your strong hold and he'll begin stage 2 of construction.

Stage 3:
After a few more days (took me almost a week, may be different in other cases)
your journal will update. Talk to Dondos about your stronghold, and he'll ask
you to find a way to guard against bandits. You can go to the Fighter's guild
or imperial legion for some guards. The Imperial Legion "needs every
legionaire that they have so it's much easier to get one from the fighters

Fighters Guild: You should know where the Balmora fighter's guild is so head
there and talk to Flaenia Amiulusus. Ask her about guard against bandits.
She'll tell you about a man named Fjorgeir, and you'll have to pay 1k for him.
If you pay, she'll send him a contract and he'll guard your house (stronghold,

Once you've gotten the guard meet him at your Stronghold. You can either fight
the bandits with him or fight them alone (talk to him about fight together,
and then choose). Whatever way you choose, head over to the cave Zainsipilu.
For the it literally took me 5 hours to find this place. Basically go to your
egg mine and head directly south and just a little west and you'll find it. If
you know where the Lleran Ancestral tomb is, head directly west from there.
Once you arrive there, save and get ready for a fight. Kill the Redguard,
continue on, then kill the dunmer, then kill the Altmer near the bridge.
Before crossing the bridge, take a left and kill the man near the slaves. Free
the slaves if you like (now is a good time to rest if you need to) and head
across the bridge. Kill the man on the platform and continue on loot everything
if you want to. Head back to you killed the man near the slaves. Continue
on, then kill the orc, and two dunmer. Once you've done that, report back to
Dondos about guard against bandits and he'll order construction for the final
phase of your stronghold.

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